MLB 13: The Show Full Features List

Posted January 14th, 2013 at 4:45 pm


Though the first feature details for MLB 13: The Show arrived in early December that represented a more basic approach to describing what the product will offer. As has become tradition SCEA has followed that up with a much more extensive listing of new and established features along with various improvements made throughout.

In addition to previously announced features like Playoff and Beginner modes MLB 13 will offer evolved Franchise and Road to the Show modes, “The Show Live” (think NBA or MLB Today in 2K Sports’ titles), and changes to the online league structure. 

The “Post Season” Mode (PS3 & PS Vita)
MLB 13 The Show will introduce users to Post Season Mode this year as it offers quick entrance directly into the Post Season, fast-tracking your run to the World Series. The mode offers you the choice of selecting to play with one team, or all 10. The format utilizes the newly changed playoff structure, with a single-game Wild Card round leading into the standard Division, Championship, and World Series rounds. The Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series can all be set to varying lengths (Single game, best of 3, best of 5, or best of 7 are all available). Only the Wild Card round is hardwired to a single-game, winner advancing format. Additional options for the mode include selecting the venue for each game. Lastly, all of the game control options you’ve come to know are available in this mode, including: single player, head-to-head play, co-op play, and PlayStation Move support.

Cross Platform Online Home Run Derby (PS3 & PS Vita)
MLB 12 The Show introduced Online Home Run Derby to the PS3. MLB 13 The Show brings this experience to the PS Vita with the inclusion of cross platform play. Regardless of whether users are logged into a PS3 or PS Vita, selecting an Online Home Run Derby match will gather users into one game experience. You could be playing against users in a train, plane or their living room!

Beginner Mode (PS3 & PS Vita)
In an effort to make The Show more accessible and to help users learn the fundamentals of the game Beginner Mode has been added. No matter the age or skill level, the new Beginner Mode offering allows the user the opportunity to succeed when playing The Show. Beginner mode uses an advanced, adaptive AI system that dynamically updates your skill level on the fly. It starts out on the easiest of levels and only advances as the user improves.

New Push/Pull Hitting Trajectories Engine (PS3 & Vita)
New to MLB 13 The Show is our Push/Pull hitting trajectory tendencies engine. When you hit select during the pitcher-batter matchup, the in-game screen it will show you if the current hitter is Extreme Pull, Pull Hitter, Balanced, Opposite field Hitter, or an Extreme Opposite field hitter. Both A.I. and human hitters will hit more balls to their preferred side according to this attribute. This data is derived from real yearly spray charts provided to us by Despite this shift, very late and very early timing remains unchanged. Rather, within good timing, a larger chunk of the timing window is considered early for pull hitters. This means if you swing too early on a changeup, your timing won’t change at all. But if you get good timing on a pitch, it will be biased towards the hitters preferred zone. You will also now see more defensive shifts when Push and Pull hitters are at the plate.

Franchise and Season Mode Evolution (PS3 & PS Vita)
MLB 13 The Show is set on improving the user’s experience in Franchise mode by focusing on player development, while creating a more realistic and dynamic league as time progresses. Additions include a newly implemented team budget that focuses on a reward-penalty system which is solely based on a team’s performance on the field. MLB 13 The Show is the most realistic baseball game ever as multiple years’ worth of real-life data was used to determine the team-specific correlation between win-loss record and budget size, while also looking at postseason performance. This new budget system results in a more dynamic league, in which a low-budget team can become a big spender after a period of sustained excellence, mirroring real teams in the big leagues.

Furthermore, team-specific player valuations were also added in order to add personality to each team. These valuations are based on the team’s league, their home stadium and historical tendencies. These changes affect every facet of a team’s decision making process, from drafting, to promotions and demotions, to trade decisions and free agent acquisitions. In addition to these changes, the user can expect improved Player Generation and Career Progression, as well as new Scouting and Training systems.

