MLB 13: The Show Team Rankings

Posted February 22nd, 2013 at 11:00 am


The full list of team rankings in MLB 13: The Show has arrived via information provided to Operation Sports. The Tigers lead the way as the top team followed by the Cardinals and Red Sox. The defending champion Giants are somehow all the way down at 17. The rankings are broken down by Overall, Batting, Pitching, and Defense. Continue on to check them out and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

1- Detroit Tigers
2- St. Louis Cardinals
3- Boston Red Sox
4- Los Angeles Angels
5- Toronto Blue Jays
6- Texas Rangers
7- Washington Nationals
8- Atlanta Braves
9- Cincinnati Reds
10- Philadelphia Phillies
11- New York Yankees
12- Los Angeles Dodgers
13- Colorado Rockies
14- Chicago White Sox
15- Arizona Diamondbacks
16- Tampa Bay Rays
17- San Francisco Giants
18- Oakland Athletics
19- Kansas City Royals
20- Milwaukee Brewers
21- Baltimore Orioles
22- Pittsburgh Pirates
23- Seattle Mariners
24- Cleveland Indians
25- San Diego Padres
26- Minnesota Twins
27- Chicago Cubs
28- New York Mets
29- Miami Marlins
30- Houston Astros

1- Detroit Tigers
2- Los Angeles Angels
3- Colorado Rockies
4- Boston Red Sox
5- Texas Rangers
6- Toronto Blue Jays
7- Cincinnati Reds
8- St. Louis Cardinals
9- Washington Nationals
10- Los Angeles Dodgers
11- New York Yankees
12- Atlanta Braves
13- Philadelphia Phillies
14- Milwaukee Brewers
15- Baltimore Orioles
16- Arizona Diamondbacks
17- Chicago White Sox
18- Kansas City Royals
19- Oakland Athletics
20- Pittsburgh Pirates
21- Cleveland Indians
22- San Francisco Giants
23- Seattle Mariners
24- Tampa Bay Rays
25- Miami Marlins
26- New York Mets
27- San Diego Padres
28- Minnesota Twins
29- Chicago Cubs
30- Houston Astros

1- Philadelphia Phillies
2- Washington Nationals
3- Atlanta Braves
4- St. Louis Cardinals
5- Tampa Bay Rays
6- New York Yankees
7- Toronto Blue Jays
8- Los Angeles Dodgers
9- San Francisco Giants
10- Boston Red Sox
11- Cincinnati Reds
12- Texas Rangers
13- Detroit Tigers
14- Los Angeles Angels
15- Arizona Diamondbacks
16- Oakland Athletics
17- Chicago White Sox
18- Kansas City Royals
19- San Diego Padres
20- Seattle Mariners
21- Cleveland Indians
22- Pittsburgh Pirates
23- Colorado Rockies
24- Milwaukee Brewers
25- Baltimore Orioles
26- Chicago Cubs
27- Minnesota Twins
28- New York Mets
29- Houston Astros
30- Miami Marlins

1- New York Yankees
2- Los Angeles Dodgers
3- Los Angeles Angels
4- Tampa Bay Rays
5- Cincinnati Reds
6- Philadelphia Phillies
7- Atlanta Braves
8- Chicago Cubs
9- Baltimore Orioles
10- San Francisco Giants
11- Texas Rangers
12- Washington Nationals
13- Colorado Rockies
14- St. Louis Cardinals
15- Boston Red Sox
16- Kansas City Royals
17- Arizona Diamondbacks
18- San Diego Padres
19- Detroit Tigers
20- Houston Astros
21- Pittsburgh Pirates
22- Cleveland Indians
23- Seattle Mariners
24- Oakland Athletics
25- Miami Marlins
26- Toronto Blue Jays
27- Minnesota Twins
28- Milwaukee Brewers
29- Chicago White Sox
30- New York Mets

  • ben

    As good as The Show is theyve always been bad with player and team ratings.

    • HustlinOwl

      yet when you simulate seasons stats and results are spot on. Take into account this is as of 1/24 not opening day rosters.

