Sony Announces PS4; Includes Features Huge for Enhancing Sports Gaming Experiences

Posted February 20th, 2013 at 3:45 pm


The highly anticipated reveal of the PlayStation 4 was made today and the built-in features will tick many of the boxes that sports gamers have hoped developers would eventually provide over the years in their titles. Standouts from the presentation have included what could substitute for in-game saves, spectator mode, gameplay video uploading, and screenshot capturing…which will be accessible to all and presumably within every game. 


The “Share” button on the new controller will allow for the instant uploading of captured gameplay footage, taking away the need for a separate device, as well as grabbing screenshots to show off. Maybe even more exciting is the ability to broadcast live gameplay with even those without the game in question being able to watch from the dashboard and including the ability for viewers to comment and even take over the controls. The console will also go into a hibernation-state when turned off allowing for games to be resumed from where they left off when it is turned back on, potentially making the need for in-game saves less pressing.

More thoughts on the features of the console to come….

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  • Give me some form of party chat and im sold

    • I think that’s all that it needs, and it’s basically perfect.

    • Khadeem

      exactly….and nba league pass

    • GKage

      Yea I think thats pretty much a given now, seeing as how they were constantly pressed for it on ps3 and they have ample memory now. Im glad they have a headphone jack so we dont have to use bluetooth all the time(hate having that thing around my head with all the electomagnetic interference and what not)

  • dann

    If the new Xbox doesnt have these features then Im going PS4 for sure.

    • GKage

      Microsoft gon be like “But wait…we have Kinect! and Halo!” lol

  • Mike Trout

    Sony didn’t put in party chat in the PS3 and even stated that they didn’t think customers wanted it. It seems like such a small thing to add that makes the Xbox online experience much better. Come on, Sony.

    • Dre2778

      Have y’all ever considered that Microsoft may have patented this idea.

      • Ideas alone can’t be patented, but designs and utility builds can be.

    • MARZ76

      its not enough ram for it that why it wasnt on the ps3. now its possible at first PSN didnt want it,but they tried an it couldnt work because of ram space.

  • Tom Bone

    strong recycled ideas from Xbox and Wii. Cant wait to drop $500+ on something already out.

    brb maybe we will finally get party chat! what a technological revolution!

    • ddlen


    • AKA “I hate sony and have no life so I will go complain about it in the comments of pasta’s post, that’ll show ’em!”

      • Willie Capers

        Ducks in a row.

    • MoneyMayweather

      some are saying it’s gonna be 899 at launch.

  • Skihawks

    Getting both at some point. Definitely an early adopter and the PS4 sounds awesome. Saw a few tech demos. The specs are incredible.

  • sdsdd


    • Price, and release date, were not announced.

      • HV

        Holiday 2013

  • If you are bored and interested, you might want to take a look at some thoughts on Sony’s/PS4 long term financial success from a guy I respect far more than Michael Pachter –

  • Not really interested in the social media aspects. I like how the controller is the same and not something like Wiiu. I want to see how the games are, hopefully we get backwards compatibility.

  • Keith.

    I’m in for The Show, sight unseen. Sony has me as a customer for life so long as they keep pumping out such a great baseball game. Everything else the PS4 does will be bonus to me.

    • I hear that. The Show actually made me a baseball fan, not the other way around.

  • Sony has enough confidence in their product to release early details before its competitors. Obviously, the Playstation 3 did not live up to it’s hype and lived in the shadows of Microsoft’s well known console, the Xbox 360. The gamer community now has something to look forward to! Sony’s release of the PS4 gives us all an early glimpse of what the future holds and now puts pressure on Microsoft and Nintendo. Good things are coming in the gamer world, and I can not wait to see what is coming next!

  • seahawks

    I hope Madden takes the next leap graphically like it did from PS2 to PS3. The player models and closeups could really benefit with the PS4 specs.

    • Keith.

      I hope the bunch at Tiburon who are responsible for Madden on PS3 get fired and are replaced by a real development team with talent.

  • In game saves… finally! I knew EA was never going to do it, so thankfully Sony does it for them.

  • daley7199

    Its never been about the hardware people. It doesn’t matter if the PS4 was equipped with every supercomputer known to mankind, the games will still be limited by the 1 year development cycle and the need to release the same game every year. The bottom line is this: When it comes to sports games and a new console, its like hitting the reset button all over again. We will start with barebones and progress from there just like we did when the PS3 and 360 hit. You would be foolish if you think EA or 2k is going to give us everything in the first installment. They are going to make a stunning visual piece that will leave us gamers crying for better game play. I for one am not looking forward to sports games on the new consoles simply because of past history. It will take another 5 years before we get a decent game and then we will still be complaining about it. Just look at how much bitching goes on around Madden every year. Do you really think they will knock it out of the park on a new console, 1st game out.

    • gtdjlocker311

      Exactly. It’s why I was still playing the PS2 NCAA Football and Madden games years into the PS3’s cycle. The PS3 versions have just recently surpassed the PS2 games in overall quality, in my opinion (and in some ways are still not there).

      I wish both Madden and NCAA Football would go on two-year cycles to be able to properly update their games. A yearly roster update would cost $20 in off-years for gamers already owning the game. I think if they focused on putting up quality games, they would easily make just as much money as they do now under this system.

    • MARZ76

      developers get devs kits early between 1or3 years before that console drops specially the new gens that are coming out. are they rady they had a vey long time to get everything together. think on this, if a game comes with everything in it specially sport games why should they come out with a new feature every year. its there way to keep u hungry for the next installment of that game. yes its a rip-off,but its business.