Madden NFL 13 Divisional Weekend Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted January 14th, 2013 at 11:45 am


An amazing weekend of football in the Divisional Round has led to the 49ers at Falcons for the NFC Championship and Ravens at Patriots for the AFC Championship. The 49ers are the road favorites and the Patriots, even with the loss of Rob Gronkowski for the rest of the season, are heavily favored.

Players that stood out this weekend and are likely to receive a ratings upgrade in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update include Trindon Holliday, Corey Graham, Michael Crabtree, Colin Kaepernick, Zach Miller, Russell Wilson, Tony Gonzalez, and Shane Vereen. On the other side of things the Denver secondary will be taking a hit due to poor performances by Champ Bailey and Rahim Moore. As always leave your thoughts in the comments on who should rise or fall in the next roster update!

  • Will we be receiving one last online CCM roster update or is the one they released just recently ‘End Season Roster’, the final one with Madden NFL 13?

    • Haven’t been told this directly, but I think that’s probably the last CCM update. They had planned one for after the SB but I’m guessing rolled it out early. Probably the use of the “end of season” name suggests that’s it for the updates otherwise they would have stated it was a playoffs or divisional round update.

      • Naspicer

        Where are the update details?

    • Naspicer

      Where are the details for this weeks update?

  • Charlie

    Gotta give props to Russell Wilson. However, I think Lynch’s carry needs to drop. two fumbles in two playoff games….

    • Matthew

      Totally agree and the DL of the hawks should be lowered, Red Bryant had bad game. But Wilson should be a 90 overall

  • Foote

    Two words COLIN KAEPERNICK His speed should be higher than 86. Apparently he is just a little bit faster than Alex Smith (78) What about his arm strength? 94 and Russell Wilsons is 93? Also his accuracy ratings are messed up. Obviously to keep his rating lower. 81 SAC??? PAC is like 65!!!!! Russell Wilson is in the 80s…. SMH

    • userpicks

      i agree on kap’s speed boost. he is way faster than 86. dude has real life game speed of 90+

    • Russell WIlson only has 75 Play Action, if he did have 80+ it would be great tho.

  • I think it’s obvious Rahim Moore deserves a 0 in zone coverage. Champ Bailey should lose a few speed points. Peyton will likely lose some accuracy. Trindon Holliday and Ronnie Hillman should see some nice gains though. They both played well. Not sure if DT will take a hit since it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t targetted much. That TD was still a good play.

    • Khadeem

      how about von miller…making absolutely no impact…1/2 sack which came from a coverage sack…von miller doesnt make an impact when playing running teams

  • Loc

    Kaepernick, crabtree, while o-line, spillman all need boost

  • Ryan Rainbolt

    Kaepernick should be rated higher in speed and acceleration…if you watch the tape he is just running away from guys. Should probably at least be a 90+ in terms of speed and acceleration.

    • Highpriest333

      I’ve been posting the same thing almost every week. Give the kid a speed boost! I’m so tired of being ran down by linemen! Also his awareness needs an upgrade.

  • userpicks

    brandon jacobs is no longer on the 49ers…he was cut. why is he still on the team after these roster updates?? and kaepernick’s speed needs to be faster…he can outrun almost any player on the field in real life!

  • Hawks

    Russell WIlson 88 to 90.

    He deserves to be the highest rated 2012 draft rookie QB going into madden 14. What an amazing performance. The best rookie QB ever.

    • you must be on something dude im sorry but no i would put wilson at a 85 or 87 not no 90

      • Wematanye


      • Khadeem

        idk…right what can you say bad about him…hes smart, mobile, can make all the throws n he doesnt turn the ball over….he led a team that has no elite receivers

      • AJ

        more like 84 to me.

    • AJ

      he’s a garbage QB. Luck and RGIII are both better than him

  • Everyone already quits when I pick the Niners. If Kaepernick improves I’ll never get to use them. On that note, if Cam Newton is at 85 speed, Kaepernick had break away speed, something an 86 just doesn’t represent accurately. 92 sounds fair to me.

