The Teams Likely To Move On in NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote

Posted January 18th, 2013 at 10:45 am


The voting for the cover of NCAA Football 14 continues and based on the current results, which are unlikely to see a significant shift from now until voting closes, there are nine schools that are vying for the eight available slots.

Michigan is leading the way with 25,552 votes followed closely behind by Alabama with 25,008 and Texas A&M with 23,340. Those three are blowing away the field. Next in line is Ohio State with 10,237 while Oregon is also safe with 9,853. ┬áNotre Dame (unfortunately now for EA – though they’ll never let them win this/at least remove Manti Te’o from consideration), Nebraska, and Tennessee are also in line to advance. Navy is on the outside looking in but only by a few hundred votes. None of the other programs appear to have a chance at climbing back in.

This round of voting runs through Tuesday and will be immediately followed by the round of eight and the choosing from potential cover athletes for each of those schools before advancing to the final four on February 18.

  • Dalibor

    Why isn’t there a link to the source material? Where I can go to vote?

  • ced

    Alabama or Michigan makes sense. Some good players that could be picked for the cover.

    • fantasyboi

      ya wouldnt mind seeing Milliner on the cover

  • Keith

    So this is as close as we’re going to get to a playoff in 2013?

  • I guess Robinson from Michigan is there best choice.
    Bama has Lacy and Millner I see as possible.

    People voting for A&M should know Manziel can’t be on.
    I can’t vote since I don’t have facebook. Would be nice if they just did it on EA site but oh well.

    • Bob

      Don’t have facebook. what a fucking weirdo.

      • Nope it is pretty lame. I have actual friends that I can physically talk to. Don’t need some lame attention whore of a site.

  • fantasyboi

    If ND wins maybe they can put an old pic of Te’o and his gf on the cover…..?