The Three Top Selling Sports Games of 2012 Continued To Perform Well in January

Posted February 16th, 2013 at 3:45 pm


With no significant new software releases in January the top 10 sales chart remained largely the same. Madden NFL 13, NBA 2K13, and FIFA 13 all placed again following their strong 2012 campaigns where they finished 2nd, 6th, and 10th respectively. Last month it was NBA 2K13 (4th) jumping ahead of Madden NFL 13 (5th) for the first time since October to no surprise given the NFL season was winding down. FIFA 13 (10th) has really settled into that spot.

The biggest news sales-wise for January was the complete flatlining of the Wii U moving just 57K consoles. That is a startlingly low number putting it behind where the GameCube was at the same age. No wonder third parties are already starting to abandon support¬†after only a few months. Also struggling is the Vita which was only able to sell 35K. Companies really can’t be criticized for shifting resources elsewhere when there is no user base providing for the potential of simply recouping development costs let alone making a profit.

  • Keith.

    Gonna be interesting to see when June rolls around whether this is the year NBA2k13 finally overtakes Madden in sales. It would’ve been unthinkable 8 years ago that an NBA game could end up outselling the NFL, but I think we’re going to see that this year. Good for 2k — they deserve it.

    • CSaint1994

      No they dont they cant even get rosters right

    • 2k is a douche a

      And what about those roster updates and the lies?

  • Amen_Ra

    The Vita and WiiU were both jokes

    • I actually like what the Wii U does, but it lacks compelling games, erred with the name choice, and came 5+ years too late. Bad sign that it couldn’t capitalize on the short window before the next Xbox and PlayStation hit.

    • Mike

      You know what’s a joke ? Your pseudo-intellectual comments.

  • Javale McGee star of Shaqtin’ a fool.

  • Keith.

    You’re entitled to your own opinion, but personally I couldn’t disagree more.

    Using NBA2k’s Play Vision has taught me a LOT about basketball, and inspires me to want to play/learn more.

    With Madden, you can just drop back 20 yards and heave the ball downfield and be massively successful, like the guys who play in and win the Madden tournaments. There hasn’t been a running game worth speaking about in Madden for 25 years, special teams (1/3 of the game) are garbage, and defense is no fun to play in Tiburon’s God-view camera. So no, in my opinion, you definitely do not “need to understand football to play [Madden],” like you suggest.