Details on Second Week 16 Roster Update for NBA 2K13

Posted February 15th, 2013 at 10:30 am


A new roster update for NBA 2K13 arrived today as the league heads into All-Star Weekend. All the players participating in the Slam Dunk Contest and Three-Point Shootout are now available to select in those modes. Brook Lopez was not added to the Eastern Conference All-Star team to replace Rajon Rondo and the Rising Stars Challenge rosters remain inaccurate. Six players have received ratings upgrades with three dropping and Leandro Barbosa is now injured.

Ratings Up: Jeff Green (+1 to 78), Chris Bosh (+2 to 84), Andre Drummond (+1 to 70), Brook Lopez (+2 to 81), James Harden (+2 to 88), Nikola Pekovic (+2 to 78)

Ratings Down: D.J. Augustin (-3 to 72), Corey Maggette (-1 to 74), Wesley Johnson (-3 to 69)

  • ben

    Ronnie2k: “#NBA2K13 roster update with lots of rating adjustments went live last night.”

    LOL 5 players is lots now? I guess its better then when he said many ratings changes were coming in the update that had ZERO.

  • Tino Wallace

    why are rondo and gasol still both active on this roster?

  • Monta Ellis’ close range shot needs to go up….he’s back to being the dominate finisher he’s known for…3 point shooting is still abysmal, but his finishing needs a boost.that is all

  • NoFro904

    Chris Bosh is not better than Greg Monroe. .

    • JacksonHart

      Yes he is. If he wasn’t the 3rd option on his team, and he was the 1st like Monroe, he’d be doing just what he did in Toronto

  • Monta ellis deserves a boost on his close shot….yes his 3pt shooting is still abysmal, but he’s back to being the dynamic finisher we know him to be…that is all

  • Wematanye

    Things Pasta missed. Rating decreases: Wes Johnson 72-69, DJ Augustin 75-72, & Corey Maggette 75-74. Andre Drummond 69-70. Barbosa is injured.

    • Thanks I had to go back and check for those differences again and updated.

    • Thanks I had to go back and check for those differences again and updated.

      • Wematanye

        No problem

  • jondoe

    what about earl clark from the lakers? i think he deserves most dfefinitely. 74-77 range

    • Riley

      He’s been adequate for like 3 weeks now. He’s fine where he is.

  • clubsteve

    no update for the rookie/sophomore game jerseys?……smh.

    • JacksonHart

      LOL….there are no rookie/sophomore game jerseys…


  • CSaint1994

    Ok, these roster updates are making me sick to my stomach I can’t even play with my favorite team (rockets) because i get bored, the reason for this? The roster has been wrong for nearly a month now

  • MoneyMayweather

    There not gonna make a lot of ratings adjustments now that you know Live game isn’t competition but the 2k fanboys wanted live out of commission so there you go!

  • JacksonHart

    James Harden should be at least a 90

    • 49ersfan1


  • 49ersfan1

    terrible updates. lopez wasnt added… and since they updated the dunk contests, does that mean james white is in the game?

  • Dan

    Patrick Beverley still has yet to be added to the Rockets… 2K must be doing something that’s taking their time up because adding a player is so simple and shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes…. just ridiculous..