EA Sports Announces Madden NFL 25; Details on Cover Vote

Posted February 1st, 2013 at 10:30 am


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Madden franchise this year’s game will be known as Madden NFL 25. The vote for the cover athlete of Madden 25 will begin on March 11 and involves both legends and current players. 

The reason why the name sounds so ridiculous is because EA made the decision not to return the ’20’ in front of the year on the cover with Madden 10 further establishing that the number would represent the year and not an edition or how long the series has been in existence. Though it is very unlikely, this is the last year of the exclusive license contract with the NFL, and if there were to be no more Madden games going forward the disruption from the name (how to go from Madden 25 to Madden 15 the next year) would certainly be less of a concern for the company.

The cover vote will present two different tournament-style brackets of 32 players. On one side will be legends and the other active stars. The winner of each bracket go head-to-head for the honor.

Curiously the release only mentions Madden NFL 25 coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Presumably it will also be available on the Wii U and Vita as well despite their omission.

  • Watch for the Wii U or Vita versions to be greatly diluted versions of Madden NFL 13 if they even bother with releasing those.

  • Andrew

    i believe they dropped the 20 off of the cover since 2005, not 10.

    • You’re right, I’ll explain that better in the article. When they went to 10 they considered going to full year again with 2010…there’s a difference between 09 (which sounds like meant to be the year) and 10 (which sounds like just an edition).

  • Jeff

    Oh awesome. So rather than fix the crap hole of a game, they spend all 6 months trying to decide whether or not to call it madden 15 or madden 25. Please NFL don’t extend the license. I hope this will be the last Madden I buy. I find more fun playing madden 05 on the Gamecube than I did playing Madden 13 on the 360.

    • cob

      Well see I’d rather have the marketing department work on this stuff than the game. Leave that for the developers.

    • Day

      the last time madden was actually a good game was on last gen starting with madden 03′ and 04′, they have completely ruined the masterpiece that once was…

  • Keith.

    They’ll probably repackage and re-sell last years Madden for Vita, like they did with FIFA.

    • I’m curious what you would prefer. That…where you have the option to buy or pass on a weak offering, or no game at all like with 2K who decided to pass on making an NBA game for the system. With the Vita essentially dead it’s probably going to be one or the other from here on out.

      • Keith.

        MLB The Show seems to be doing things right on Vita. And I wouldn’t count out seeing an NBA 2k game on Vita this year — they’re bound to stop supporting PSP and start developing for Vita sooner or later. The Vita is perfect for NBA 2k, where it would be easy to jump into drills to improve upon MyPlayer. NHL for Vita would also be great — hockey’s made to be played on a wide screen, IMO.

        As for repackaging and re-selling last year’s game in a new box (like FIFA), that’s never going to be an acceptable option to me.

        • The Show is Sony…obviously they’re not going to abandon their own system. Third parties though have little incentive to invest in it.

          • Keith.

            Vgchartz says M13 sold 230,000 copies on Vita, which is nothing to sneeze at, and only 20,000 on WiiU. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next Madden for Vita outsell the next Madden for WiiU, either. There definitely is money to made on Vita — but repackaging and re-selling last year’s game isn’t the way to do it.

          • I don’t think the Wii U will ever sell many sports games but it’s not really fair to judge it on this year’s releases since they came months after they were first out on other consoles. There was no reason to buy them…and most who might have been interested would have already had them on the other consoles anyway.

          • Keith.

            You and I both know that Madden will never shift 230,000+ units on WiiU. Sports gamers are far more likely to buy a Vita than a WiiU.

          • I think Madden might do better sales-wise on Wii U going forward, since they dropped the whole kiddie approach they were doing with the Wii. In my opinion, even though Nintendo’s angle has been casual games and its audience is agreeable with it, that same audience would’ve rather had a more serious version of Madden, and I think not having it is what caused sales to suffer.

        • 49ersfan1

          wait wait… people own vitas?

    • 49ersfan1

      maybe because no one has a vita so they dont want to spend time making a game for no one. rather have them bring franchise back for the 360 and ps3.

  • Bakes

    I’ll probably buy it on eBay but at a way lower price. Can’t believe they go a whole year without fixing incorrect jerseys. That may be such a small issue, but if a company who has the league license can’t even get jerseys correct, what faith do we have in them to do anything right?

  • They could always just call it “Madden: 25th Anniversary Edition” — that would be far to simple, though…

    • tomtoast

      I totally agree!

  • Also, correct me if I’m mistaken, but wasn’t Madden 2010 the “20th Anniversary.” If so… how is 4 years later the 25th Anniversary?

    • Confusing for sure…I think that had to do with the year that Madden didn’t release. Remember Madden 96 was cancelled. So for Madden 10 they decided they wouldn’t count that year. And for Madden 25 they’re counting it.

      • RandomGuy

        ahh. Makes perfect sense…SMH

      • raczilla

        There was a Madden 96, just not on the new Playstation.

