MLB 13: The Show Release Day Roster Update

Posted March 6th, 2013 at 10:15 am


Yesterday when the online servers went live SCEA pushed out the first roster update for MLB 13: The Show. The most significant move comes the addition of Michael Bourn to the Indians. He signed on February 12 which was well after the cut-off date for the shipped roster. Continue on for a look at the primary changes made in the release day roster update! 


  • Keith.

    What an awesome game. I love that you can toggle “off” the on screen display stuff this year, making it look even more like a real TV broadcast. Also, I’m really surprised how much they’ve improved the Vita version — and being able to cross-play the HR Derby against guys on the PS3 is pretty cool.

    • Scott Trible

      Any issues with the Vita-PS3 save transfer? I haven’t bought the Vita version yet as I’ve been waiting on reviews about that.

      • Keith.

        No issues — just fired up a Cards’ postseason on my PS3 that I saved to the cloud earlier on my Vita.

  • King

    Is this game really any better then MLB 12 The Show? If not Idk if I’m buying it or not. I said I was before but idk.

    • Darrin

      The graphics didn’t change but the presentations and RTTS changed a lot!! I would recommend buying it.

  • Amen_Ra

    Why are there no Astros Colt 45s uniforms?!?!? That really hurt!!

  • King

    Idk why my last message got erased. I just want to know if I should purchaser this game or not. What makes it different from MLB 12 The Show? Is it a lot better or just slightly improved?

  • JR

    When will rookies like Hyun jin Ryu be added to the Dodgers roster?

  • Cesar

    Yeah how about the Dodgers not having Ryu or the Cuban

    • Rob

      yes someone please answer this question, thank you.