Road to The Show Evolution (PS3 & PS Vita)
One of the most popular aspects of MLB 13 The Show, Road To The Show, has been reworked this year in an effort to provide players with the most immersive and realistic on-field experience ever in a sports video game. More focus has been made to bring simpler control over a users’ player on the field in order to bring an unparalleled experience to the game. Environmental improvements, such as a revamped on-field sound system, enhances hundreds of new sound FX, player yells, and crowd sounds so they are heard prominently and realistically from the player’s perspective on the field. Other notable improvements include a new user-controlled catch system, a revamped catcher mode, an improved Performance Evaluator to include baserunning and fielding, new custom batting animation sets, pitch type tip-offs when on defense, position-specific tasks such as calling for a pick-off as a middle infielder, and much more.

The Show Live (PS3 & PS Vita)
The Show Live provides an exhibition-based mode using data from to populate daily match-ups, line-ups and starting pitchers, giving users the opportunity to play in an environment that matches the “real-world.” The Show Live presents games in the same way as season-based modes, with up-to-date player and team statistics. Hear commentators reference the previous or next day’s events, based on real-world situations and information. Users have the choice to play a game from today, or turn the calendar back and play any game from earlier in the season. The Show Live brings users closer to Major League Baseball action than ever before!

Diamond Dynasty 2.0 (PS3)
Diamond Dynasty juggles aspects of team management, player progression, and online competition, with more creative freedom than any sports game to date. In order to improve Diamond Dynasty, feedback from The Show Nation was used to expand and fine tune the systems that make up the mode. DD will now be simpler to understand for new users, while also being easier to navigate and manage for previous users. In addition to being more intuitive, visual tutorial walk users through the more complex screens or systems within DD.

Diamond Dynasty introduces the Designated Hitter in MLB ’13. Users can choose whether they want to play by American or National League rules at their home park. Are you a baseball tactician who wants to use small-ball tactics and challenge your opponent to make strategic substitutions? Or will you stack nine sluggers and let your bats do the thinking? The Marketplace gets a haul over as well as users can post and cancel orders with ease. The Marketplace has gotten smarter, minimizing the amount of potential exploits.

The Dynasty card type has also evolved. Dynasty Cards now display more information about the player’s abilities. This information gives you an idea of what you are getting right away, but more importantly how good a player can get. Each Dynasty Player has maximum thresholds he can reach in each attribute, so picking which cards to activate to a team has become much more important. Many core systems have become more versatile to cope with the inherent volatility of multiplayer online play. Overall, Diamond Dynasty in MLB ’13 is smarter, deeper, and much more stable.

TruBroadcast Presentations 2.0 (PS3)
True Broadcast Presentations 2.0 continues to blur the line between reality and The Show. This year focuses on further refinement of game continuity through the restructuring of thousands of presentations but also a heavy emphasis on taking stadium ambiance and big game atmosphere to a new level. The addition of new scenes, new cameras, new OSDs, new music and new audio allows MLB 13 The Show to take a huge step forward in the twofold approach of truly immersing the user in the moment during the pre-game while satisfyingly rewarding the user once the final pitch is thrown. Now more than ever the user will feel the difference between Opening Day, the Regular Season, the All-Star Game and the Postseason, and increasingly strive for a taste of the new Postseason celebrations.

New Scouting and Training System in Franchise Mode (PS3 & PS Vita)
A “human element” was incorporated into MLB The Show’s Scouting system, which affects the user’s decision making process when dealing with scouting directives, position changes and, ultimately, drafting a player. This idea originated from Community feedback as The Show continues to strive be the most realistic baseball video game on the market. The goal for the Training system changes is to allow the user selecting individual players to train in areas of their own choice. More variety will be offered as training on a positional level will not be offered which will require the user to make their own choices of how to impact the development of their players.

