Madden NFL 13 Roster Update #21 Details

Posted January 31st, 2013 at 11:15 am


The next roster update for Madden NFL 13 is expected to arrive on Friday for the Xbox 360 and PS3 leading into Super Bowl weekend. Ratings changes are made to the four teams that were involved in the Conference Championship games with the update returning players from IR along with readjusting depth charts for the two that lost.

In terms of net players gaining in ratings vs losing the 49ers lead the way (+8) followed by the Ravens (+6). The Patriots (-1) and Falcons (-4) end the season on a down note. Continue on for complete details on the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!


  • RandomGuy

    It took all season for Colin Kaepernick to get the same rating as Alex Smith. Amazing. Oh, and Brandon Jacobs finally got cut.

    • Mr. Spicer

      Alex smith is a vet. Kaep is playing his 10th start on Sunday. Maybe if u put him at running back he will be rated better than smith.

      • RandomGuy

        Yea, well this is the same EA Sports that dropped Michael Griffin during the Divisional Round…just for sitting at home on his *ss. Troy Polamalu lost points when he was on IR. But, Alex Smith doesn’t get touched when all he’s done is ride the pine.

        • I_speak_real

          Ea makes me sick.. im tired of donny moore and his evil scheme..this not even the full update..they lieing..they dropped carsen palmer from 84 to 82 and daryious heyward bay from 82 to 81 ..thats rediculous and they also brong tom brady’s deep throw from 90 all the way down to 82.. i know 90 was 2 much anyway but -8 on deep throw.. god leeehh.. terrel sugs is now in the 80’s ..wooow!! He is raining defensive mvp for god sakes.. wat happen to jason pierre-paul and his major decreases ..he has under 8 sacks just as clay mathews under 8.. where are there decreases.??

  • RandomGuy

    Ravens give up 13 points to the Patriots and the Ravens key players on Defense lose points. Flacco out-plays Brady AGAIN! and barely goes up.

  • Keith.

    Pasta, what do you make of Riccotello and EA failing to mention sales numbers for Madden during yesterday’s financials release and investor conference call? They gave out specific sales numbers for FIFA and FIFA digital, they specified how much $ Battlefield has made through paid DLC, and they even gave information for The Simpsons game on iOS, but the only info they gave for sports games (other than FIFA) was Riccotello mentioning in passing during the conference call that “Madden was up and NCAA and NHL were both down.” Even one of the analysts suggested that FIFA and Battlefield were the only things delivering for EA (and that’s even questionable, given EA’s $45 million loss for the quarter).

    Surely, if Madden was performing well, Riccotello and EA would’ve given it some props, wouldn’t they?

    • I think that has more to do with this being Q3 financials and the first month+ of Madden was in the prior quarter. FIFA came out right at the start of Q3.

      • Keith.

        It was the Christmas shopping season, where all games historically sell the most, and the time leading up to the NFL playoffs, where you’d expect sales to increase. Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, with me sticking by my position that M13’s sales really weren’t all that impressive.

        • Khadeem

          why do care so much about the financial aspect of video games….i hope you work for wall street because you seem to rant and rage so much about EA and their financial problems…from what i understand you dont even buy EA products so what difference would it make for you #JustSaying

          • Keith.

            When you get to be older you’ll see why the financial stuff matters so much in terms of the games that get made and don’t get made. #JustSaying

          • Khadeem

            Stop dude. Theres is no way that can determine my age level or understanding. I never said that there is no importance in the financial aspect of the video game industry. You just seem ready to talk about anything negative in regards to EA sports. Im not gonna lie I am starting to hate Madden, but I dont think any other sim sports game is doing well from my perspective. My whole point is that this was a roster update and there is a time and a place for everything. Save your wall street talk for a post that is related to sales. SHEESH

  • I_speak_real

    Lol wassup with all these random falcon decreases..? Its like they never went to the nfc championship game.. and i could of sworn julio jones was suppose to already be a 91 overall from the last update but he is still 90 and gets the 2point increase to 92 when really he should be 93.