      • Amen_Ra

        Damn hustling stop defending these dudes. No way Astros shouldn’t be the worst team in baseball and the tigers at #1?!??!

        • HustlinOwl

          yep considering it takes into account the entire organization all 90 players. Even fictional minor leaguers not hard to figure out. Oh well I’ll have my copy this Wednesday

  • Tigers, middle of the road in pitching? with the best pitcher in baseball? really?


  • The Tribe has gotta be a better hitting team than the Mariners after their last few signings, right?

  • the Red Sox? Wtf…

  • The Red Sox have no business ranked #3

  • LMAO! Really?! Cardinals 2 Rockies 3 and Red Soxs 4?? Come on now… My rankings are 1. Angels 2. Dodgers 3 Tigers 4. Yankees 5. Blue Jays

  • baseballaholic

    Indians 22nd in defense? They have one of the best outfields in baseball with bourne brantley and stubbs all Three centerfielders last year. and a solid infield with asdrubal and kipnis. Santana behind the plate is solid too…

  • Cody Griffith

    I find this hard to be true. Boston ahead of both LA teams. Rangers. Toronto. Sorry. I like Boston But they shouldnt be near the top.

  • baseballaholic

    Indians 24th in defense??? They have one of t he best outfields in baseball now with 3 centerfielders bourne brsntley and stubbs. Asdrubal is one if the best shortstops in y he game and kipnis at 2nd and santana behind the plate are both solid…awesone game but scea is terrible at rankings

    • Kory K

      This was pre them signing bourne so take that into consideration cause i was pissed till i saw that it was done in janurary. and i dont think stubs is a good defender he just swings blindly at the ball.. infact when he came to the Jake (no its no progressive field) i watched him miss play a ball causing us to score 3 runs having said that
      ROLL TRIBE!!!

  • Pitching and defense = the Rays way.

  • GKage

    yeaaaaa my cardinals! i’ll be picking up mlb the show after a 3 year hiatus

  • CMPunked

    The Boston Red Sox are the 3rd best team according to the MLB: The Show? Maybe I missed something but didn’t they axe their manager and trade half their team to the Dodgers last season? All while finishing last in their division?

  • baseballaholic

    Indians 24th in defense??? They have one of the best outfields in baseball now with 3 centerfielders bourne brantley and stubbs. Asdrubal is one of the best shortstops in the game and kipnis at 2nd and santana behind the plate are both solid…awesome game but scea is terrible at rankings. Indians pitching is bad but their offense and defense are much better than these rankings

  • Carlos

    Marlins are last in pitching? I can think of at least 6 other teams with worse pitching staffs/bullpen than the Marlins.

    • Id love to hear those. Ill give you the Astros, but even thats not a given.

  • krtwenter

    Ignant…. How are the World Series Champions rated sooo low…. lol… I have never complained about ratings… But this is really bad…. I’m not saying the Giants are the best team, but we are atleast top 12 imo…This is embarrassing for The Show staff…

  • SoulFood

    Red Sox #3 overall? Yankees best defensive team? Jesus these are bad.

  • Ry

    So The SF Giants have won two out of the past 3 World Series, and they can’t even crack the top in overall? Can’t even crack top 20 in hitting even though they have the MVP and a guy who hit three HRs in the World Series off of what some people to believe as the best Pitcher in baseball? I feel like these guys working down in SD are some major Giants haters…just sayin…

  • Where is my comment? Why is it needing approval?

  • Nick

    Yeah Cubs have the 8th rated defense! haha defense wins championships right?

  • I know the Dodgers are built on potential, but they have players who have been Cy Young winners, MVP candidates, and on the cover of MLB The Show. 12th best is crazy in my opinion.

  • SoxFan

    The White Sox as the worst team defensively, despite getting rid of Pierzynski? How the hell do they figure?

  • Really the A’s are 18 and the Giants are 17??? The A’s 16 in pitching SMFH… Should be atleast 8 or 9

  • Scott

    The Red Sox #3???? On what planet?? NO WAY

    • That’s what I’m saying. And they’re #10 in pitching? They should be about 25th in pitching. They are terrible!