Road To The Show Commentary and Presentation Evolution (PS3)
The Road To The Show mode received a major commentary and presentation overhaul in an effort to bring the focus back to the player in the mode. The largest change is the removal of all commentary during the action. This was done to place more emphasis on the enhanced on-field sounds and to give users the sense of what is really like to be on the field as opposed to simply controlling a player on a screen. Commentary and presentations will still be heard before and after a play, but only when something important or notable regarding the user’s player is going to be highlighted. In addition, a new pre-game player spotlight will feature the user’s player and discuss his recent career progress or performance. Finally, hundreds of new presentation scenes have been created and thousands of new commentary lines have been recorded to give the RTTS player the attention he deserves and to highlight notable single-game, single-season, and career achievements like milestones and records.

Online Road To The Show Leaderboard (PS3 & PS Vita)
Users can track their Offline Road to the Show careers and compare their player against all players from the community using RttS Leaderboards. Users can compare stats to see who is considered the best at their position, at similar levels. Users and their stats will be grouped by organization level: Double-A, Triple-A, MLB, as well as by position. All this will be tracked, displayed and sortable as long as you are connected online and PlayStation®Network signed in.

Universal Profile (PS3 & PS Vita)
Universal Profile provides a central hub for any statistics a user records while playing The Show. Regardless of the modes or platform played, stats will be tracked and viewable in a user’s profile. In addition, profiles will have levels associated with them. As a user plays, they accumulate experience (xp) towards their profile’s level. Users now work towards a universal progression system whenever they play, regardless of the mode or platform they play on.

Button Accuracy Meter (PS3 & PS Vita)
Users will now have more control over the fielding aspects of the game than ever before. For users who choose the new button accuracy meter they will now have complete control over the fielders arm accuracy and arm strength. No longer will an errant throw be the result of a random dice roll.

Steve Lyons Joins The Booth (PS3 & PS Vita)
Joining the The Show’s Broadcast team for MLB 13 is MLB veteran Steve Lyons. Steve started his Broadcasting Career with Fox in 1996, and has called several Division & League Championship series with the network. Steve currently does Color Commentary for the LA Dodgers. Steve brings new energy and insight into the game, refreshing the commentary for MLB 13 The Show.

MLB 13 Online Leagues Overhaul (PS3)
This year with MLB 13 The Show Online Leagues has been given a complete and total overhaul. New features include being able to play the real MLB schedule with all 30 teams, coupled with upgrades and refinements – like being able to manually control the pace of the league. Ultimately, the commissioner of a league will have the tools to be able to create and customize it in order to play with anyone anywhere to have a complete MLB experience in an online environment.

1. Hitting engine improvements deliver more hit variety than ever before
2. Wider timing window across all difficulty levels
3. Improved ball physics (less ground rule doubles etc.)
4. Over 250 new fielding and running animations
5. Over 90 new batting stances
6. Over 130 batting stance re-captures for players who changed their stances
7. Over 50 new pitching motions
8. Over 60 new HR swings
9. New Defensive Positioning screen, view the whole field and watch players shift on the fly
10. Franchise Mode: Team specific player valuations – affect drafting, trades, free agency, etc.
11. Franchise Mode: Projected team budgets and free agents for the upcoming season
12. Franchise Mode: Previous award winners and each team’s Hall of Fame members will now be tracked and displayed
13. Franchise Mode: Ticker in Franchise that displays scores, milestones, trades, etc.
14. Franchise Mode: Top 50 Prospect icon, used to indicate best up-and-coming minor leaguers
15. Franchise Mode: Organizational Depth Chart displays starters at each level (AA, AAA, MLB)
16. New CBA “Qualifying Offer” system included
17. 7 New Minor League and Spring Training stadiums
18. On screen Tutorials to help you navigate some of the more complicated screens.
19. New silhouette bat when bunting
20. Back picks while a catcher in RttS
21. Ability to assign swing animations when creating or editing a player
22. Big glove for catcher when a knuckle ball pitcher is on the mound
23. Over 500 new presentations
24. Pitcher Energy/Rotations for Online Play Now
25. Mercy Rule for online games
26. Twitter in The Show
27. Ping indicators in online game rooms
28. New online ranked game Play Now flow with game worth
29. New post-game summary screen for all online ranked games
30. Player photos updating with Roster updates
31. In-game simulator when FF to the end of game
32. PCI Appearance – There are 4 alternate PCI appearances
33. Pitcher Batter Analysis will now display 40 instead of 25 pitches
34. New Throwback uniforms
35. More catcher animations on plays at the plate providing more exciting outcomes
36. Enhanced CPU base running. Less predictable and more human like behavior
37. New base running animations “around the bases”. Allows for more control of your base runner
38. New online ticker design, more stats and information
39. RTTS infielder’s pickoff request
40. New more interactive user steal system
41. Improved CPU pitcher substitution logic
42. New player card
43. Guess pitch evolution
44. RTTS Removal of the “green-light” system
45. Over 1,000 new RTTS-specific presentations
46. New RTTS user catch option
47. New RTTS On/Off options for ball halo and ball trail
48. Over 15 new batting camera’s and 5 new pitching camera views

