Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Downloadable Content Comes Similarly Priced to Last Year

Posted March 26th, 2013 at 3:30 pm


The prevalence of downloadable content for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series has not just discouraged some consumers from buying on a yearly basis but has even become a point of contention as evidenced by reaction towards the system implemented in Tiger 13. Ultimately spending well over $100 on the game with all the courses made available every year is something most cannot justify yet an effective alternative system has still not been offered. 

(Update) It appears the prices listed in-game had already accounted for the 20% Season Ticket discount. Information has since been updated below to account for the accurate prices.

With Tiger Woods 14 there are more courses on disc than ever before with 20 accessible to all, and 26 in the Historic Edition, yet that still leaves another 15 only available through DLC and without a way to earn courses through the time spent playing.

Compared to Tiger 13 the prices are lower and it is safe to assume that is directly a result of not having a manner in which players can obtain them without paying. The prices had gone up with Tiger 13 by about 15% but now have dropped down for Tiger 14 by up to as much as 37% relating to the big pack of courses.

Compared to Tiger 13 the prices are comparable as the big pack of courses there contained 11 for $40 and Tiger 14 has 14 for the same price. Individual courses were $5 last year as well while a 5 pack was $20 and 6 pack $24 – so the 4 pack this time around makes for a better deal.

•14 Course Pack – $40
Historic Edition Upgrade – $20
TPC 4 Pack – $10
Individual Courses – Most are $5 and a couple $6
Coin Packs – Range from $5 to $100

The Historic Edition of the game, which retails for $10 over the standard version, provides 6 additional courses. Those courses cost $20 through DLC making it a no-brainer to get the Historic Edition if they’re of interest. Season Ticket subscribers are looking at a savings of $8 on the 14 Course Pack and potentially much more on the courses alone due to the 20% discount that applies to all DLC that would be purchased.

  • I’m at work. What courses come with the TPC4 pack? I bought the Historic Edition today.

  • SENZ

    I don’t mind buying it at all really. Golf games in the past used to come with 2 or 3 courses for the same 50-60$ price tag. You get like 20+ in the stock game, then a crap ton more for 30 bucks. Great deal IMO.

    • chris

      you clearly dont understand the problem here. its not about how many courses we are given. we are sold a game in its entirety for a $60 price tag. the game has a career mode that incorporates every course into it. without spending an extra $40, i can not fully participate in a game mode that i have already spent $60 on. ea is an absolutely disgusting company. they sell us a game at a base price then they make the coolest parts of it cost extra, therefor, they sell us an incomplete game for $60. they make the same exact game every year in every sports genre, taking away and giving us features back years later. you may not mind buying it all…and thats the problem. there are several of you that have no problem bending over and telling ea to keep on pumping…year after year. when i pay $60 for a game, i expect to be able to fully complete the game modes i paid for without spending damn near the original price of the game a second time.

      • mcmax3000

        Unless something has changed from last year, if you don’t own a course when it comes up in career mode, you can just swap it out for a course that you do have.

        Being able to use DLC courses was something that the community requested for years, so they added it. The first year, yeah, if you didn’t have the course, you had to skip the event, and it punished you for sitting out the event, which was a downright terrible implementation, but to the best of my knowledge, they’ve since fixed that in newer versions, so you’re not being denied anything if you don’t have the DLC.

  • Khadeem

    thank you again for the contribution that no one cared for Keith…your efforts always will have a soft spot in my heart -____-

  • Paul Hanlin Jr

    I got the TPC4 pack, Bethpage Black, Pinehurst #2, Banff Springs. Won’t touch the fantasy courses. May pick one more (I had Best Buy gift cards equaling $52 so the price won’t be as much of a blow as others)

  • DistortedAudio

    Why is Facebook amongst the Worst Companies in America in the first place?

  • mcmax3000

    How exactly is the Tiger Woods DLC a “scam”?

    You may not like it, but it’s far from a scam.

    • Keith.

      SCEA didn’t charge me again every year for the historic stadiums I bought for the Show…after the first year, they were free. And this year, they’re free to everybody. From what I understand, those historic stadiums also include licensing fees that need to be paid.

      EA, on the other hand, has a long history of nickel and diming their loyal customers, e.g., Tiger’s DLC courses every year, Madden’s historic uniforms, NCAA’s alternate uniforms, the Season Ticket to be able to play games 2 days early, etc.

      The definition for “scam” I that found at dictionary.com was “to cheat, especially for making a quick profit.” Maybe you don’t consider this type of bilking of loyal customers to be a scam, whereas I do. But EA isn’t the odds-on favorite to win Worst Company again this year because they’re known for treating their customers so well.

      • DistortedAudio

        Mate, you use the weirdest sources and logic to argue against EA. Would you call the jewellery in NBA 2K13 a scam? Or the online pass that you have to get if you buy MLB 13 The Show used? Or the $1 instant healing DLC for your RTTS character?

  • What courses come in the 14 course pack?

    • Includes Banff Springs, Bethpage Black, Celtic Manor, Colonial CC, Costa Navarino, The Els Club, PGA National, Pinehurst No. 2, Whistling Straits, Wolf Creek, Emerald Dragon (Fantasy), Greek Isles (Fantasy), Highlands (Fantasy), and The Predator (Fantasy).

  • daley7199

    Kind of disappointed that there wasn’t any Hawaii courses. Certainly would have expected Kapalua and Wailae. Perhaps they will be add ons in the future but it kind makes for an in complete golf game when the golf season always starts out at Kapalua and then the Sony Open at Wailae