Four Schools Breaking Away Early in Vote for NCAA Football 14 Cover Representation

Posted January 25th, 2013 at 4:30 pm


Though there is ample time to go in the voting round of eight programs for the NCAA Football 14 cover here is an update on the current standings. Michigan is leading the way with 22,044 votes and Alabama is close behind having totaled 20,343. Texas A&M is sitting comfortably at 12,623 while Oregon remains somewhat vulnerable with 8,111 votes. As things stand right now they would all be moving on to the final four. 

Florida State at 7,149 is in range to make a run at the final spot while Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Georgia look as though they won’t be going any further. If additional polls are posted though – depending on how they’re structured in particular – that could change their outlook.

Unfortunately EA has not actually defined when this round of voting will actually end. Potential cover athletes for each school are expected to be announced by February 3 with the advancing schools and their athlete moving on come February 18.

Just taking a guess here since it has not at all been made clear but the voting on athletes may represent the secondary poll/s for this round. That could shift the results dramatically depending on which programs have the most appealing individuals attached (more likely for non-fans to vote for players now than schools) and eliminate the fatigue of voting for the same school over and over by now as some have surely tuned out of the process.

Could the silhouettes in the above image (larger version) provide hints at the soon-to-be-revealed candidates? That Michigan has a QB could be a sign of that given Denard Robinson would likely be their representative. The others are more difficult to define however. Alabama could be a running back which would make sense with Eddie Lacy, Georgia could be Jarvis Jones (in fact it may be based on this picture or one similar), Notre Dame might be Tyler Eifert (note the hair out the back of the helmet). What do you think for the others?

  • Guest

    Yeah I think they’re all silhouettes of the chosen athletes. Gonna try to figure out all of them but I can already tell Michigan’s is Denard Robinson and Bama’s is Eddie Lacy.

  • MICHIGAN – Denard Robinson

    ALABAMA – Eddie Lacy

    Ohio State – Maybe Travis Howard? (Looks like a DB)

    Georgia – Jarvis Jones (Does look a lot like that picture)

    Florida State – Bjoern Werner

    OREGON – Dion Jordan or Kenjon Barner

    Texas A&M – Could be a couple of dudes, not sure.

    Notre Dame – Pretty sure that’s Tyler Eifert, look at the piece of hair behind the head.

    I think it’s gonna come down to Michigan or Alabama, given that at this point they have two of the most recognizable names at this point: Denard Robinson and Eddie Lacy. Oregon COULD have challenged if it was De’Anthony Thomas but if I’m correct EA uses cover athletes if they are leaving the school (same with Johnny Manziel, and I think TAMU fans are starting to recognize that).

    I think Lacy could beat TAMU’s athlete but not sure he could beat Denard.

    • Riley

      I think Ohio State is Bradley Roby.

      • I think it’s John Simon for the Bucks.

    • AlphaTurtle

      Michigan should just be the RB getting hit by Clowney

  • Tex A&M probably is Moore the de/lb. I just don’t see Jockel(sp) the lt being on cover. I would like to see a defensive player on the cover though

  • CMPunked

    As someone who doesnt pay as much attention to college football as he’d like. What’s the deal on Eddie Lacy? With previous Alabama RB’s like Ingram and Richardson, where would you put Lacy in the mix? Better, Worse, Somewhere’s in between?

    • cjweber5187

      Better than Mark, not as good as Trent

  • bucksfn

    Man, Meatchicken on the cover? Thank God for custom covers, Go Bucks