NBA 2K13 Week 18 Roster Update Details

Posted March 2nd, 2013 at 3:45 pm


The latest roster update for NBA 2K13 is now available on the 360 and PS3. The update finally adds Patrick Beverley to the Rockets giving them a backup point guard and moves Derek Fisher to the Thunder. Tony Parker, long overdue for a bump, ironically gets it after being injured and now is potentially out for a month – that has not been reflected yet however. Alvin Gentry still has not been replaced by Lindsey Hunter as Suns coach.

Ratings Changes: Dion Waiters (+6 to 77), Ty Lawson (+3 to 85), Tony Parker (+3 to 87), Stephen Curry (+2 to 85). Andre Iguodala (-1 to 84), Royce White (-1 to 67).

  • Nslay

    No Kent Bazemore? 🙁

    • Use someones rosters from operation sports. I forgot who I used but he had everyone. I just had to do trades from trade deadline.

    • 49ersfan1

      12th man of the year. 😀

  • CSaint1994

    2k is lazy im glad they finally put him in the game but i bet they also have him way underated beings it took them this long to put him in

  • BigMackAttack

    I think Larry Sanders needs a Bump. His rating is still way too low for how consistent hes been.

    • He is certainly better than Samuel Delembert.

  • novv

    only took them a month and a half to get Beverley in.

  • bejoe mundit

    Dwayne wade needs a rating change andd so as beal from the wizards

  • Joe

    They are not gonna change Gentry. Hunter is just an interim.

    • That wouldn’t explain why they’ve made all other coaching changes even those that are framed as “interim”. Most recent example was Jim Boylan taking over for Scott Skiles, also P.J. Carlesimo for the Nets.

      • Khadeem

        yep 2k sports roster updates are laughable…i think anyone that watches the game of basketball can come up with so many problems the current roster…but what do you expect…no competition = no effort

      • I wish they would include assistant coaches too.

  • DJ Promy

    I see Joe Johnson has the 4th Quarter signature skill but Deron Williams has been averaging 22.8 PPG & 8.7 APG since the All-Star Break. Seems like the time off was just what he needed.

  • I am curious to see if they drop Aaron Brooks rating when he is added to the Rockets. He currently has a higher rating than Jeremy Lin. I was also surprised that Patrick Beverly got such a high rating too.

  • Nba Fan

    Jeff Green needs to be faster in this game second most athletic player on the celtics behind avery…..