Areas of Improvement Being Examined for Player Progression in Madden NFL 25 Connected Careers

Posted February 4th, 2013 at 11:00 am


As we all acclimate to the name Madden NFL 25 there will scraps of news relating to the game in the weeks ahead. Though certainly that won’t amount to any major feature announcements – the process of the cover vote instead will serve as the early awareness driver for EA Sports – that information could still serve to be valuable even when limited in scope.

In this case Josh Looman, the lead designer in charge of Connected Careers, sought feedback on Twitter regarding tuning that could be done to improve the progression system in the mode. After receiving suggestions he posted up what he perceived to be the top ten areas of interest. He also answered questions relating to some other aspects of the mode. 

  • In CC Coach. The trade system is flawed. When trading for superstars it requires 2 high picks and a player. But when youre trading away a super star they offer only one high pick. Resigning players is also out of hand. A 82 qb and the end if his rookie contract wants 19 mill a year wont resign for less then computer signs him for 6 mill a year

    • The whole game is flawed. But I’m thankful we won’t have to hear Adembroski on the message boards anymore telling us such horseshit as “It takes time” even though the game had 8 releases and 6 before he ever got a paycheck from there. Takes time to do what? Fix issues that other devs of other football games got right in year one? That’s not a time issue, that’s a talent issue, and Adam agrees now. My how tunes change when things fall apart and you’re no longer being paid by the corporate beast, eh Adam?

      Problem is, we’ll still have to put up with the same “give’em time” donkey dump from JPDavis and Roadman.

    • Amen_Ra

      It’s Madden what do you expect…

  • Eric Walsh


  • Arrowe76

    Pasta, this is a bit off-topic but while we’re talking about Madden 25, when you review the game, could you check the uniform accuracy, by comparing to wikipedia, for example?
    For any other sport franchise, I would let it go but Madden has a weirdly terrible track record in that regard. It baffles me that they never corrected the Chicago Bears orange pants after it’s been widely reported. It’s as if the person responsible just didn’t give a crap.

    • That can be tough because we may not have full knowledge of the team’s plans for the coming year. When the Bears orange pants were first spotted, I remember Chicago blogs talking about the “leak” of how the Bears would change to orange pants on the road. Of course that wasn’t the case. But no one really knew at the time.

      I think after that incident in particular EA will make sure they have something in place to fix uniforms during the year going forward.

  • I want mini games. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing a full Practice. Especially when I’m just a backup and won’t play in the game anyway

  • CmPunked

    Any chance of have 32 Team mode in this year? I know a lot of people complained about it not being an option while others could care less. Just curious if that option is gone for good or it was a 1 time deal.

    • Malcolm Carter

      I agree very curious about their decision, I always want full control in sports games, won’t buy Madden for a second year if it’s not back in place

    • Malcolm Carter

      I’ll try this again, don’t know why my comment didn’t show up.. I am also interested in full control franchise, hopefully they put that back in Madden, or this will be the second year in a row I wll not want to purchase Madden. Full control is in The Show and NBA 2k, no reason it should not be back in the most popular sport in America

  • Tyler

    Anyone else think that they ruined the progression system? Madden is ignoring the hardcore simulation Franchise players. I always used to defend Madden when everyone trashed it for being the same thing every year, but I can no longer defend a game that is actually getting worse (I would play M12 before I played M13).

  • If you can’t import NCAA then Josh needs to be fired.

    • Keith.

      If this past year’s CCM is any indication of Looman’s talent level, I’d like to know how he got hired in the first place.

      And it’s good to see him showing his face now (sarcasm)…considering that he all but disappeared from anybody’s questions on Twitter from September to January. Time to get the hype train fired up, I guess!

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Wait a second the game is gonna be called Madden 25? Is this a joke EA?

  • DallCowboyR1

    The salary Cap issues derailed my interest & I went back to playing Madden 12! Game felt like a rushed half assed product.

  • How about going back to Madden 12? I didn’t care for connected careers. No Importing of draft classes, no custom playbooks, too much unnecessary crap. Bring back min-games for progressions, and allow players to change positions more than just left to right. If I find a big Tackle I want to move to Guard, let me move him! Too much had been taken out of the game, and it was all features I like, and I know I’m not alone.

    • vic

      dude i went back to madden 12 i found a way to port the madden 13 roster over to madden 12 and i have a editor to create and edit the draft classes so i have a exact match of this years draft with all prospects and correct potential ratings its awesome madden 13 is just terrible

  • Khadeem

    what happened to good ol performance based progressions…i like having a 68 ovr running back and running for 1,000 yards with him and seeing his ovr jump to a 79….this XP stuff and the potential ratings are proven failures…matter of fact i would like to see performance based progressions every sports game

  • Okay, wait a minute. I just noticed; how is this “Madden 25”? The first Madden was released in 1988 for the Apple II computer, not 1989.

    So what BS excuse are they going to use to disregard 1988 and the fact that this is actually Madden 26 instead of 25?

  • Dagreat2nd

    I would love to just have franchise mode back. Imported rosters is very important to me that makes the game very fun and allows a person to look forward to the offseason to actually improve their team with real college players.

  • Dagreat2nd

    Can you please make the custom playbook the way it was in Madden 07 we was able to create plays also.

  • JB

    Will there be weekly roster updates for CC this time?

  • JJ

    It would be nice if it didn’t take hours to navigate the menu and sim a season.

  • stwelch20

    How about bringing back OFFLINE FANTASY DRAFTS? Fantasy drafts are what I love doing in every sports game I own. NBA, NHL, MLB, I start doing a lot of them after the season’s over. The old franchise mode was good enough in ’12, and this clown demolishes it and makes it an RPG. You can’t even change positions! There are bugs and freezes throughout CCM, and don’t get me started on the server disconnects. Fire this guy, he ruined my favorite video game.

    • Guest

      Last year everybody bitched and moaned that EA didn’t work on the franchise mode, and now they did, but again everybody complains about it. This year’s madden CC mode was by far way better then franchise mode in past years. Also, if you want to do a fantasy draft just start and online fantasy league by yourself you idiot.

      • stwelch20

        You only get like 30 seconds to pick a player online, and constantly freezes and disconnects from the server. I hate playing this game online in any form. If you think CCM is better than FM, YOU are the idiot.

        • Guest

          To solve your dilemma, pause the draft while you pick, and it’s not EA’s fault you have a bad internet connection and keep disconnecting. If you can’t solve simple issues such as those then YOU’RE the idiot.

  • Remmsterr

    If this Madden has a CCM instead of a traditional Franchise mode, I’m passing this years version.

  • IceChief27

    A couple things I’d like to see changed for next year include the cpu trading system, the progression system and difficulty type. The trading isn’t right, the computer always gets a better deal to the point where it just isn’t worth it to trade with the computer. Also the progression for players that don’t accrue a ton of stats is a little low. defensive guys and young players should get a lot more progression. The last thing I would like to see is a different kind of difficulty. I’d like it if I could make the other team better without making my team worse. I don’t like it when receivers drop passes they should catch or when a quarterback misses a throw he should hit.