      • adam

        their bullpen is one of the best, just their rotation is trash, should be at like 15

  • Rockies are way over-rated cause of those 2 99’s. The Show needs to realize they are not fooling anyone by over-rating the Redsox every year.

    • Show13

      They have too many 99’s as well. Tulo shouldn’t be a 99 coming off last year when he barely played because of injuries. Chapman shouldn’t be a 99 as a starter. They should be giving 99 to Cabrera and maybe Verlander. Trout should be like a 98.

  • You have got to be kidding me….the red sox have a better overall then the angels?

  • moses0507

    How is the Mets pitching 28th? They have a solid rotation and bullpen

  • lolidunnohowtopickaname

    I find it funny with the fact that the reigning world champions are overall seventeeth

    • Ronnie

      How the fuck aren’t the giants in top 5 in everything.. Agreed 100000000000%… The ratings suck… I’m a die hard Yankees fan.. And not one of these are correct.. BS. Fix it NOW

  • Cory Pittenger

    Red Soxes 3rd? Orioles 21st?

    Are they sure they didn’t mess up these two.

  • Sit i didnt expect my Sox to be even rated in the top 12, now im REALLY looking forward to this game…even thought their pitching is not “great” their line up is incredibly deep and their bullpen is as good as ull find in the majors…and it doesnt hurt the number of gold glovers they’re throwing out there so that’s my reasoning behind why i think they’re rated so high…GO SOX!

  • AmazinsCowboys

    A little hard on the Mets, and these ratings are pretty bad across the board. Playoff-less, trade the whole team Red Sox are #3, World Series Champs are #17? Okay.

  • Theres a reason this a video game….Anyways GO GIANTS!

  • clubguru35

    forget this stuff the game is out in 10 days away where are the video’s of actual gameplay.I need to see if the commentary and overall presentation improved above anything else.

  • fantasyboi

    gotta love how the Giants still get no respect….w/e

  • Gucci

    STL #2?! Geez thats awesome.

  • Orioles get no respect

  • Red Sox: #15 Defense, #10 Pitching, #4 batting = #3 overall…I guess that makes sense

  • The Rockies, White Sox, Royals, and Brewers are all better than the Orioles? #Respect

  • I’m not even a Nationals fan and them being #7 is a pretty big joke. If they’re not #1, they’re top 3 easy.

  • Chicago White Sox had the least amount of errors in the AL last year and they are #29 in defense, were these guys using a dartboard for team ratings?

  • Skihawks

    Tigers pitching not in top 5? Oakland 18? Red Sox 3? I have no issues with the Tigers #1 but I could see the Dodgers, Angels or Guants in top spot.

  • Seattle Mariners were one of the best defenses last season.

    How are they ranked 23rd?

  • Mike Jones

    :I like these ratings…They’re trying to predict the future. It’s been plenty of teams that have won the World Series and sucked the next year. It happens a lot in sports. With that being said.

    I love how my Atlanta Braves’ are looking in this year’s iteration of ‘The Show’ :))

  • fu

    i know its over the last three years, but over the last three years the giants were 12,29,17 in runs i can understand were the offense comes from at 22nd, but the giants were 1,2,7 i do not get how they are 9th in pitching! they won the WS with lincecum slumping hard! and in 2011 they were solid, but fell off in the end remember they had first place for a long time, but just cooled down giants should be atleast top ten team they play team baseball not sexy, but more effective than the tigers and the long ball (SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!)

  • bin.


  • DoctorMacGray

    The Dodgers are 10th 8th and 2nd in the three categories and somehow that makes them 12th overall??

  • I’m surprised phillies r ranked #1 in pitching. How is that possible now that Halladay’s getting older & so is Lee?


    How are the Indians’ pitching staff rated as 21 when the Pirates are 22 and the Orioles are 25!!! Their starting pitchers are horrible and their bullpen is just decent. The Orioles’ bullpen was a big reason their team got into the playoffs in 2012… how are they the sixth worst pitching staff in baseball? Their starting staff isn’t as bad as people think either. Bullshit.

  • that bull shit reds are rank higher then that

  • Cyco

    Two world series rings in the past 3 years and yet there still ranked only 17th #NoRespect