Tiger Could Make Wii U Debut Next Year

Posted February 12th, 2013 at 5:30 pm


The recent discussion surrounding the dismal outlook of sports gaming on the Wii U was predicated on the appearance that EA Sports could be abandoning the console already and that regardless it’ll be left behind when the next Xbox and PS4 arrive late this year.

Though there is still little evidence that the Wii U will ever be more than the afterthought it is now for sports it may still at least end up getting entries from the larger franchises. A thread on Neogaf includes some insight from an EA producer implying that the Tiger Woods series will make its way over in 2014. 

Click here to view the pertinent posts which include the suggestion Tiger Woods 15 is being worked on for the Wii U and the justification behind its current absence cited as time constraints.

The only sports game that was stronger critically and financially on the original Wii compared to the 360 and PS3 was Tiger…until his transgressions came to light and sales plummeted. Still going without an entry this year was telling in regards to support from third parties and perceptions towards Nintendo. Loyalty is built early and not having an entry this year is damaging especially considering the Wii U/360/PS3 versions will be seen as “last-gen” by this time next year no matter what benefits come from utilizing the tablet controller.

  • Dalibor

    So according to this “EA Producer”, they are hold off on development for the Wii U because they want to wait for Gen 4. Interesting, since that is what I was mentioning in the last article discussing the lack of lack of support by EA. Even if this person isn’t an EA employee, it makes a lot of sense and is probably the reason why a lot of studios are holding off announcing WiiU games. It just makes logical sense. It still doesn’t explain the lack of Vita support but at least it is a fair explanation in regards to WiiU and where it fits as a stop-gap between Gen 3 and Gen 4. So, I wonder if this is a relief to WiiU owners desperately wanting games for their console?

    If true, it also goes to show why we only read (or in some people’s cases, write) about video games and aren’t actually employed by these companies to make them. We’re just not smart enough. Oh well!