Regular Season Week Two Roster Update for MLB 13: The Show

Posted April 16th, 2013 at 10:15 am


The second in-season roster update for MLB 13: The Show arrived this morning. The usual Monday release was delayed due to PSN maintenance that extended through the entire day. Notable changes include the injuries to Jered Weaver and Zack Greinke. Continue on for the summary of the moves made in the latest update. 


  • MoneyMayweather

    what about the MLB 2k13 roster update details? you know MLB 2k13 is updating rosters also.

    • pastapadre

      I don’t plan to write another MLB 2K13 article until the end of the year recap talking about what an insult it was.

      • smsixx

        Hmmm…So visitors of your site who own Xbox 360s are not worthy of roster update news?

        • pastapadre

          2K doesn’t release the details on their updates anyway. I go through and compare one update to the next for NBA 2K to list out the changes. Definitely not worth doing that with MLB 2K.

          • smsixx

            Ok fine…I’ll give you that.
            But many reviews of the game have listed improvements that you failed to acknowledge.
            First off 3 different reviews stated that their were AI improvements that corrected such things as substitutions, more relaistic pitching changes, and they had also noticed better “situational play” by the AI as well (i.e. laying down a bunt to move a runner over, hit and runs, etc).
            But you never mentioned any of this…why?
            Its because you spent a whole 45 minutes with the game I bet. From the day you mentioned that the series was “cancelled” you already had wrote the game off. It didn’t have a chance. Meanwhile 360 users who are regulars of your site and want some news (or a legit review that is objective and fully descibes positives and negatives) are denied because of your bias.

          • A.J.

            xbox fanboys always crying

          • smsixx

            I no longer own an Xbox…and I play The Show.

            You see I can actually be objective kiddo…You on the other hand are a “fanboy”.

  • Joe Momma

    MLB 13 pitching sucks throw a fastball down the middle it ends up out of the strikezone how unrealistic

    • GKage

      One of those comments that makes you go…hmmm…

    • smsixx

      Well thats realism kiddo…

      If a pitcher intends to throw a ball down the middle and his release is early/late then it tends to miss the intended location.

    • Ryan Schechtman

      I hope you’re a troll.

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