  • irsh

    LOL compare this to the weak ass feature list 2k put out for mlb 2k13. crazy the difference in the way these companies treat them.

  • PeshT

    Please, people, do not fall for this again. Sony does these giant lists every year and the game isnt that much different.

    • Because its the best sports game out already. Most realistic gameplay in any sports game there is. They dont need to add stupid gimmicky crap like Madden does every year to make the 12 year old ADHD kids happy

      • Johnathan Pratt

        no.. the best sports game is FIFA, by far.

    • yeah, I won’t fall for it again like last year. This year I’ll play MLB 2K13. They keep their features list short and sweet. Much better.

      • haha

      • JP27

        I wonder why….

      • Mike

        That comment is funny. It doesn’t seem genuine.

    • Mike

      If you mean it’s not different graphically year to year, then I agree, but it changes substantially in every other aspect every year.

      • GKage

        I do wonder what this game will look like on PS4 once they get a hang of the system. Then again, since they’re using off the shelf parts for PS4, it should be significantly more simple to develop for the next-gen and probaby wont take them long to take advantage of it.

    • Amen_Ra

      I agree 100% although at least they have said they will overhaul Franchise mode

  • HustlinOwl

    Awesome list, now is playoff mode playable online and still no true online franchise has me bummed.

    • jake

      Why do you expect cool online features when they cant even get a 1vs1 game to play smoothly? I think NBA 2K13 got it right by finally getting games running well before they add in things like Crew back. The Show needs basic online play to work before they try features like you suggest.

      • HustlinOwl

        close to 800 games online and love it, improve your internet

      • nwostar

        Still no rain delays, rainouts, or retractable roof stadium animations???? come on!

        • Mike

          Rain delays and such are one thing. Stadium animations are a completely different thing. It’s not like it’s an easy thing to implement into their current build.

          • nwostar

            Really? MLB 2K7 had rain delays….MLB Power Pros had retractable roofs during gameplay. Better at least have the option to play with a roof open or closed like Madden and MLB 2K8

          • MLB 2K games are also shitty games.

        • ozmosis007

          How fun is watching rain fall from the dugout?

        • all that stuff will have to wait till the ps4. the memory limit has been reached on the ps3. next gen

  • l22

    Any change online play isn’t shit this year??

  • Henry

    What does the Twitter involvement mean? Will it be like CC in Madden?

  • Looking forward to seeing how the commentary has improved this year.

  • mcmax3000

    The list looks really impressive, but it’ll be interesting to see if the game really feels that much different than last year.

    Going back & forth on getting this one. I kind of want to take a year off, but with next gen systems likely hitting at the end of the year, this may end up being my last year being able to play The Show for a while, since I’m primarily an Xbox player, and likely won’t get a new Playstation at launch.

    Come launch day, I’m sure I won’t be able to resist.

  • Keith.

    The Show Live and TruBroadcast 2.0 are worth $60 to me. Can’t wait for 3/5.

  • Adding Steve Lyons is the sad attempt to cover up peoples distaste for the current broadcast crew. This will have the same impact as Eric Karros did when he was added…None.

    Aside from commentators, I am looking forward to this game. I still play MLB the Show 12 (yesterday) and can’t wait to pick it up at midnight.

