Your Thoughts on the First NCAA Football 14 Gameplay and Feature News

Posted April 9th, 2013 at 1:00 pm


Last week EA Sports offered the first look at NCAA Football 14 and provided some details on what to expect in the way of improvements and additions. The game will feature a refined “Infinity Engine” physics system. Enhanced player control in the way of┬ácuts, acceleration bursts, and jukes. The introduction of Ultimate Team and Season modes. New “Coach Skills” in Dynasty and work done to the presentation (a big area of weakness in recent years) are also in the cards.

Coming off two straight years with NCAA being named as the most disappointing sports game by the community, was the news well received or did it not demonstrate enough to alter the negative perception that it’s struggling against? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments regarding the initial information on NCAA Football 14!

  • hoodiii

    No way I am falling for their marketing again. All of the quality changes to gameplay will be in Madden.

  • Truth

    Can you transfer draft classeS?

    • This was the biggest reason I didnt buy NCAA last year.

    • Dont know yet on that. Obviously it’s a very important feature for those who use it, even though it’s a small %. I think they’d like to get that done but how to implement it on the Madden side (where it would wreck things like the prospect storylines in Connected Careers for later years) is the difficulty they face.

      • Darius

        I think if they expanded the amount of draftees that you can choose from they can still implement the story lines because in every draft class there are at least 100 missing players from your ncaa game

        • billinga

          They would have to make a way to gel together round projections. Also, they don’t have real photos. All the social media stories and Trey Wingo’s dialog would exclude all of those players. They need to lose the lawsuit, pay the players, use that in the game. Of course then you have only have a few years of real recruits and it would increasingly be mixed with fake ones.

      • Tical2399

        I don’t think its as small a % as you’re making it out to be. I any event if it’s not there i’m not there. I gave Madden a shot last year with the fake rookies and I had no fun. So i’ve tried it, I know I don’t like it, so if they don’t have the feature no need to buy either game ever until they bring it back.

        • From what I’ve been told, it’s something like 2%, which is still thousands upon thousands of people. But that’s why it was one of the things that didn’t make the cut last year. They prioritized based on what their data told them.

          I think you’d be surprised how few buy BOTH NCAA and Madden before even getting to how many of those people transfer draft classes.

          • Keith.

            Pasta, EA can tell you whatever they want, and you can believe it or not, but it’s all BS. Ask yourself, how could EA possibly know the percentage of customers who import draft classes from NCAA to Madden? Unless people are always online, there’s absolutely NO WAY EA could ever know what Johnny NCAA is doing with draft classes in the privacy of his own home. I think it’s clear by now that EA wants people to always be online so they can stay in their wallets, but EA got rid of the importing draft class stuff because it couldn’t co-exist with the Always Online Connected Careers BS that they’re trying to cram down everybody’s throat with Madden.

            Also, I used to work at an Electronics Boutique when I was in college way back in the 90s, and there were PLENTY of people who would buy NCAA in June, play it for a month, and then trade it in for max value towards Madden in July. Again, EA can tell you whatever they want, but the rest of us don’t have to believe it.

          • Amen_Ra

            Real spit

          • billinga

            EA knows because they get game data about usage sent back when you are connected to their servers. They have announced usage percentages like this before on aspects of their games and its based on data collected while connected to their servers. So they know the numbers from when rosters are exported and imported, specific actions you take in game which is sent to them when connected.

          • hoodiii

            From looking at some tweets of some of the CCM devs it looks like they are manually creating draft classes again. I do not expect the draft class transfer stuff to be in this year

    • billinga

      Actually found out why they couldn’t figure out how to do it. Its all the new social media, stories and real photos in Madden. They have like 30 plus set draft classes with the stories all set for a small number of star players and that includes the draft monolog on those players during the draft by Wingo. They always follow each other in the same order but your franchise starts at a random set so year 1 may be set 8 which means year 2 your franchise gets draft set 9. Random rosters would blow that all up. They said IF they could figure it out, they would put it in. Thing is, how many play Madden vs NCAA and how much did the addition of Connected Careers social media effect that 11% sales increase, or whatever it ended up being, over Madden 12?

  • Keith.

    EA didn’t get to where they are today (Repeat Champ as Worst Company in America) by exceeding customer expectations. Nobody in their right mind believes Tiburon’s going to make big changes in the 8th year this franchise is available on PS3/360, let alone the year before the next gen machines arrive. In their case, it’ll be a major victory if the game doesn’t suffer from freeze problems upon release.

  • dave travis

    What news? I haven’t really heard much of anything, but if this game has as many bugs, glitches and freezes as last year, then no, screw the improvements if you can’t even play the game

    • The news talks about Infinity Engine 2.0, the running game improvements, etc. I would say that is news to me.

