NBA 2K13 Week 16 Roster Update Details

Posted February 12th, 2013 at 10:45 am


A new roster update arrived today for NBA 2K13 closing what became a two week gap without one. The focus in the update was clearly on adjusting injuries with any potential ratings changes taking a back seat until later. The big winner – not just in the significant shift but being the only player in the league to move – is Jimmy Butler rising eight points. Alvin Gentry remains on the sidelines for the Phoenix Suns having yet to be replaced by Lindsey Hunter.

Ratings Up: Jimmy Butler (+8 to 75)

Ratings Down: None

Injury Status: Thaddeus Young (-6 to 68), Jason Richardson (-12 to 62), Byron Mullens (returns to 69), Daniel Gibson (returns to 65), Jared Sullinger (-6 to 66), Chris Paul (returns to 94), Chauncey Billups (returns to 81), Quincy Pondexter (returns to 61), Gordon Heyward (-11 to 57), Pau Gasol (-19 to 62), Deron Williams (-14 to 72), Sam Young (returns to 68), Andre Drummond (-12 to 57), Jonas Valanciunas (returns to 68), Andrea Bargnani (returns to 73)

  • CSaint1994

    This is pathetic they consistantly do not update rosters correctly. They have had the rockets line up wrong for about 5-6 weeks now. Where is Patrick Beverly?????? He has been putting in work, why is Royce White and Terrence Jones still on the rockets line up?????? They are in the d-league!!!!!!

    • Christian Jacobs

      Ronnie 2K actually TOLD Patrick Beverley, through a tweet, that he had been added to the game. Nope. He flat out LIED to an NBA PLAYER! If they’re willing to lie to them, just imagine the garbage that WE are told. Smh.

      • CSaint1994

        I had no clue he did that, thats so messed up. I bet when they do in fact place him in the game he will be in the 50’s which if extremely underated, when he gets put in the game he deserves atleast a 65

  • ben

    2k is such a joke with roster updates.

    • Khadeem

      correction 2k is a joke in general

  • Just got the game – are there any rosters for download that are better (and frequently updated)?

  • Wematanye

    This is fucking pathetic 10 days for something anyone could do in a hour. Everyone send hate tweets to Ronnie2K & NBA2Kinsider. Corey Maggette is still a 75 when he needs to be in the 60s, Vucevic is still equal to Haywood, Stephen Jackson needs a decrease, & DJ Augustin is still equal to George Hill.

  • Frybread

    Andre Drummond went up along with Butler from 66 to 69, and also Brook Lopez has yet to receive an increase despite having a solid season this year, he has a net increase of -1 smh 2k, and I’m sure that there are others that need changes along with him.

  • finally butler getting some love

  • Bon

    If it were possible, I’d want everybody not to buy a single copy of 2k14. Teach 2k to get their shit together.

  • Just like his NBA Career. Lindsey Hunter is waiting to come into the game. (He started less than half his career games. Was a good player though).

  • modman

    They should hire Donnie Moore. Then everyone would be rated 90 or higher!

  • Chris Paul’n

    YES. Finally people with similar mindsets. NBA 2k14 needs dynamic DNA updates like NBA Live had before it folded. Yes I said it…NBA Live. The only good thing about NBA Live was the DNA updates. NBA 2k14 should head in that direction, and update players based on game performances. Not some bull**** every two weeks update. Not only are the updates delayed, they are petty and weak. One would think a hardcore Bulls fan changed this recent update. For example, look at Courtney Lee in NBA 2k13. Pass:34, Security:47. That’s similar to Joel Przybilla. Mind you, Courtney Lee is playing minutes at point guard for the Celtics. One simply shouldn’t have such a low rating and function at point guard. Here’s a little mind****, Ron Artest’s (Metta, i know) pass is 50 to Lee’s 34. In real life Artest’s A/T (assist to turnover) ratio is about 1.07. Lee’s A/T ratio is about 1.45. Thus meaning in real life Lee has proven to be a more efficient distributor. But NBA 2k13’s ratings tell reality to stop being silly. NBA 2k’s staff needs someone who pays attention to basketball seriously. One who regulates ratings to a T.

  • Jimmy G Buckeys

    Jimmy deserved the update. A little high for overall, and they didn’t upgrade his defense enough IMO, while upgrading his shot too much. Overall close enough though, but not having more ratings changes for other players, come on. Go home 2K, your drunk.

  • 192837465

    too bad that looks nothing like Jimmy Butler