No Surprises in NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote Tally; Advances to Final Four Next Week

Posted February 11th, 2013 at 5:15 pm


The current round of voting in the competition to earn the cover of NCAA Football 14 has now stretched on for three weeks with one more still to go. Checking on the results shows that the four schools, and respective athletes representing them, that jumped out on top early have only solidified their position since. None of the players involved really have reach beyond their individual fan bases so the voting has become predictable. The top four will be moving on with the slates being wiped clean for the next round.

In position to advance: Alabama/Eddie Lacy (107K), Michigan/Denard Robinson (93K), Texas A&M/Ryan Swope (82K), Oregon/Kenjon Barner (65K)

On brink of elimination: Ohio State/John Simon (50K), Florida State/E.J. Manuel (41K), Georgia/Jarvis Jones (38K), Notre Dame/Tyler Eifert (34K)

  • bdent

    A bunch of real lame possibilities for the cover. Its going to be Alabama but cant really care cause no one else deserves it either.

  • Just Blaze!

    If only the design team is as good as the marketing team in terms of these promotional items, etc.

    We would have a killer game by now

  • Keith.

    Forget the cover…any word as to whether they’ll have in-game saves, all new OL/DL interaction, and/or multiple gameplay camera angles this year?

  • Brock

    I need coverage that is based on something and lineman that can block a quarters 3 man rush. Average corners check playmakers like its nothing. The linemen should blow through that crap and engage the next level. I hate minor improvements but leave the huge flaws