Frozen Endzone Will Offer Futuristic Turn-Based Football With Robots

Posted March 18th, 2013 at 10:15 am


Branching out a bit to something different here is Frozen Endzone, just announced by Mode 7 Games, which will be coming to the PC and Mac in 2014 following a beta to be held later this year. The game will attempt to meld a highly-stylized futuristic professional football theme with strategic turn-based gameplay in both single and multiplayer environments.

The first trailer is out now and the game is available to vote on for release through Steam’s Greenlight service. Continue on to check out the trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments on whether the concept is found be intriguing or of little interest! 

  • TIMtationX

    I can’t stand turn-based anything, let alone a football game. I’ll pass.

  • Jus sayin

    Looks terrible

  • Keith.

    So a turn-based, Robot football game for PC and Mac gets a story here, but PES 2014, which is supposed to have “a new physics engine, photo-realistic graphics and more,” is completely ignored? I recognize it’s Pasta’s blog and he can write about whatever he wants, but I still don’t get it, especially when PES 2012 sold over 2 million copies worldwide and PES 2013 topped 1 million worldwide.

    • DistortedAudio

      I’d say for the same reason that PES has no TV ads and minimal coverage on magazines and other big-name blogs. With a sport like Soccer where the American interest tends to be with the biggest names, PES has for the last decade or so, lost out to FIFA. Just like how you’ll be more likely to hear press coverage about Barca or Chelsea than Shrewsbury or Millwall.

    • Not only that Keith, but the sports gaming media needs to be taken to task when they give little or no stories at all to good, legitimate, forward-moving projects like Hard Lick Sports Football or the Gridiron GamePak (which actually had working prototypes out to the public and was something the football gaming genre DESPERATELY needed), but gives front page stories to nonsense like this which isn’t going to move us forward one iota, and will do absolute zero to help our terrible situation. What is the media thinking? Do they even care that the football situation is in ruins? I’m convinced that they don’t care and have no intention of doing anything to help it.

      Take Operation Sports as another prime example; they promoted the Dirty Bird Football project which actually turned out to be a complete scam, smh. Common sense (which OS is devoid of anyway with their pathetic writers) should’ve prevailed when the project had no videos, and fake screenshots stolen from Turbosquid pages. OS also fails by constantly promoting Tecmo Bowl clones and roster updates for games nobody gives a shit about anymore, and then these same people present themselves as community leaders. What a damn shame.

      I’ve just resigned to the fact that:

      -Football gamers have given up on themselves, are too lazy, and too apathetic to their own plight, so they don’t support anything.


      -The sports gaming media is too self-serving and “above it all” to actually care to help the very genre that propelled them from unknown bloggers and site owners to recognized media outlets.

  • ummmm no ty

  • Dan

    This nonsense is no more laughable than Madden’s latest installments. In fact, the actual robots look less robotic than the player’s in Madden.