  • Wolkergiest

    13 was my personal favorite, I don’t understand why so many people found it disappointing

  • Vinnete

    I question whether EA will care to put effort into this game with the possibility NCAA will be dead for them in a few years. Ultimate Team is purely desperation or a last gasp. Everything else good about it is probably just taken from Madden anyway like all the stuff theyve described so far.

    • NCAA and Madden should have most of the same gameplay fixes since they are both EA SPORTS Titles. No one liked the fact NCAA didn’t have physics while Madden did. Also, IMO Gameplay should not differ from NCAA to Madden. What makes NCAA its own game is the Online Dynasty, Recruiting, etc. Gameplay should not be different between the 2 games.

    • Black Power … Ranger

      True, but at the same time Ultimate Team COULD potentially bring in more revenue to put towards development for next gen games.

  • Chrsn

    That list of improvements is pretty impressive. I think I am going to pre-order, as it looks like this will be significantly better than last year’s game.

    Just kidding. Pavlov’s dog got the message and told EA to go get bent

  • The gaming Messiah

    For the last three years it has been the same song and dance with minimal makeup (face paint). I don’t understand how there can be no P.I. calls in the game. Secondly, in football no two tackles are the same, why is this so hard to duplicate in a game? This is what makes football special, the unexpected. EA is presenting the PREDICTABLE!!!

  • We’ve seen one trailer… so I know I can’t make a definite call yet on whether I’m buying it or not. But here it goes anyway.

    The Infinity Engine 2 physics make the game look a little… a little more believable. It doesn’t look as stiff and robotic as previous titles: Step in the right direction.
    I personally don’t think we’ve seen enough of this new running gameplay element they’re adding, but from what we HAVE seen so far, I’m not that impressed. Who knows, maybe it’ll make the game 100 times better. :/

    This is just what I think EA needs to do with Presentation. Add SportsCenter and College Gameday and for the love of all that is pure… GIVE THESE COMMENTATORS NEW LINES! They are so boring to listen to.

    • “The Infinity Engine 2 physics make the game look a little… a little more believable. It doesn’t look as stiff and robotic as previous titles: Step in the right direction.”

      Sorry, Ian. I just don’t see what you’re seeing. I see the same stiff crappy animations with some half-done real-time physics code thrown on top of it. I suspect that their calling it “I.E. 2.0” is just a ploy to make people think they’ve totally revamped I.E. 1.0 that completely bombed last season to the point that it made Tiburon tone it out of the game severely in patches after release.

      Nope. Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 9 seasons in a row? Then I belong at Operation Sports wearing a protective helmet and catching a short bus like the rest of the mindless morons that post there.

      • Well I’m not saying it looks like the real thing, but it’s better than being sucked into an animation. Or… maybe we WILL still get sucked into animations. I hate gameplay trailers like this because you never see what’s going on. I personally will save my money for NHL 14.

  • mjtags11

    The last few years of NCAA, I’ve been generally impressed. Although Road to Glory faded out of its glory days, Dynasty has truly been what I want from a sports game. It’s been one of my favorites each year, second only to FIFA, and this new coach skill thing and broadcast improvements should only make it better. Now if only that dumb madden game would learn a thing or two I’d actually have a decent franchise mode on an nfl game…

  • SilkCB21

    hey pasta, i was jus curious did you know exactly how the new “acceleration burst” will work? like will it be an auto sprint hybrid or will it be like turbo boost from NFL 2K series back in the day? The devs said something about its similar to NHL where they wud reach their top speed on the own wit no button press. im kinda confused lol
    And how wud you “decelerate”

    • I’m actually not sure on this quite yet.

  • Darrin

    EA named worst company in america.. lol

    • guest

      They’re still rich..

      • Keith.

        Not sure what you mean by “rich,” but they’ve lost more than $2.5 billion since 2008, their CEO just quit/was fired, all of their 2013 releases (DS3, Crysis 3, Army of Two, and TW14) have been critical failures (not a single 8.0 metacritic score amongst the bunch) and sales duds (TW14 is in 51st (360) and 60th (PS3) place in the newest vgchartz weekly sales report — ouch!), and they’ve won WCIA two years running. If that’s “rich,” then I’d hate to be poor!

  • For me, draft classes or bust. Naturally adding infinity will help, along with a few other gimmicky additions. It’ll be hard to pay $60 though.

  • I will believe improvement when I see improvement. Don’t care for ultimate team, just improve gameplay and simming.

  • jprose75

    Bring the export/import draft classes back to ncaa and madden or itll be 2 years in a row EA wont get my money.

  • vic

    No draft classes no purchase also i highly doubt less than 2% import draft classes most people buy ncaa just to get the draft classes for madden

  • billinga

    Like the presentation and halftime show. Don’t understand why the sprint button is returning, hope it can be shut off.

  • I buy one game for the PS3: NCAA.

    I really like the intro from two years ago; last year’s lacked the same coherence and emotional impact.

    I doubt I’ll buy this year’s.

    (I wish it were on PC.)