    • JJ

      The Falcons choked again when it mattered. The end.

      • Khadeem


  • patsfan

    As a patsfan, this is BS. We should’ve got crushed in this update. We got our asses kicked, the defense should of been lowered across the board, Welker should of been lowered, and Hernandez is nowhere near a 94 overall caliber TE. Ridley should of been decreased.

    Kudos to the Ravens, they should of got higher increases. Donny should of let the Pats earn their rep back next season instead of giving us a net -1 in ratings. We lost at home by 15……

    • Ok i agree on everything you said but a few.
      1- Hernandez is a 94 calibar TE- A lot of ravens fans have conintiulsy said that hernandez is a tough matchup because he’s as fast as a reciver and he can also run the ball and make you miss in open field
      2-There were a lot of good things the pats did good and the loss of talib killed our defensive plan and caused us to play a little on our heels but that should defiently take a hit on our defensive rankings
      3-Brady’s 98 ranking…..ummm i dont think he deserves that. He had 2 INT(one that wasn’t his fault) so he was technically 1td 1 int
      4- In the new madden wind should be a factor in games because the 2nd interception by Brady was under-thrown because of the windy conditions.

      • Khadeem

        i think every player on the pats is fine the way they are…so can say what you want about ovr ratings…but when you play against the patriots in madden they arent a overpowering team…they can easily be stopped…play coverage and force brady out the pocket…there are no deep threats and the defense is slow in the secondary

        • well if maddens job is to make the game more real life then you can argue that they should be the toughest team to beat in madden because they do put up a lot of points and you need to be able to put up a lot of points to beat them

          • Khadeem

            how about this…look at all the patriots offensive players individual ratings and tell me what is underrated

  • Mr. Spicer

    Wow. Lewis, Suggs, Reed and Kruger all took a hit. And pollard got a +1! Lol….I’ve been waitin on this update to see this bs. First if all, Pollard should be at least an 87. With 87 spd. And if Donnie jones watched the ravens play he would know that the ravens defense played great against the bronco and patriots allstar olines. What a joke. What else do the ravens have to prove to get respect like the 9ers get? Btw, Reed should never go below a 95. And neither should Ray. Smdh

  • 3ohD

    Ray Lewis has just been jumping on piles to get tackle stats. He hasnt been great in the playoffs. For anyone wondering why he keeps going down.

    • JJ

      He’s got more solo tackles than assisted.

      Don’t worry, you’ll have another reasons to hate him in a few days.

  • Bmore All Day

    How in the world does boldin not go to 90 overall? Madden just doesnt want to give the ravens a 90 overall reciever

  • CheckYourStats

    Iupati, widely regarded as the best Guard in all of Football, drops 3 points because he gave up 1 sack and was called for 1 hold.


    • nick

      ridiculous seriously

    • Khadeem

      i think logan mankins, carl nicks, and jahari evans are considered to be better than iupati

  • 49ersfan1

    it took all these weeks to release Brandon Jacobs on Madden?

  • I may be late to the party, but I’m still not sure why the new Nike cleats weren’t included in M13. This continues to bother me, along with the massive amount of uniform errors.

    Here’s a press release from April introducing the new cleats:

    I’ve also included a picture of every new cleat that should be included for each team for reference.

    What’s the deal, EA?

  • so ray lewis has 44 tackles this postseason and he drops? CMON MAN!! really we win games and yet they key players drop?

    • Khadeem

      more to football than tackles bro…pat angerer had like a 150 tackles before hes one of the worst linebackers in the league when you see him play…ray lewis can only play in non passing situations and ellerbe is actually considered to be the better of the two players by most scouts

  • sirdirtybird

    Yea i dunno wuts goin on with these roster updates..n i think matt ryan shudda went up..he torched dat 9er defense…pluz roddy whute shudda went up had 7 catches for 100 least his speed or sum n shud go bak to a 92 at least..when falcons played cowboys roddy n julio had over 115 yds rec and roddy went down…dis was da nfc champ..y didnt he go up? N da oline took a hit for wut? Along wit other teams..ray lewis shudbt went down..altho his speed shudda…and da pats didnt take enuff for a hit..and colin kaep didnt do shit to go up an overall…1 passin TD aint nuthn…n it was blown coverage..kaep did nuthn dat game..falcons exploited 9er defense…and falcons have a weak defense anyway…and fluke o is hot…9ers will lose superbowl mark my words..

