Madden NFL 13 Roster Update #20 Details

Posted January 18th, 2013 at 12:45 pm


The roster update for Madden NFL 13 that follows Divisional Playoff Weekend is already available to download on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The update primarily focuses on the teams involved in those games and returns players from IR for those whose seasons have come to a conclusion.

Colin Kaepernick receives a 2 point upgrade to 87 after his stellar performance while Russell Wilson goes up another point to end the season at 89. Shane Vereen (+3 to 78), Trindon Holliday (+4 to 67), Zach Miller (+2 to 82), and Tony Gonzalez (+2 to 95) also get nice upgrades. Champ Bailey loses 2 points to end the year as still elite at 95. The Ravens (+8) and 49ers (+7) gain the most in net players rising vs falling while the Texans (-9) and Broncos (-8) suffer the most. Continue on for all the details on the latest Madden NFL 13 roster update!


  • I_speak_real

    Atl defense jus got rapped by donny moore

    • Wematanye

      Rapped by MC Donny Moore

    • Wematanye

      Rapped by MC Donny Moore

  • I_speak_real

    Let me guess… micheal griffen from the titans had a bad game last week

  • Bobby Wagner and Earl Thomas get picks but receive decreases, and what’s with Michel Griffin of Tennessee randomly getting a decrease?

  • GoMadden

    Really happy with the amount of roster updates this year. Above all else it’s been consistent which is nice. Can’t say the same for CCM though ;|

  • Bubby

    Sorry Michael Griffin.

  • PackMac

    Jacquizz deserves a bigger boost. Alone on one play, he broke more than 4 tackles on that which included trucking the hell out of 93 rated Earl Thomas.

    • Mason Drews

      Yeah because Earl Thomas is such a big hitter/big player…. right.

      Sorry, but Quizz already trucks Ray Lewis on the game. He’s got high enough elusiveness… that’s his play style. Increasing his truck because he trucked a guy that’s his size, and is a poor tackler is nothing increase worthy.

  • Johnny Bengal

    What’s up with the titans griffin decrease? And Michael Johnson still a 79 wtf

  • Kandam808

    DT shouldn’t have decreased but at least he’s an 88 and decker is 87. How cool is that?! I still think Rahim Moores play rec should be a solid 20..and I’m a broncos fan..

  • I played with these new rosters this morning and they’re pretty cool I guess, I just don’t get all the Seahawk decreases? You’d think they got blown out or something. the pulled down Earl Thomas’ tackling from 84 to 81 cuz of one missed tackle on Jacquizz Rodgers, I know he’s a smaller back and I know Earl Thomas really shouldn’t be 80+ tackling anyways but jeez talk about over reacting. The pushed Richard Sherman up to 98 Man coverage tho which is just due & they finally got Golden Tate up to 80 overall but his route running is stil only at 72 it was at 69 before this update so I guess it’s an improvement. But I literally couldn’t play him before cuz his route running was too low I had to roll with Deon Butler who is 70 overall but has 81 route running. I’m happy to see Zach Miller get that receiving boost after his big game too.

    I’ve been preaching on these comments for over 3 months now that Alex Boone the Niners right guard needs to be rated correctly, it kind of reminds me of how long they took to give Victor Cruz his rightful rating last year, well that day has finally come. But jeeeez I think they over did it. They gave him 97 Run Blocking Strength and 88 Run Blocking Footwork. I mean… I already hate playing against the Niners but God Damn. I use to put Henry Melton on the 3 technique over him and not have to worry, now he’ll destroy Henry Melton consistently. I think Crabtree is still a bit underrated. he really should have like 93 route running but its still at only 88 so those two pro bowl Bears corners will shut him down.

    I haven’t looked at Champ Bailey’s decrease yet but hopefully they didn’t totally over react to that terrible game he had. And I’m happy Sam Shields from the Packers has 90 Man coverage now. LOL @ Micheal Griffin getting a decrease for not even playing tho.

