Another Week 20 NBA 2K13 Roster Update

Posted March 16th, 2013 at 11:15 am


Following on the heels of an earlier roster update for NBA 2K13 this week which most prominently moved Aaron Brooks from free agency to the Rockets, the latest released today adjusts the ratings for a few players and affects injury status for a number of others. Continued concern over the balance to the updates is warranted as six players were increased while none received decreases. Two players also still share the same number on the Houston roster with Thomas Robinson incorrectly wearing #0.

Ratings Up: Tristan Thompson (+4 to 72), Dwight Howard (+1 to 90), Maurice Harkless (+7 to 73), Deron Williams (+2 to 88), Corey Brewer (+5 to 73), Lance Stephenson (+6 to 75)

Injury Status: Nick Young (returns to 73), Omri Casspi (returns to 62), Eric Bledsoe (-13 to 68), Darrell Arthur (-11 to 61), James Johnson (-11 to 55), Shawn Marion (-12 to 67), Brandon Knight (-8 to 68), Andrea Bargnani (-6 to 67), Bradley Beal (-8 to 67)

  • krish

    Shocking that Dwight Howard strings together a few good games and they rush to raise his rating when they ignore most everyone else all year. There are still even like 10 players MISSING from the rosters but better move a Lakers player up if theyre starting to do well!!!!!

  • Rondadon

    Greivis Vaquez should be at least a 75 with Dimer…Goran Dragic
    should be at least a 80 with Dimer…n give Tyson Chandler scrapper..and
    thats it

    • Bon

      I agree with Vazquez, but Dragic. No. He just needs high passing rating. Maybe he’ll get dimer next year.

    • Khadeem

      tony parker should have dimer too…lowry should have dimer removed…asik should have scrapper…motiejunas from the rockets needs an update..there about 100-150 edits needed on this game

  • vice

    finally they raise corey brewer

  • dkohn81

    Shocking that Dwight gets updated when half the Timberwolves are missing. Also Kyle Singler is still really underrated.

  • Khadeem

    why is ty lawson’s passing higher than deron williams…why…he never in his life has averaged more assists than him…its simple things like this that irk me…deron williams was arguably the best all-around point guard for 5 or 6 yrs…n hes avg 18 and 8…but ty lawson is at his best averaged 7 ast has a higher passing rating on the game…disgraceful…2k is horrible and i promise i will never buy this game again until their is some legitimate competition for it

  • Mason Drews

    Title should read: “Another weak NBA 2k13 roster update releases”

  • CSaint1994

    They still have Thomas Robinsons number wrong, donatas montejunis is due for an upgrade… How about you show love to the god damn rockets because chandler parsons is still a 78 when he is playing like a god damn 84 in real life….

  • I think that KD should be at least a 97 especially if he’s considered the #2 player in the league. He also should have his dunk tendency at an 85-88 not a freaking 35 smh, he dunks on more people than Wade does and his is an 88. Get your act together 2K!.

    • Dusty

      Me and my brother been thinking that forever,u def right.

      • It’s the truth man, and 2K also lowered KD’s step back jumper from a 99 to a 65…wth is up with that? And Melo is better than KD in the game if you know how to use him, and he is rated a 90 but all of KD’s player stats are better, it makes absolutely no sense at all to me. I might be bias because KD is my favorite player, but it is the truth though

  • SantoOf2K

    They need to raise Dwyane Wades stats because he is among the highest efficient scorers. He should be rated 94 and LeBron needs to lose the (Closer) ability because he is not clutch. Wade also earned his Acrobat ability or finnisher because he stepped his game back up since the beggining of the season from injury. So give him either Acrobat or finnisher.