Demo for Tiger Woods 14 Now Available; Includes Online Tournaments and Arnold Palmer Unlock

Posted March 5th, 2013 at 5:30 am


Out now on the Xbox 360 with the ability to queue up for download here, and expected this afternoon on the PS3 when the store updates, is the demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 which arrives three weeks before the game is set to be released. It comes in at a hefty 1.98 GB as it carries with it quite a bit of content.

The demo features the opportunity to try out “Legends of the Majors” mode (receiving an unlock of Arnold Palmer for the full game) and “Live Tournaments” online along with tournament rounds from The Open Championship (Royal Birkdale), the PGA Championship (Oak Hill Country Club), and the LPGA Tour (using Lexi Thompson). Difficulty is adjustable from Amateur all the way up to Simulation and many other gameplay, presentation, and audio settings can be changed as well.

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  • clubsteve

    now THIS is a demo……

  • josh

    Really awesome demo. They did a great job showing off different things with this. Its a buy for me now.

  • mike

    Where is the demo for the PS3. Its 5:00 pm EST..WTF

    • This does seem a little late for the PSN Store but I’ve remembered occasions where they haven’t updated it until 7 or 8 ET.

  • Mike

    TW 14 is ok. The demo was ok nothing to scream about. It isn’t that much harder and Iam playing on tour mode. Why is everyone praising this game. The broadcast atmosphere still sucks. This game is easy. Where is the broadcast feel? Where are the crowds..I don’t get why people are excited about this game. The demo only lets you play 3 whole on certain modes..WTF I should be able to atleast play a back 9. At best the game is alittle better but I will have to wait for the reviews. Do people agree with me?

    • Keith.

      Where are you seeing people praising the game? I’m seeing mostly indifference (with some folks being somewhat vocal with their disappointment in the broadcast presentation improvements). This series is done.

    • I was really anticipating this year’s game, but the Broadcast presentation is awful in this game, IMO. It takes you out of the game at impact, and turns you into a TV spectator; totally perspective destroying and tactically depriving. I also find the Advanced Shot Shaping to be a little bit contrived. Yes it’s tough, but to me it’s more because of the stick management challenge than a fully relational golf swing model. The analog fade strike meter is the aspect of the Simulation difficulty that I have the hardest time finding the analog for in the golf swing.

      Tournament difficulty probably a better match for my gaming skills and I’ve had fun with it in the Connected Tournaments, which really are a hoot! I love the live, dynamic atmosphere when there are 6 to 10 people playing the 3 hole course as I’m playing. The deal breaker for me is the Broadcast presentation however, I can’t tolerate it for three holes, let alone 18. Finally, Follow Camera has never been satisfying to me and that hasn’t changed since Tiger 07.