MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge Will Split $1 Million Between 30 Winners

Posted February 11th, 2013 at 10:00 am


Expectations for MLB 2K13 are lower than ever for the much maligned series after getting a one year reprieve. With three weeks to go until release no information on any potential improvements have been detailed and all that has been seen is a single sub-par screenshot. The one thing 2K Sports is willing to discuss though is the Perfect Game Challenge.

Instead of just a single $1 million winner 2K13 will split the cash between 30 people (one perfect game for every MLB team) with each receiving $25K. The “top” 4 qualifying games, presumably measured by a method of scoring due to difficulty of achievement, will then have a chance at winning an additional $250K in a live battle.

Though it was mired in controversy due to cheating the actual format of 2K12’s competition was a big improvement over the prior two years. With 2K13 providing more hope for winning a significant prize it could expand any interest in taking part even further.

  • receTT

    like every year this is just how they distract from the game being absolute shit.

  • modman

    Why don’t they give the 10,000 people who buy this game 100 dollars each?

    • RandomGuy

      Why? If you paid $60 for the game. You only make $40 and probably get a crappy game.

  • 2K’s desperation with this game is quite pathetic. They could give away free hummers for a year (and not the kind you drive) and people would still reject this debacle of a game.

    Get your asses back to Pro Football, 2K.

    • King

      NFL 2K15 on all consoles and PC!!! I can only dream for now, but the exclusive deal will be up after Madden 25. 🙂

  • gebro

    Hey, we are putting out another weak game, but you guys should buy it cause you could win money! You can even cheat to win it! Just buy our game! LOL

  • Jason

    I’m not really a fan of the 2K series, but the game isn’t going to be complete trash. There are plenty of people, although I’m not one, that prefer 2K over The Show because its more accessible and has more of a arcade feel to it. Hate for one game or the other is unwarranted because its entirely opinion.

    • Keith.

      Pretty much how I feel. I’ve never been a 2k baseball fan, but over the years they’ve had some things in their game that were later taken by The Show, making that game even better (e.g., different behind the pitcher camera angles for each stadium, the Live mode, analog hitting, etc.). Competition between the 2 games has led to improvement, which benefits us consumers.

    • CottonHeadedNinnymuggin

      People side with this game for the Arcade feel? Thats why Slugfest and The Bigs did so well… O__o Kids play COD and Halo, leave sports games for the big boys. No way I can see someone spilling 60 bucks for an Arcadey baseball title.

    • Orca

      I was having trouble batting in MLB 11 The Show so I rented MLB 2K10 to help me out(and it worked)

    • KentAZ

      Understood that–for some strange reason–some people prefer arcade over simulation, but 2K doesn’t do even arcade well (other than the commentary).

  • RandomGuy

    aka. They’re broke. They know people aren’t going to get a Perfect game with some of the worst ballclubs in the league…so they don’t have to pay out the full $1 million.

  • mike

    It’s such a lame marketing tactic.

  • CottonHeadedNinnymuggin

    lol… You can feel their thirst for customers!!! What a joke! @Iown You – Im right there with you buddy, 2K needs to drop the baseball license, it’ll actually save them money. Go back to Football!

  • Ron

    Many people joke that sports games yearly releases are gloried roster updates. This is one case where I expect them to be 100% right.

  • King

    MLB 2K coming back!? What!? That’s what’s up! But I might have to roll with MLB The Show 13 idk. I sold that XBOX 360. I own a PS3 and a Wii U. The Show is a PS3 exclusive and it’s the best baseball franchise on the market. I might buy MLB 2K13 if it comes out good though. Is there a demo out for this game yet?

  • KentAZ

    Is 2K going to sell even 30 units of this game? 😉