NBA 2K13 Week 12 Roster Update Details

Posted January 17th, 2013 at 10:00 am


A new roster update for NBA 2K13 arrived this morning and delivers a number of ratings adjustments. Having started to look as though it would be unreachable LeBron James moves up a point to 99 overall. Three decent games were apparently enough to up Earl Clark as what the 17-21 Lakers definitely require are upgrades and not downgrades (Antawn Jamison is still somehow 77). The trend of raising far more players – even though it hasn’t been a significant number in each update throughout the season – without dropping near as many remains troublesome. Two Geralds, Wallace and Green, do take big hits however.

Ratings Up: Brandon Jennings (+1 to 83), Jared Sullinger (+3 to 72), Tony Allen (+2 to 76), LeBron James (+1 to 99), Robin Lopez (+4 to 69), Earl Clark (+3 to 67), Kosta Koufos (+7 to 64), George Hill (+1 to 75), Paul George (+2 to 83), Ed Davis (+3 to 71), Kevin Durant (+1 to 95)

Ratings Down: Tyrus Thomas (-1 to 70), Monta Ellis (-2 to 83), Gerald Wallace (-4 to 79), Gerald Green (-6 to 70)

Injury Status: Chris Wilcox (-10 to 55), Marvin Williams (returns to 66), Iman Shumpert (returns to 80), Dwight Howard (returns to 92), Pau Gasol (returns to 81), Glen Davis (returns to 73), Wilson Chandler (returns to 80), Manu Ginobili (-8 to 78)

  • grego

    They always lower the players I enjoy playing with. And where is James White in My Team mode?! We have prigioni but not him yet!

  • IamDJBoB

    Glad to see Shump back !!!

  • johnny

    Carmelo should be 92. His offensive skill is unmatched in the NBA and is second to Kobe in PPG. Plus Chandler is an under batted player on defense. Stoudemire should prob see a decrease to 81 or 80.

    • I have Amare at 78. His rebounding has been terrible, even for his standards..

  • david

    thank u for Paul George stats thats all i ask for his respect all u haters

  • Bon

    Brook Lopez has been playing better, yet he was decreased in the last update or so. That should have been fixed. I agree with there being a lot of increases.

    • The thing w/ Lopez is he was grossly overrated entering the year (he was an awful rebounder in 2011). If he were properly rated out of the box, his ratng adjustments would have given him +5 instead of -1.

  • Anon

    After averaging 15 pts/15 rebs/3 blks per 48 for the last 2 years, Koufos FINALLY gets moved up from a 57 overall. Glad to see 2K is always on the ball when it comes to accuracy with their ratings.

  • 49ersfan1

    wheres kent bazemore? hes better than scalabrine and deserves the MVP. lol. hes not in the game….-.-

  • Collin

    Melo at the Least should be a 94. Embarrassing 2k.

  • msc123123

    Not a single drop for the Lakers. They are 17-21 and still ranked as one of the best teams.

    • List is incomplete – Steve Nash went down 2 points.

  • shaun

    so sullinger moves up but drummond doesnt??? how does that work

  • Cliff

    Have a 2k fantasy draft league up, the name is tsreal and the password is 12345. come join and spread the word on Xbox 360

  • 21st pick–Jared Sullinger–72 overall
    2012-13 Season PPG-6.2 RPG-6.1 BLKPG-0.5 PER 13.98

    9th overall pick–Andre Drummond–66 overall
    2012-13 Season PPG-7.5 RPG-7.4 BLKPG-1.6 PER- 22.96

    How does this make any sense at all!??