  • sirdirtybird

    Kuz if colin kaep went up one overall..den matt ryan def shudda wentup 1 overall…i swear they rosrer updates r favortism…if 2k can make a football game again..EA is in trouble..u dnt see nba live no more…js sayin

  • CJ

    Do anyone know if they going to do a final roster update for all the teams after the superbowl is over with? Because Donny Moore did a shitty job as always.

  • Dude

    Can you please take Cushing and booker off of IR

    • I_speak_real

      How bout u do it for god sakes

      • diggy


  • sirdirtybird

    Roddy white speed is a 90 now get outta here..hes shown all season hes still a deep threat n speed shud b faster den a 90..and y does torrey smith have more awareness den julio jones…hes a 77… After wut he did all season and to the 49er defense his awareness shud b in the 80s wit WR duo n still finds a way to screw dem ova smdh…btw gameplay meeds update only had one update and da rest for weak ass MUT…sum card shit..its spose to b a football game based on realistic things and so anotha gameplay update is needed…if 2k can make a football game…EA UR INTROUBLE…u dnt see NBA LIVE no more js sayin

    • Khadeem

      you dont have to be fast to be a deep threat…roddy white has speed but hes no burner…90 is where he speed should be…his agility, his spectactular catch, and route running should be his strong points on madden

  • 49ers

    How does alex smith go down a point when he hasnt even played since week 10??? players that dont play usually keep the same ratings!

  • 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick(88) should be rated higher than Russell Wilson and RGIII(89s)…The due is THE BOSS!!!

  • Jim

    Why didnt you mention alex smith dropped a point to 87??? also colin kaepernick (88) should be rated higher than russell wilson and RGII(89s)

  • These confuse me a bit especially all the Ravens decreases but….I guess.

    There’s some Increases that happen that didn’t affect overall grades that doesn’t show up on this. Like Michael Crabtree now has 94 Route Running he was 88 before this, so my 2 Pro Bowl Bears Corners have a bit of trouble with him now. But he still only has 90 beat press so he doesn’t want any part of Peanut in press coverage & Timmy J is just a ballhawk so he’ll still jump most of his routes.

    Another thing that I noticed was that they gave Tarell Brown 90 Zone Coverage, Aaah i guess i’m cool with that, he is their best cover corner in real life, its just gonna be a little harder to attack guys that wanna use the Niners and sit in cover 4 and cover 3 all day and force me to throw to the middle where they’re waiting to user pick me but…. Brandon Marshall still has 99 route running so…I should be good. One thing i’m confused on is why they keep pulling down Chris Culliver, everytime I watch the Niners in real life my eyeballs tell me he’s their second best cover corner, heck he even had a Interception in the NFC championship game, I really feel like he should be 90 Man coverage think about it Shareece Wright, Trumaine Johnson & Walter Thurmond have the same Man Coverage rating as him, but… Im not complaining tho. Brandon Marshall destroys him in the game so I love it..

    When I see Colin Kapernick with 86 Medium Accuracy I just shake my head tho, there’s literally only 6 QB’s with a higher MedAccuracy rating, that in itself in crazy. Like does anyone really fell comfortable saying Kaepernick is top 10 in medium accuracy throws?

    I really don’t get any of the Ravens rating but I’ll leave that for another day,

  • pat

    Dannell Ellerbe has been playing lights out and is 79. He should be a 84 speed. Should also have a increase in zone coverage, catching, and acceleration.

  • joe

    Put Josh Bellamy on the Chiefs geeeesh and make him their fastest receiver!

  • Ed Hochuli

    Jerome Boger should be rated no lower than 97. He was clearly the Super Bowl MVP.

  • Anyone know when roster update takes affect for CCM online franchise?