A Look at 1934 Augusta in Tiger Woods 14

Posted January 15th, 2013 at 1:15 pm


EA Sports has released a new video showcasing one of the main selling points of the Historic Edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. With a price that is $10 more than the standard version it includes a detailed recreation of 1931 Augusta with the ability to play in 1934 facing elements such as course design to the clothing worn and equipment used being true to its time.

Other content found in the Historic Edition are additional courses (Augusta Par 3, County Down, Birkdale, Sheshan, TPC Blue Monster), a playable Bobby Jones, the practice facility, Green Jacket ceremony, and the Augusta song heard during Masters television broadcasts. Continue on to check out the trailer centered on the feature of playing 1934 Augusta National!

  • I wish more games would do stuff like this. Would love to play as classic teams in classic stadiums in FIFA, for example (Forest v Derby at The Baseball Ground anyone?)

    • As cool as some of those things would be, fiscally I’m not sure if these companies believe they would be worthwhile. Having to sign each former player for their rights individually is a pricey proposition….NBA 2K was able to do it (though with smaller rosters than MLB/NFL/FIFA would need) but even they’re going away from that now that they’ve built up their sales.

      • True. For Madden or FIFA though, I’d be okay with them having a handful of the best known actual players and filling the rosters with generic players, like they did for some of the 2k basketball rosters.

  • SENZ

    While I think the idea of playing 1934 Augusta is nice and all, once again they spend all that time doing a feature that 99% of the player base will play exactly ONE time. Instead of just focusing on improving the core gameplay and actually making it play like real golf, or adding more PGA pros/etc, they spend their time on stupid things like this. EA Sports is just awful.

    • I also wonder how much play time such features actually get. My guess is that EA has done marketing studies and are betting that they will get enough impulse buys from casual gamers who will be tantalized by such a feature to make it worth their while.

      I’ve read that EA has done a lot to enhance the “liveness” of Live Tournaments this year, with its up to 24 player simultaneous play (meaning 24 players will be live aware of what the others are doing on a hole-by-hole scoring and stat basis and a shot by shot basis if they happen to be on the same hole.

      I just hope the full swing isn’t as twitch dependent as it was in last year’s so-called “tempo” dependent swing. I’m hearing that it will be more difficult to hit fairways and greens in regulation.

      • Keith.

        If their “marketing studies” are still being done by the same people who last year had them include the kiddie-Tiger mode, they may want to consider getting some new people to do their marketing studies. Casual gamers aren’t paying $60/game on a whim these days — customers turned out in droves for this game the first year Wii was big, but it’s been downhill for the series ever since. With all that said, I’m glad for you golf fans that the declining sales seems to have had the desired effect — it actually sounds like they gave some attention to presentation this year.

        • SENZ

          One thing I’ve learned with ALL EA Sports products, don’t listen to a word they say, wait till you can see some video footage of actual people playing the game that arent EA Sports people, so you can see the game for yourself, because EA lies on a daily basis. The Tiger Woods devs are the same. They took out the golden ticket tournaments early in the game last year, but “forgot” to tell anyone, so people for the rest of the year, kept buying the packs thinking there may be a golden ticket in them because it was still being advertised as being in there. The devs were totally silent about it till recently as they are stepping up the advertising for TW 14, now they are saying “we made a mistake, we didn’t even know/etc”

          Matter of fact, Pasta, you should be reporting on this! It was a flat out scam and should be reported.

  • Luckeeloo

    I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be a black golfer in 1930’s Georgia.