First News on NCAA Football 14 Could Arrive This Coming Week

Posted March 30th, 2013 at 11:15 am


In tracking the past four years the first non-cover related info on the respective upcoming NCAA Football titles have come on March 12, March 14, February 26, and February 12. EA Sports has then remained mum regarding NCAA Football 14 well beyond the traditional schedule but that may be coming to an end shortly. Indications received suggest the first news will hit next week.

Other than Denard Robinson being featured on the cover the only insight on the game came last year when EA confirmed NCAA 14 will feature the “Infinity Engine” physics system that was introduced in Madden NFL 13 and that South Alabama – inexplicably having been forgotten for NCAA 13 – will be in with extra attention paid to the accuracy of the school’s representation.

The concern remains that EA has little motivation to invest heavily in a series that may not be around in two years. If the player likeness lawsuit ruling comes down on the side of the plaintiffs – and right now the momentum is clearly on their side rather than the NCAA/CLC/EA – that would likely bring an end to all college-based video games. After two consecutive lackluster-at-best efforts (both having “won” the community award for Most Disappointing Sports Game of the Year) EA is going to have to prove that NCAA 14 will be different. Otherwise the declining consumer support may effectively put the series to rest even before the lawsuit could.

  • Denard Robinson

    About time

  • baumy300

    I bash EA as much as anyone on here, but I have to admit – If they can actually pay some attention to Offensive and Defensive line interaction, this game would actually be decent.

    I’m not even being picky, but any football game (Madden too) without functioning line play on both sides of the ball can never be sim…

  • Just Blaze!

    I’d rather have lackluster games than have mediocre NCAA players ruin the ability to play college based games.

    • Amen_Ra

      Hope we get more than 12 players in a dynasty

      • dave travis

        Hope we get a playoff option

  • CMPunked

    I have a feeling that this will be the last NCAA Football game made and I will probably purchase the game for that reason alone.

  • GKage

    NCAA 06 was the most fun ive had with any college game from EA. The way the screen shook along with how loud the crowd noise got….I just couldn’t get that from EA this generation for some reason. When I played the games this gen, it just felt so…inferior.

    • dave travis

      Yep between that 06 and NFL 2K5, are games that I was RELIGIOUSLY playing up until last year, heck I’m still playing 2k5.

  • Skihawks

    I would take a college football game with fictional numbers and players than no game at all. Not sure why the likeness lawsuit has to end up with no college sports games getting created. It is not a pre-requisite.

    • Kevin

      100% agreed. So long as roster customization stays the same I’m okay with it. It’ll be as if you’re entering year 5 of your dynasty a bit early. I always make all time teams anyway.

    • JC

      I would as well. There are enough dedicated roster guys out there that within a month of release date, rosters would be available that are accurate. Worth the wait to get those. The only thing stopping that though would be the end of roster sharing and/or editing rosters in general.

  • MoneyMayweather

    A modified Infinty engine? or the same as madden 13

    • They’ll have had an extra year to work on it. Though I would expect Madden 25 to be even more refined since they’ll have an extra 6 weeks compared to NCAA.

      • 6 weeks is nothing in major game development pre-release, especially since most major’s rely on patches these days.

        The “Infinity Engine” was/is the biggest hype and bust since Madden IQ. IE was so poor in Madden 13, EA quickly began toning it down in patches post release to quell all of the videos showing how much of a disgrace it was. When Brandon Jacobs is able to pull off 360 spin moves and balance himself in Madden like a back half his size can, then it’s clear that IE doesn’t need refining, it needs scrapping and a public statement of apology from EA/Tiburon to the gaming public for wasting our time with yet another over-hyped, underdeveloped bust.

        • 6 weeks was, at least according to them, the difference in having Infinity Engine roll out last year in Madden or not at all (why NCAA didn’t get it). So it can be enough time to matter…dependent on all sorts of circumstances though of course.

          • My point is that a system that needs as much of an overhaul as IE does won’t be helped much with 6 extra weeks if it’s not right already. I say this having zero confidence in Tiburon, and well, who can blame me after they completely blew an entire generation with gimmicks and half-hearted efforts.

        • DistortedAudio

          I think the scrapping part is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. I believe with refinement that the Infinity Engine could truly be great if things such as weight and height were taken into accordance for animation and with no need to build an engine from scratch, but rather building upon one that’s already there perhaps such a change could be possible this year. Regardless, scrapping would be the worst possible thing to do seeing how it didn’t make the game unplayable.

          • I’m certain that almost any feature of any game can be made slightly better if it’s worked on for longer, that’s a given. Even Madden itself is a better game today than it was 8 years ago (Compare Madden 13 to Madden 06 on 360). But there is a larger point here:

            The past 8 years of Tiburon football have shown us that all we can expect are incremental improvements with Madden. And if we want to be 100% real, Tiburon has been on that incremental improvement kick since Madden 2001, the only reason people didn’t complain as much 2 generations ago is because Madden was a more technically sound product than it is today. Point being, the Infinity Engine needs a lot more than just an incremental improvement to be respectable.

            You mentioned that IE didn’t ruin the game, and I agree, but I’ll say that there are quite a few people who might beg to differ, especially when your ball carrier had frequent phantom falls, frequent episodes of being tackled by a player on your own team, and limbs flailing like flags in the wind. And let’s keep in mind that the engine had already been worked on for a little over 2 years prior to its final implementation into Madden. I would expect a company with EA’s resources to nail this with that much time to work on it with a team as large as Madden’s.

            Having said all of that, my reaction is not knee-jerk. I’ve been saying what I’m about to say for years even prior to when BackBreaker came out: Real-Time Physics is NOT the answer for football video games. Better overall animations are. RTP is NOT the future for football video games, and it will not last.

            RTP is a hard thing to control from a programming standpoint, and it just doesn’t work well enough in football for it to ever be the gamechanger people wish it could be. We’ve now seen it in 2 products, and it stunk in both. Flying bodies, flailing limbs, and moves that defy the laws of physics is just not football. And as I mentioned earlier, EA themselves toned IE down in Madden 13 so much with patches that it almost seems irrelevant now. If anything, IE has just made Madden MORE arcade, and that’s the exact opposite of what you want out of a supposed “sim”.

  • Kevin

    I really wish they would include 20-50 FCS (1-AA) teams, or perhaps three or four top conferences like the Big Sky and Southern. Allow us to move teams from FBS to FCS and back again like they do with custom conferences. I wanna put my Marshall Thundering Herd back in 1-AA, where they dominated in the early and mid 90s. Having SOME option for a playoff would be neat.

    • dave travis

      The playoff option should be A MUST!!!!!!!!! Especially with the unknown of not having a college football game next year or longer. But knowing EA it probably won’t make it in this year 🙁