  • The key will be how online play is. It must be improved for me to play the game. Although the offline feature set is pretty strong, I want seamless online play (Franchise, leagues, 1v1) to be an option.

  • Nick

    I really hope they do the thing where you buy the ps3 version and get the vita one for free

  • SENZ

    Absolutely ridiculous they have the same horrid play by play commentary in the game AGAIN. It was ridiculous enough it wasn’t overhauled last year, now it’s just flat unacceptable. I won’t be buying this time, that’s for damn sure.

    • Mike

      You need commentary that badly, huh ? Technically, the game takes place on the field, where commentary wouldn’t even be heard. Do you wanna feel like you’re playin’ a game or watchin’ a game ? If you wanna feel like you’re watching a game, why don’t you just go watch a game ?

  • You people bitching and moaning to the tune of “wahhh they didn’t add online franchise”….”wahhhh commentary is sooo bad Steve Lyons is a joke”… “wahhhh why can’t playoff mode be online”… “wahhhh online play is complete trash”

    The problem with you whining about why certin changes weren’t added this year suffer from a disease I like to call “IDIOT”. If you people had the slightest piece of common sense, you’d understand that the PS3 is 7 years old and the gaming technology has developed much further along than what we can imagine. That being said, the PS3 can only handle so much space. Trust me, the developers have added so much into this series that has come DIRECTLY FROM FAN FEEBACK and they work really hard toMAX OUT THE PS3 SYSTEM as best as they can with as much as they can. It’s not their fault.

    Next year, MLB 14 will more than likely be released on the PS4 and the memory that the next system can handle will open up so many more possibilities that the dev team has already been working on. Be happy that us Playstation owners have a legit baseball game to play unlike 2K in most all aspects. Most of you will be amazed with what this game can be on the PS4, so just get your thongs out of your ass and be happy with what we have now and be thankful that this development team goes the extra mile for us fans. Pc

    • SENZ

      Well sir, you officially fall under your own disease, as good commentary has already been proved on the PS3 with MLB2K10-12 and NBA 2K13. So it’s been proven that it can be done. So this idea that it’s not their fault is utter fanboy bullshit.

      So you can go suck on their balls some more and tell them how great they are, but all they’re doing right now is exactly what Madden does these days, coasting because there is no compeition even close. Commentary should have been changed YEARS ago and the fans complained about it every year and you know what your wonderful dev team did? THEY DIDN’T DO JACK SHIT. Instead they added “Playoff Mode”



      • Fuck Off

        youre a fucking idiot, so because a trashy pice of shit game like MLb blah blah blah can do something that a more advanced game that uses all its resources doing everything else better proves your point?

        • SENZ

          Did you actually make two posts, one of which agreeing with yourself? Talk about a fucking idiot! lmao

          MLB 2K is trash, no question about it, but the commentary system in it is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the shittyness that is MLB The Shows commentary. MLB The Shows commentary is from 1998 still. That’s just a fact, sorry I hurt your little fanboy feelings.

      • ozmosis007

        So a game like MLB 2kblah blah blah that sucks balls implimenting something that a game like the show (maxing everything they can to be a much much better game) proves your point? Youre fucked

      • Mike

        2K’s commentary is overrated. It still gets repetitive to the point where you wanna turn it off.

        SCEA is coasting with The Show ? Wow, did you even read the list that your commenting about ?

  • Does online franchise play like dynasty in ncaa yet? What i mean is..can you play with 5 friends and the rest CPU teams? I know in the past you cant do that. I know you can do it for a season but i want to do it for multiple seasons

    • HustlinOwl

      This is what I want and still no word, but not looking like it until next gen

  • heshten

    no series steals features from others quite like the show does. diamond dynasty last year (ultimate team) and the show live this year (mlb today). right stick pitching and throwing before that. these are just the latest. funny people dont demand they come up with their own ideas for once.

    • arcc

      lol I do like The Show but this is very true. even things like the Twitter feed there which Madden and 2K13 had first.

