NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote Advances to Round of 16 Schools

Posted January 15th, 2013 at 5:45 pm


The campaign to get a school and their eventually-to-be-determined representative on the cover of NCAA Football 14 continues with the field being trimmed in half yet again. 16 programs remain in the running with voting on the next round (all back to a clean slate) beginning tomorrow through the game’s Facebook page¬†and open until next Tuesday.

Carrying the last round was Alabama followed by Texas A&M and Michigan. The biggest, and really only, underdog remaining is Navy which was able to finish in ninth. Others moving on: Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Notre Dame, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas, and LSU.

  • jrch

    ea should just put alabama on and be done with it. we all know where this is going.

  • Itrrlo

    One thing Im certain of is that TA&M wont get the cover. Surely theyre saving them for the year when Johnny Football goes to the pros.

  • Kyle

    Pointless. EA is going to pick who they want anyway. Navy could win this by five million votes and EA still won’t put them on there.

    • Christian Jacobs

      Agreed. I’m a Notre Dame fan and even I would love to see Navy make the cover and get a little recognition. Sadly, we all know EA won’t allow that to happen. They decided a long time ago who’s going on the cover. This is just for publicity and they’ll “pretty it up” to make it seem legit.

  • fantasyboi

    Bama will get it and hopefully they give the cover to A.J. McCarrons girl

  • Mitchell

    Fans should collaborate and put Navy on the cover.

  • If they put ND on the cover it’ll be dissappointing.

  • Mason Drews

    Love how Texas A&M is soaring through these polls… just goes to show that you shouldn’t poll the general public (they’re bandwagoners).

  • Bryce

    Oregon Should be on the cover

  • Eric

    Exactly like EA Sports to put the emphasis on the cover of their product, than what actually is in the box. Remember, “if its in the game, it’s in the game”? They got rid of that slogan real quick.

  • eagleyedesigns

    Maybe they should put my ball sack on the cover since EA is going to halve to suck so much dick for people to even buy this piece of shit…

  • 49ersfan1

    how did stanford not make it -.- number 6 in usa.