  • Da

    Gore, still going up?
    Donnie is a gay soccer player

    • Frank Gore Breh

      Gore is a beast. Monster vs green bay.

    • Chiryder

      Yea, everybody else was too amazed about Kaepernick to see Gore had a 100 yard rushing game.

  • Ray Lewis 52

    One thing I must say Colin may be playing well but he’s in his second year on a great 49ers defense that as you can see that Alex took them to the playoffs also Colin played about 7 career games and his overall is a 87 but there’s guys like Dalton rookie pro bowler took a 4 and 12 Bengals team to playoffs twice before people start commenting I’m a Raven I know he has up and down games like everyone in all sports but he sits at a 84 overall and he plays in the toughest division Steelers and Ravens top 10 defense every year playoff bound every year one of them is making it to championship game or super bowl that is something for a rookie quarterback and 2nd year quarterback to contend with and I still don’t understand how can a defensive end with 11.5 tackles and to add to things he rotate with other guys so he did it with less snaps than others Michael Johnson is 3rd in Bengals history with his sack number this year but he sits at a 79 beginning the season at 77 the Bengals gets stiffed on their rating increases I’m glad I’m a Raven

    • CheckYourStats

      A little punctuation goes a long way.

    • Dylan

      PFF has Dalton ranked at 25th in the league, while Kaepernick is ranked 14th with half as many snaps. Just sayin

    • Chiryder

      Ladies and Gentlemen. The longest sentence in the history of Pastapadre.

  • userpicks

    why in God’s name is Brandon Jacobs still on the 49ers roster? He’s been released from the team for weeks now! how does every update still manage to include him??


    Gronk Branch and spike lose points wha?

    • Chiryder

      Gronk hurt. Branch didn’t do anything and Spike is just slow.

  • Why the hell he decreased William Moore? Moore actually had a great game…Dunta didn’t do bad either. I expected Moore to get a increase.

  • truetrue85

    Dude! Why did Dennard go back down to a 72 OVR? He has been the Pats’ starting corner for over half of the season and has been one of their most consistent cover corners while doing so. The man should at least be rated in the 80’s… yet he’s back down to 72 OVR after playing well against Houston. Whatever…

    • Chiryder

      Especially when guys like Corey Graham are in the 80’s.

  • can someone tell me how my ryan deserves a 95 and flacco is only a 89? thats why whenever the updates drop i always decrease his ass im sorry but my ryan is a 88 89 at most and idk if someone can agree with my or is torrey smith lookin like a shorter version of larry fitz?

  • thestufford

    Know how I know Donny Moore doesn’t know football? He gave Michael Palmer a 3 point boost for a catch that Chase Coffman made.

  • Random thing to notice but why was Chris Kuper nailed so hard for Denver? He didn’t have a bad game.

  • J7Tx9

    Crabtree’s OVR was able to move up due to his rape rating getting a significant bump.

    • DRT

      I died.

  • Michael P

    Haha man the broncos just got royally fucked. So… the Broncos had the number 2 defense all season and one of their starting DEs got dropped to 71? Their best D-lineman is 80? Demaryius Thomas, who had one of the best years for any receiver this year, got dropped to 88? I’m really glad I didn’t buy madden this year. Probably never will again, honestly. The gameplay is awful and the player ratings are, in some cases, wildly inaccurate.

  • Dylan

    Alex Boone, one of the best guards in football this year, is an 84….uh, what?

  • Dylan

    Alex Boone, one of the best guards in football this year, is an 84….uh, what?

  • j

    updates are retarded lol. Dropping idle players ratings, waiving players and signing idle players to and from idle teams when the game is a reflection of this season smh. The off-season transactions (for next year) should not impact the rosters of this year’s game

  • disqus_2CEYAICT7M

    so if the ravens didn’t make the Superbowl and Ray Lewis retired, would they have removed him from my ravens?????

  • disqus_2CEYAICT7M

    and why did Gronk get a decrease? Lol