    • Amen_Ra

      Kapernick is not 90 speed

      • Wematanye

        I say 89

      • Khadeem

        thank you i think hes fast enough on the game….i think his throwing ability is what is underrated….at the most he should have 87 speed….please remember that 87 is still ridiculously fast for a QB

      • AJ

        so 181 yards means he’s slow. gotcha

    • ford fairlane

      i stopped playin niners long ago, they just aint fair, to many 90+ players at to many key positions

      • I_speak_real

        Your rite bro.. people jjs wanna use the niners cuz they got beast players

      • TC-QB-KILLA

        Ps3 TC-QB-KILLA get at me if u want a good game . I am a GMEN fan and rep them hard I will play any time .

    • Because theyre the most overrated team in the game

      • AJ Gullotta

        overrated my ass!! They killed the packers twice, beat the pats, beat the saints twice, beat the lions twice, beat the bears. they’ve beaten just about every good team in the NFL

  • I think you need to rewrite this and add Joe Flacco’s name for increase thanks for not showing him any kind of respect but it’s cool though. He only went 18-34 331 yards 3 TDs and 0 INTs against Denvers D. But that’s cool Kap does deserve an update but he was going against a weak Packers D

    • Andrew

      It’s relatively easy to have 331 yards when about 200 came off of 3 passes to wide open receivers that all went for TDs. He did well, but not enough for a huge increase. His receivers need it more than him.

  • 12thManStandUp

    Russell Wilson play action should be upgraded heavily due to thats his best talent. Kaiepernicks speed should be upgraded as well. Bobby Wagner is still an 82 overall even though he has four interceptions and over 150 tackles on the year. Lynch should drop a few carrying for his fumbles and Earl Thomas Speed, and play recognition should be exceptional. He flies across the field watch the interception against Atlanta. Champ Baileys speed should be docked a few points and Mannings accuracy.

  • Matt Ryan is elite….had his 6th 4th quarter comeback of the season against the Seahawks I think…I’m sorry your team lost Pasta lol

    • bene

      Part of why he had to make a comeback though was because he sucked again under pressure the entire 4th quarter until he could hit 2 passes to get them in FG range. Not sure how that overrides his choking before then.

      • The defense lost us the lead…Playing soft coverage got you guys back in the game. Just like Wilson capitalized off that, Matt Ryan capitalized with 31 secs left…With two passes for 40+. He made a mistake and bounced back and won how the hell else does a 4th qt comeback happen?

        • if matt ryan is elite then whats FLACCO? what top 5 QBs has ryan beat? flacco beat rodger, both mannings, and brady? the only reason why matt ryan has 4th quarter comebacks is cause he doesnt have the balls to finish the game when it matters.. its his first playoff win while flacco is 8-4 um yeah lol… matt ryan is the same as matt shaub good regular season qbs

          • Flacco is a good QB but some of you Flacco trolls just sound like idiots man. It’s like you guys forget that he has a defense that can get off the field on third-downs. Dude has a defense with Suggs, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis. Lets not forget the B-More slumped into the playoffs losing 4 of their last 5 games, and EACH of those losses were on Flacco. Yep he has more playoff wins but both Matt and Joe have the same amount of Super Bowl apperences…

          • JJ

            Every good defensive player on that team is hurt and it’s shell of what it used to be, ranked in the 20’s for the regular season.

          • Dont forget he has ray rice, joe flacco is just as overrated as matt stafford and mark sanchez

          • sirdirtybird

            Matt ryan is a better QB den Fluke-O…he has a tol 3 defense n wide outs dat BAIL HIM OUT…y u think he n da playoffs every year but dnt win shit..matt ryan nrva had a D til this year..and our Defense still sucks..Plus last time we played da ravens..we beat em n da season…ppl who talk bout flucco..dnt know football or havent played, smh, give matt ryan joe defense…n joes Oline and he wud have a superbowl or 2 by now

          • bubby

            BS argument, Flacco didn’t beat rodgers, the mannings, and brady.
            The ravens beat the packers, broncons, giants, and patriots. This isn’t boxing, a QB can’t beat another QB

          • Tyler Havens

            Agreed, Flacco deserve much more props, the falcons spend picks and picks for weapons for him, Julio Jones top 5 pick Wr HOF TE, Roddy White, Flacco has a old man boldin, and Torrey Smith, ok TEs Joe flacco is clutch put both these Qbs on the 2 yard line against a elite defense, at the end of the game no timeouts ill take flacco, he plays nfl top defenses 6 times a year, while the falcons barely see top ten defenses

  • So where is Joe Flacco??