    • Jimmy Kraft

      Yeah, because no other developers have ever taken good ideas from their competition…

    • Mike

      Even if they do “steal” the idea. The Show’s developers usually make it better than the game they got it from.

  • Ryan

    I want to know when they will enable closing the roof on retractable-roof stadiums.

    • Jimmy Kraft

      They’ve said it countless times that they have reached the memory threshold of the PS3. Retractable roofs will be a PS4 feature…

  • Jese Hall

    Damn, I thought I could wait until Black Friday and get it cheap, like I have the last 2 years, but I may have to go ahead and pre-order it for the first time. Looks too good to wait for this year for sure.

  • Jimmy Kraft

    Think about what most people are complaining about with The Show. It’s not physics, or the pitcher/batter battle, hitting and pitching mechaics, etc. Instead, it’s retractable roofs, Twitter interaction, and play-by-play. The Show is a damn fine example of a great sports game, one that mimics the sport it’s actually trying to, unlike Madden, NCAA Football, and MLB 2K, each of which have MAJOR flaws and gimmicky gameplay features to try and cover them up.

    • dave travis

      Yep exactly, they have a discussion on OS about what questions you want to ask developers and 90% percent of the questions have to deal with new world series celebrations, adding or subtracting beards from Yankee players and on and on, lol…. not many gameplay questions, why? Because the game is already that DAMN GOOD, keep it up SCEA, show the world have REAL SPORTS SIMULATION GAME is suppose to look like.

      • dris

        i think thats more because OS wont allow anyone to be critical of the game and SCEA wont answer any tough questions anyway.

    • GKage

      While this game is very good, i do think it’s a bit more complicated to get the interactions right with a football game since they have to deal with multiple people initiating contact and the like at the same time. Not giving EA an excuse, just stating a fact.

    • This 1000%

  • GKage

    Seeing as how I haven’t played since 2010, I should see some MAJOR improvements when i pick this up lol

    • Keith.

      If you really haven’t played since 2010, you definitely will see a lot of MAJOR improvements. This game and NBA2k13 are as good as it gets.

      • GKage

        Yea I played 7-10 then I stopped and decided to wait a few iterations to see what happens with Road to the Show, Franchise, and the color commentary. It was getting kind of stale for me.

  • juan

    So no uniform editor outside of Diamond dynasty!! The only thing I wanted.. this game blows.

  • StlSportsFanatic

    My only problem with this game: The swings and follow throughs still looks unrealistic and don’t fit, and wish the animations when using the right stick to hit had more fluidity (like NCAA MVP 07). Other than that, it is a great game.

  • pierce4757

    Need create a ballpark!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    I think The Show needs new commentators. Those guys they have now are getting a bit stale IMO.


    Can I import my 10 season long Franchise from MLB 12 into 13 or do we have to do this circle jerk all over again like Groundhogs day???

    Can I import my created players from 12 into 13 or do I now have to recreate all 40 of my unique players all over again!??…..

    Is there a history section where I can review previous season data, stats, standings, boxscores, League Leaders, etc?…or does each season in your franchise still feel like a bunch of Single Season Modes glued together??

    What actual on the field gameplay differences really make this game worth spending another $64.95 incl tx this year???………..I have every version from MLB 09-12 and swear I can go in and play each one of them and can swear, the onfield action experience doesnt feel any different. Subtle differences aside, I just dont know if I want to go thru another year of this same same experience! I really want to see more dynamic variety in the field, and the way the different teams play, and think and not see so much scripted deja vu animations and situations over and over…its starting to get dull seeing an outfielder or infielder field the ball the same exact way over and over.

  • JBard

    is there a fantasy draft for online franchise???

  • baseball maniac

    Love the show. The commentary needs some work though. It needs more variation and accuracy on calling plays. I also feel like there should be more variation to player movement. It looks like they all move exactly the same way on similar plays. I hope they add more ways to customize controls and players. I would like to see a way to edit a player’s hot zones and spray charts for rtts and custom players as well as a better rating system that is more accurate and averages skills instead of giving players a 99 rating.