Part One of Player Face Comparisons Between MLB 13: The Show and MLB 2K13

Posted March 28th, 2013 at 2:30 pm


With baseball one of the last remaining sports that have competition – whether that continues to be the case in 2014 is up in the air at this point – the player face comparison between the two games has been one of the most popular features of the spring the last few years. The Show has won out in all three battles: 21-6 margin in 2012, 14-6 in 2011, and 11-8-1 in 2010.

For 2013 the set of faces has been expanded to 40. While MLB 2K13 is practically a carbon copy of 2K12 it still could have some better faces than The Show. For the sake of time the majority of the images were captured from the All-Star teams. Here are the first 13 to vote on – the other sets will follow next week with the results and analysis later. 

*All sets of images feature 2K13 on the left and The Show on the right. Some have felt it would be better not to state which was which, but the visual styles of the games give that away regardless. Vote in the polls below!














  • jirn

    Ive got it 9-4 for The Show in these.

  • Daniel Kinkaid

    2k apparently thinks Derek Jeter is Hispanic. That says it all right there.

  • nov8

    major LOL at 2K13 strasburg

  • Honestly, there are a few where I wish there was a “neither” option. My God.

  • That Strausberg one was the most obvious one. Stark contrast!

  • The show wins hands down on most of them even though a few pics were way off for each game!!!

  • Lol at 2k13 Strasburg and Jeter. 2k13 did a pretty good job on their cover athlete. thats about it imo.

  • Tyler Lyon

    It’s tough because the left side (what I’m guessing is The Show) all look more like actual humans but some of the right side (again I’m guessing it’s 2k13) has more of the characteristics of their human counterparts.

    • HankScorpio

      Dude, it said in the initial post. The left side is 2K. The right side is The Show.

    • Have you ever played the show? The ones on the left are 2k and the right are the show

    • David

      And I’m betting most people would be voting like this guy if Pasta simply said that the Show’s pictures were on the left (or left it off altogether). Really, Pasta… I KNOW we can tell the difference between the games, but I still think that by labeling which side is which is skewing this survey very badly. As a guy who works in graphic design and video production, I can see no other reason that the right side pictures are getting so much love other than people’s appreciation of The Show over the 2K baseball game. They simply don’t look as real as the left side.


    Not even close… All of the Shows faces are better. RIP 2k Baseball.

  • smsixx

    I have it as 10-3 for “The Show”…But if you could take Prince Fielders hair (from the Show) and put it on his 2k face then we would actually have a decent one.

  • I voted 11-2 in favor of the Show. Only two guys 2k13 got right IMO are David Price (the cover guy) and Carlos Beltran, and that one was kinda close.

    Also, why can’t they get their colors right? First it was the Knicks blue, which looks like almost a sky blue, and now the same thing with the All-Star unis? Seems like to me whatever they’re using for graphics and art in-game is outdated.

  • MJG

    Only one I voted for 2k on was Sandoval.

  • LOLiDunnoANameToPick

    Why does 2k’s Joey Votto look like Charlie Sheen?

  • Right now, in looking at current results, I’m curious who the 3.8% of people are that feel 2K13’s Strasburg is better.

    • Keith is probably one of them.

  • Thrash13

    I gave 2K13 Carlos Beltran, but that was even questionable. The rest I gave to The Show. Both games hacked up Prince Fielder pretty bad, but The Show is clearly miles ahead in this department.

  • GKage

    Derek Jeter looks crazy on the left….and cross-eyed on the right *facepalm*

  • X go2sleep X

    For 2k13, I have Melky, Jeter, and Beltran. The rest I have for The Show. Does anybody else see The Show’s Derek Jeter cross-eyed as fuck? And for the record, The Show’s Furcal is AMAZING.

    • Jeter has looked like that in The Show every year. I don’t get it either.

  • Dalibor

    Yeah, a lot of these are crap, so picking either “left” or “right’ is not that easy. Also, so those of us who aren’t familiar with how these guys look in real life, having to google search them all is pretty time consuming. Mind including a real shot so we fairly judge?

  • Amen_Ra

    A lot of them are just trash period

  • Jason

    i cant believe we r calling this a comparison….2k interpretations of major league baseball players is disgustin

  • AmazinsCowboys

    For the most part I’d say The Show wins. 2K wins on a couple of faces, but its version of Matt Kemp and Prince Fielder are just awful. Maybe it’s just the specific screen-shot, but The Show’s Jeter looks weird.

  • You should start throwing in a real pic of the guys face in the middle because I think some of these people who vote are clueless. Just like a generic face pic of the teams website or something.

  • The Show for every one, no comparison.

  • Si1entRaider

    One thing I notce with these comparisons other than the Show annihilating 2k is the colour palette is soooo much better on 2K. The orange just pops like it does in real life.i hate the shows washed out look fr its palette.

    • David

      I totally agree with the color palette, but the Show’s people don’t even look really human. Annihilation… missed.

  • David

    OK… I know The Show wins this every year, and judging from the comments will win again this year. But honestly… the ONLY shot I picked for The Show was Strasburg (only because 2K’s looks NOTHING like him). In every other case I think 2K looks a LOT better. There is just something odd about EVERY ONE of the Show’s pictures. They look ghostly (the color palate is probably the cause) and they ALL look slightly oriental. I honestly think this (and all of the past years) have been heavily biased by 2K hate. I’ve never played The Show, and i know from all I’ve read it’s a much better game, but I REALLY can’t see why so many think these pictures are better. Look at the EYES, people! A lot of the 2K guys actually look alive.The EYES have it!

    • dave travis

      No, IMHO the show still wins overall, but it appears closer than last year, mainly because on some, THEY BOTH LOOK HORRIBLE!!!!!!! So in some ways, the Show wins by default on the strength of a couple of faces.

  • Coupe

    2k graphics are so much better…said no one ever

  • 😛 huge lol @ the show’s Fielder, he looks really worried…but still a better representation than the 2K *cough* attempt…also I agree that a RL pic would be helpful, I’m a die hard Cardinals fan (no really you should see my living room) and even I didn’t recognize Furcal or Beltran, the only ones I knew were Fielder Jeter and I figured Sandoval, but only just.