  • Ravenzzz

    Champ Bailey 97 to 92, time to pack it in old man.

  • Fair Playoff Team ratings

    Please get those 14-3 Falcons fixed!!

    Offense: TE GonzalezOVR 96 SPD 80 CTH 99, WR White OVR 95 SPD 93 (he burned a lot of CBs this season incl. Sherman), The entire O-Line oft he Falcons especially the Guards LG Blalock OVR 86 and RG Konz 78 (Konz is playing tremendous as a rookie) also0 Sacks vs the Giants and 0 Sacks vs the Seahawks! HB Rodgers OVR 82 SPD 88 TRK 88

    Defense: SS Moore OVR 90 (best SS in the league right now), ROLB Weatherspoon OVR 88, MLB Dent OVR 78, CB Samuel OVR 92 (Top 5 CB), DT Babineaux OVR 89 (Sack and constant pressure vs. Seahawks), DT Walker OVR 80 (Starter right now)…

    • nick

      u’ve been smokin crack sir

    • Real recognizes

      this guy right here (fair playoff team ratings) knows what he is talking about. AGREED..i think nick smokes crack

    • CRaww16

      I agree with your comment about Jaquizz Rodgers




    FUCK 49ERS

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Kaepernick should get a boost in some running categories and I don’t know his arm strength rating but after watching him play he has a LASER. Boost there too. Overall about a point or two I guess. Wasn’t super impressive throwing the ball, but was still pretty decent. Running was unbelievable. Solid job all around by Kaep.

  • wheres the whole ravens team? only allowed one sack all game forced 2 fumbles and 2 ints. and balically kept the so called number 1 d in the league on its heels all game long? but yet we get no respect? and were still -9.5 point underdogs against the pats? no one expected us to win that game? flacco deserves to be a 90…

  • userpicks

    id like to see Lamichael James helmet get updated already…he’s been using the Matt Schaub style helmet/facemask combo the whole season with no update on the game.

  • hey pasta do you know if the people at madden can finally fix the ravens all black 2012 jersey? the color of the naming on the back is suspossed to be white not purple?

    just wondering?

    • Hopefully for next year. Doesn’t seem they had the ability to change art in the game – otherwise the Bears wouldn’t have been stuck with orange pants the whole time.

  • Wematanye

    Ray Lewis should go back up to a 93

    • Tyler Havens

      At least……I don’t even know why he went down

  • As a Broncos fan Rahim Moore deserves a huge decrease, Bailey a decrease as well. Hillman a slight increase. Too bad Moreno got injured he was on his way to a nice game. Dressen and Tame could see a 1pt boost. Decker and DT should stay although they are low to begin with. Now the officiating in that game is a whole other story, 18 flags where as the other games had around 8. The refs where a disgrace to the NFL.

  • If Kaepernick goes up 3, Packers D deserves to go down 10. LOL. Vereen needs to go up 2-3 & that man named Brady needs better than 90 deep accuracy, maybe 93. Seahawks secondary as a unit needs to go down 4-5.

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None

    HB Ronnie Hillman – Increase

  • Grrberry

    As a Bronco fan I feel as though Ronnie Hillman, Trindon Holliday and Woodyard should have a Plus 1 or 2 each. Champ should decrease 2 (I know partial blame for the blown coverage is because the way denver has their defense set up but still..he got toasted, so speed should be like at least 3 or 4 behind Torrey). And Rahim Moore should be a 20 in zone coverage and 10 in play reg. Lol jk, It doesn’t matter though I always played Jim before Rahim anyway..Also Joe shouldn’t get a boost…most of his touchdowns was Torreys smith speed (which should be like 95+)

  • heart of #52

    It would make sense to release updates early since there’s only 4 teams that needs updates. But we all know thats not going to happen. To ROX flags went both ways just seemed like they didnt trust #18 in the clutch or he (#18) didnt trust himself. GO RAVENS…

  • jarg8

    Matt Bryant needs a power boost, on all pro he can’t even hit from 50 yards with full power when in reality he can make kicks from 60+.

    • AmazinsCowboys

      to get the most distance on your field goals aim the arrow all the way down, then he can hit from 50+ no problem.

