Possible Video Leak of EA Sports UFC Facial Models Along With Roster and Ratings

Posted January 16th, 2013 at 3:15 pm


A new video has emerged purporting to be a leak from the EA Sports UFC game that is currently in development out of the EA Canada studio. The video displays head and facial models for multiple fighters with various expressions before moving on to focus on B.J. Penn. This comes from the same Youtube account that has previously released the supposed full roster and fighter ratings and a breakdown of the attribute categories.

Note that the legitimacy of the video and the other information can not be confirmed – EA Sports has not responded to any requests for comment. It’s also unclear whether this would represent a glimpse at the next generation or rather the basis for a 360/PS3 release this year. Based on comparisons to the EA Sports MMA game from 2010 initial leaning would be towards this as coming from the current generation of hardware. 

  • 9ren

    Hope that isnt next gen. EA MMA looked as good, even Fight Night. Interested though either way on how good UFC can be now with a company that actually backs it.

  • FYI: None of those fighters are/were currently in the UFC, except a couple. I think this is a leak of EA MMA 2 that never released. The fighters shown above are Benji Radach, JZ Cavalcante, Big John McCarthy (referee), can’t tell, Tim Sylvia, Nick Thompson.. none who are in the UFC. Henderson was also in Strikeforce. BJ Penn is the only one.

    • Well, it’s either EA MMA 1 or EA MMA 2 using EA MMA models. Big John was DLC if you bought EA MMA at Best Buy I believe.

  • GoMadden

    Lol smiley butt Dan Henderson at the end.

  • jake

    Cool to see there will be women like Pasta predicted. But how is Ronda Rousey only 88 and a point or two higher than the others? Come on!!

  • mcmax3000

    Considering one of the names listed in the supposed roster list is Zoila Gurgel, who is the Women’s champion in Bellator, the UFC’s largest competitor, where she has fought since 2010 (so this isn’t a case of her just having gone over there from Zuffa), I’m going to call bullshit on this one.

  • Mason Drews

    This was likely EA MMA 2 in it’s infancy; besides who in their right mind would rate Minotauro Nogueira a 73 and Mir an 82? Big Nog is trending upwards whereas Mir hasn’t been anything but a punching bag as-of-late.

    Not buying this as EA UFC…