MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge Begins

Posted April 1st, 2013 at 9:45 am


It’s fitting that the Perfect Game Challenge for MLB 2K13 begins on April Fools Day considering the product made available to consumers this year was for all intents and purposes a joke. Those stuck with 2K13 because its their only option, or those who bought it solely for the chance to try and win money, will now find the contest mode live through the end of April.

Last year 2K Sports got the structure right by making it more of a competition than a race – though it was later marred by a cheating controversy. This year the payouts are changing with more gamers taking home a share of the $1 million pot. 30 people will come away with $25K by pitching the best perfect game for each respective team.┬áThe top 4 qualifying games, determined by a mathematical equation factoring in the difficulty of the match-up and the quality of the outing, will then have a chance at winning an additional $250K in a live head-to-head battle.

  • orro

    Im conflicted about whether I should feel bad for people who bought 2K13. They should have known better but it was still a scam.

  • Keith.

    According to vgchartz, after 3 weeks, sales are down a mere 12,000 units on the 360, when compared against MLB2k12, and sales are actually up about a 1,000 units on PS3, in comparison to last year. I’m no fan of 2k baseball, but considering the drastic reduction in licensing costs this year, it looks like this release is going to pay off financially for 2k.

    • BenT4

      Stop making it seem like people bought this game. I rented it the first week and there were never more than 5,000 people online. There were always more then that in other years. VGCHARTZ LMAO

    • Ricke

      Keith attempting to spin MLB 2k13 as a success is a classic. Might be even more transparent then his constant EA bashing to spin everything they do as a failure. He either works for 2k or has some connection to them clearly. No levelheaded person could believe these things.

      • mcmax3000

        Honestly, if the sales are fairly similar to last year, from a business perspective, it would be a success, given that they’ve supposedly gotten a much better licensing deal this year, and from the sounds of it, they very clearly didn’t spend a whole lot of money on development.

        That said, speaking of jokes… VGChartz. So, yeah, at this point, I wouldn’t call it a success or a failure (at least from a business point of view… from a product quality point of view, it’s a clear failure) unless we hear some actual reliable sales data.

      • Keith.

        Did you miss the part where I said “I’m no fan of 2k baseball”? It’s called reading comprehension, my friend.

        When they announced 2k13, 2k said that the new licensing terms would allow them to make a profit on this year’s game. Since sales are closely tracking last year’s sales numbers, I’d say they’re right on target — whether I like the game or not.

      • Keith.

        And for the record, I don’t work for 2k. But I was still glad to see EA breeze through the second round of the 2014 Worst Company of America competition today, receiving 79.5% of the vote.

        Up next? EA will be taking on AT&T for a spot in the Final Four. I’m betting it will be another blow out, in favor of EA.

        • CamNole

          No one cares. What’s this got to do with MLB 2K13?

          • DistortedAudio

            He just wants to take attention away from the problems at hand. Classic Keith.

    • Bon

      Thats our Keith.

  • Keith(33)

    sounds like all (30) people that bought the game are going to walk away with something…sounds like a good investment to me.

  • I can see the headline..”All 6 competitors look to earn 1 million in 2ks perfect game challenge”

    This company took my money the last couple years after playing since 2k7, not this year. I’d rather watch The Show videos on YouTube than tire my Xbox by spinning this disk.

  • David

    OK… just curious. As someone who really liked 2k7 (I’m one of the rare one’s who miss John Miller and Joe Morgan)… and also didn’t think that 2k10 wasn’t that bad (I like Gary Thorne, too)… is 2k13 a horrible purchase? Does it mainly suck because it’s pretty much 2k12 (which I never played)? I know the graphics are subpar (even though I think the faces are better than The Show), but I do like the pitching and commentary. I’m thinking since it’s been over 3 years, this won’t seem as bad to me as someone who played last year’s game.