Press Row Hangout: Episode 2

Posted February 14th, 2013 at 10:30 am


The latest edition of the Press Row Hangout features myself, Richard Grisham from GamesRadar, and Owen Good from Kotaku. Discussion includes the origin of the Stick Jockey column, our respective approaches to sports gaming coverage, the recent college football game Kickstarter scam, and thoughts on the potential of used games being blocked on the new consoles. As always leave any thoughts or suggestions on the show and potential topics for future episodes in the comments!

  • Gjeff

    Good job guys. I really like this format.

  • Dalibor

    Agreed, this format works significantly better than the 6-man podcast. Yes, there are still some minor audio issues and of course, video feed problems, but those are either out of your control (the latter) or can be further improved (the former).

    But what I really like, or what impressed me the most was Owen Good. I’ve read his work for years but on video, he presented himself really well, had some great things to say and further proved his knowledge of sports, video games and of course, sports-video gaming.

    I hope he makes appearances again, but I’d also love it if you guys rotated the guests for these hangouts. Perhaps next week, you involve one of the other guys and constantly switch it up.

    I’ll definitely be paying more attention/listening to these Hangouts over the Podcast itself.