      • jarg8

        Did not know, thanks for the advice.

  • First off, that was a heck of a weekend of Playoff Football. Imma start off by saying that I absolutely hate playing the Niners in Madden cuz their ratings are unrealistic but when I think about it The Niners should actually be rated higher than they are especially on offense. The fact that they only have 3 players with 80+ Run Block Footwork (The Bears have 5) and that they don’t have any receiver over 90 route running I mean…. I can shut down their offense with a pretty legitimate defense like the Bears. Alex Boone should be 88 overall and at least 85+ RBF, Anthony Davis should have 90+ RBF and his pass blocking was pretty decent in real life so his PBF shouldn’t be in the 60’s. Even Joe Staley who’s 92 ovr shouldn’t be such a finesse player, he’s somewhat of a liability against guys with high really Power Moves. I agree Kapernick should be over 90 speed. or at least give him some elite acceleration.. and 81 short accuracy makes no sense either. With that said i think they’re still overrated on defense like why does Aldon smith have 99 power moves & block shedding?? He’s not even that nice vs the run, if you wanna make him an unstoppable pass rusher alright fine but don’t make him a dominant run defender, it’s already so hard to run on that front.

    Lately I’ve been running with the seahawks and I think I’m falling in love with their Defense. Their secondary causes so much headaches, you can’t throw at Sherman.. It took me a while but I’ve schemed up so pretty good offense too. They’re a little underrated on the Oline Russell Okung should have higher RbS & RBF, But If Zach Miller goes over 80 Route running this week it’s gonna be a real problem tho.

    I think Champ Bailey needs to go from 97 to about 93 which is a bit of a overreaction cuz he’s been a good corner all year but they should at least pull his speed from 94 to like 91 and there’s no reason for him to have a higher overall rating than Charles Tillman and Richard Sherman.
    It’s pissing me off as a Bears fan to see Corey Graham get all this love I felt this way about Daniel Manning in houston too, but if Corey Graham gets some elite coverage skills imma be pissed cuz he should had that last year when he got three picks for the Bears.

  • userpicks

    cant wait for madden to have the ‘kaepernicking’ celebration in madden 14…where he kisses his bicep when he scores, lol

  • any 1 notice that rg3s speed dropped by 1 =O

  • userpicks

    colin kaepernick has been wearing one glove on the left hand a lot of games lately, i’d like to see that added as well as a speed boost to his attributes!

  • RespectGame

    falcons wide recievers need more love. Best recieving duo in the league. matt ryan has proved he can throw the long ball and sean weatherspoon is a beast every week. kaepernick earned respect too

  • Harbaugh Superbowl

    If Julio Jones is 90ovrall then Michael Crabtree should be 91. Either way Crabtree needs a major boost and colin Kaepernick should be rated higher then alex smith. also, alex boone, johnathan goodwin, and joe stately need boost. Joe stately man handled clay matthews all game long and he had an injured left arm. also the 49ers saftey’s are way better then atlantas’……..fix these rateings!!!

    • dirty bird74

      Did you just say crabtree is better than julio jones???

  • ButterBean

    Justin Francis on the Pats needs some love. He had 3 sacks in the last regular season game and didn’t even go up at all. Steve Gregory also needs some big boosts in his tackling and hit power. Tackling should be atleast high 70’s while his hit power should be 80+, dude has been laying down some solid shots all year.

  • ButterBean

    Also, how is Ridley’s carrying in the mid-high 70’s while Marshawn Lynch is the best in the game? If I’m not mistaken it’s 97 or something while in real life Marshawn Lynch has had like 3 more fumbles than Ridley. Ridley’s carrying should be atleast 80 and Lynch’s needs to go down at least 10 points.

  • Beasta52

    Does anyone know when they will be out?

  • CRaww16

    Roddy White should be faster. All this hype about the Seahawks CB’s and I think the Falcons WR’s and Tony Gonzalez did good againist them, also Jaquizz Rodgers, he’s a 79? He needs to be like an 83, faster and stronger

  • CRaww16

    Kaepernick honestly deserves a 90+ overall, spd, acc, thw pwr, awr, excl, all needs a little boost

  • When will this latest update be available…Saturday the 19th?