        The SNES/Genesis version of Madden 96 was actually pretty cool. It had some features similar to Madden NFL 07’s mini-game modes where you’d create a player, run the 40 and do others drills.

        A lot of people don’t remember this game because if they were lucky they were playing the first GameDay title (I was too), but it’s not a bad game when compared to its 16 bit counterparts.

        • It’s a shame that Visual Concepts botched Madden ’96. But the sadder part of all of this, is if you actually read the articles from that time, watch the industry promo videos, and have actually played the prototype of Madden ’96 for PS1, though completely broken, you quickly begin to realize that the game–if produced for just 6-9 more months–would’ve been many times better than any of the Madden’s Tiburon produced on the PS1 up until at least Madden ’99. The things Visual Concepts was trying to do are things that Madden’s today still don’t have, and the booth and studio concepts in Madden ’97 and ’98 were all ideas that VC came up with. Tiburon would’ve never even had that stuff in those games otherwise.

          I say all of that being a very big Madden fan in that generation. But even then, even in that dark moment and snafu for VC, it was clear that Visual Concepts (2K) was a far more advanced and talented developer than Tiburon. Though I know you would never agree seeing as how you get a paycheck from Tiburon. I can understand you not wanting to eff that up.

    • raczilla

      It was 09 that was 20 years, so the math still adds up.

    • Yeah I had to recheck on that and it was Madden 09 (not 10) that was the Anniversary year.

    • eagleyedesigns

      Really?! 1989 – 2013 = 25 years, (Incl. Madden 25 or ’14, since it is always a year ahead); 1989 – 2008 = 20 years; (2008 is when Madden NFL ’09 was released, which was the Twenty Year Anniversary.) It’s not rocket science, pal.

  • CmPunked

    How about the voting be between every player that’s ever been on the cover for the last 25 years? It would give EA an opportunity to still have someone like Ray Lewis be in the cover if he wins the Super Bowl but you’d also have past players like Faulk, Vick, Megatron, Mcnabb, Favre. Heck make John Madden himself be an option for the cover vote.

    • 49ersfan1

      nah, it should be a vote between the 5 best players from each of the 2 teams in the superbowl. that gives patrick willis an easy chance of getting it. and btw if a player was already on the cover before, they cant make it again. (ray lewis)

      • Riley

        Whoah! A 49ers fan wants his favorite player to be on the cover. And to do it, he is only letting players from the 2 teams in the Super Bowl, which just so happens to include the 49ers, and he also wants the only player capable of beating his favorite player excluded.

        No way theres bias.

  • RandomGuy

    How bad are they going to screw this one up? Are they going to get rid of the CCM/Franchise Mode altogether?

  • 49erz

    Why not have the legend and current player on the cover like Barry Sanders and RGIII for NCAA?

    • RandomGuy

      because it’s NCAA. You want RGIII and Barry Sanders on the cover again but in Lions and Redskins uniforms?

      • CMPunked

        Actually if NCAA hadn’t of done it first, it would of been a pretty cool idea.

      • Tommy

        Clearly he meant to have a legend and a current player on the cover together, not literally Barry and RG3 again…Say for example, Jerry Rice and Adrian Peterson or something like that.

        • RandomGuy

          Clearly, that was an example. Because CLEARLY they were used already. CLEARLY.

  • 49ersfan1

    thats the stupidest thing since Madden 13. why cant they simply call it Madden 14 and not confuse anyone. you know what, heres a better idea: FIX THE ENTIRE GAME!

  • TheSpartanZombie

    I remember being a little kid playing Madden 05 on Gamecube having more fun creating a fan than the past 5 Maddens that have released (The last one to me that was really good was 08 as they actually cared about Superstar Mode instead of throwing it in the toilet.)

  • eagleyedesigns

    Madden 25, release date…11/20/13…Well, that’s when I’ll buy it, post patches.

  • clubsteve

    i just hope for the silver anniversary edition ea pulls out all the stops…..give us some historic teams, games, etc. something like they did with the madden 2005 collector’s edition. that was awesome.

  • Another cover vote to cover up the crap gameplay.

  • Yessir

    If I was born in 1989 and 23… how is this 25???

    • CmPunked

      Either Pasta was slow to approve this or you weren’t born in 1989. As someone born that year, I’m 24 years old. Which means your as bad as EA when it comes to math or you don’t even know your own age.

      • Christian Jacobs

        If he hasn’t had his birthday yet this year, then yes, he is 23. Geez. This is how birthdays work. Lol!

  • True-nuff

    25 years of life, with 6 months of progress, this game is still PS2 shit with HD graphics
    EA has lost more hardcore Madden ballers, then they’ve attracted over the last 10 years

  • CheckYourStats

    Jerry Rice should be on the cover. That’s it. Tournament over.

  • AmazinsCowboys

    EA is so freaking dumb. Promote 25 years if you want, like they did 20 years with Madden 09, but call it by it’s actual year! What made them think this is a good idea?