NCAA Football 14 Gets Presentation Overhaul, Neutral Site Games, Menu Redesign

Posted April 18th, 2013 at 10:15 am


EA Sports today rolled out the first presentation-centric details for NCAA Football 14. As mentioned yesterday enhancements include a halftime show – featuring Rece Davis and David Pollack – as well as streamlined game intros, more emotion on the field such as pre-play chatter and new post-play scenes, increase in storyline discussion in the commentary, streamlined menus and navigation, and finally neutral site games. 

The biggest games of the college football season require stadiums that fit their magnitude, and for the first time ever NCAA Football 14 will allow you to square off against opponents at neutral sites. For instance, start your season with LSU vs. TCU in Cowboys Stadium for the Cowboys Kickoff Classic, or Alabama vs. Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. Soldier Field, MetLife Stadium and M&T Bank Stadium are also included in the game.

Get into the action faster than ever before with a menu that has a whole new look and feel. See all your options at a glance and get into a game quickly. Dynamic loading screens allow players to review injuries, note key players for the upcoming game, view offensive and defensive rankings for both teams and more, all while the game loads up.

This year marks the inclusion of new broadcast elements, including the ESPN Living Game Clock that provides key stats after each play and a new halftime show featuring Rece Davis and David Pollack. Also, Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit focus on impact players and provide smart analysis on key moments throughout the game.

Get pumped up with familiar stadium anthems Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation. Turn up the speakers and chant along with some of the most instantly recognizable and addictive songs in all of sports.

  • Presentation upgrades, the most overrated changes every year. You cant hide the flaws in gameplay with a halftime show.

  • vic

    ehh that all sounds good if it was coming from a different company id be excited but i no longer trust in EA ability to make a quality fun game and if there is no improvement to recruiting and export players to madden i wont be buying this or madden. On a side note if anybody from EA reads these posts and actually cares about consumers which they dont, please fix the difficulty i think its silly every year we have too take to forums to find sliders just to make the game playable SMH…

    • I hate looking up sliders too. 2 NCAA’s ago the heisman level was like rookie and the last one had heisman bad too. They made cpu play aggressive and the cbs and safeties were easy to trick.

      • vic

        Yeah it seems every game has had some problem with the A.I and difficulty especially in madden i just dont get why its so hard for them to do these simple things they could at leat get real player body types i understand not having them in ncaa due to player likness but in madden? jj watt looks like a fat dt, overall the player models are not very good at all they havent even graduated to tattoos yet lol what about the way they look when they run who runs like that? lol their just needs to be competition in these markets year after year its same bull crap its time for it to stop already….. man i can go on and on im just gonna stop and leave it at that.

  • dave travis

    Hopefully it doesn’t freeze every other play when showing stats or halftime, like last years’ game

    • fantasyboi

      mine didnt freeze once…mustve had a good copy

    • I didn’t have a freeze either, maybe you had or have a bad copy or system.

  • JJ

    Please FIX cheese plays and glitch plays online

    • Black Power … Ranger

      Sad thing about online is, dudes are ALWAYS gonna find a way to cheese the game or glitch people out of games. Dudes grab the season pass and within hours there’s nano’s posted on YouTube.

  • Dan

    Uuuum I kinda have a chubby.

  • Bobby 3 Sticks

    All hype show me some video of this.

    • TheAlphaTurtle

      They will, gotta give them time man

  • Jarren Thomas

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Its no where near where it needs to be, but at least it’s improved finally for the last 2 years. The menus/presentation lacking makes the game go stale a lot faster in my opinion.

    Hell, lack of the physics engine almost killed ncaa13 for me quicker than it usualy does. That and my online dynasty killing bugs

  • If the “True Broadcast Feel” makes the gameplay slow down I am going to be pissed right off.

  • kbomb1upc

    The change to presentation was much needed. Game intros were getting long in the tooth, I skipped all the Resce Davis stuff cause it interrupted my drives and the menus were slow and clunky. I hope they’ve fixed everything they said and not just lip service.

    • dave travis

      exactly!!! Loved the new presentation stuff from last year, but it was a freeze and bug fest!!!! HALFTIME looks great, but if they don’t work, what’s the point!?

  • I am actually excited about the new additions after swearing down I wasn’t going to buy this one because of the XBOX 720’s release…just hoping it doesn’t disappoint at the end like NCAA 13 did.

  • Fandango

    I don’t care what anybody says. I just checked the website about the new features so far and they sound awesome. And I usually hate EA.

  • Any improvements in team builder? That hasn’t been touched since they added it, and that’s one of my favorite features. Also, as long as they don’t pull a Madden and not allow custom playbooks in dynasty, I’ll be fine.

  • Kealon

    Please fix the issue the TE’s not being jammed at the los, and not getting that free release every play.

  • they aren’t even shy about not putting out any videos of this because I think they know its lipstick on a pig

  • scdb12

    Pasta there were some things you left out. Especially the new camera angles, and how they are perceived to be better than Madden’s broadcast. Operation Sports and ESPN have more in-depth articles.

  • Did they manage to add a broadcast playable camera this year?

    • Keith.

      Nope. Apparently 8 years isn’t enough time for the monkeys at Tiburon to figure out how to add that, in-game saves, realistic OL/DL interaction, or a football that doesn’t bounce like a brick when it hits the ground.

  • Nothing matters if they still have one playable camera, im betting they do.

  • Keith.

    The hands-on impressions from OS and TGT both sound terrible to me — same lousy ball physics, same lousy OL/DL interaction, same lousy lack of penalties, same lousy lack of a real broadcast gameplay cam, same lousy player movement, same lousy lack of real pocket for the QB, same lousy special teams play, same lousy GOD camera option, etc. And I’d be willing to bet anything there’s still no in-game saves.

    Sounds like another year where the dwindling loyal customer base will find things to get excited about — and another year without a real college football game for the rest of us.

  • curtis jackson

    So finally neutral site games in a dynasty pasta?

  • The gaming Messiah

    They upgraded the presentation but still no chain gang…give me a break…

  • henry williams

    All I wanna do is transfer my draft class to madden. I can care less about all thisother crap

  • easy

    wow new menus

  • Dude


    • Keith.

      I doubt it. EA/Tiburon phased that out so they can always stay in your wallet with the CCM bullshit they’re trying to cram down everyone’s throat. When you’re the Worst Company in America, it’s all about the paid-DLC, baby!

  • fantasyboi

    I said yesterday that i feel like this is gonna be a “all or nothing” game, and it def looks like its heading in the direction of “all” great additions to the naked eye right now but heres 3 things that would make this game make everyone blow a load in their pants come release day

    #1 – Correct draft class exports
    #2 – Stadium renovations/additions
    #3 – Probation! Bring that ish back!! thats really the only way a big program can fall unless u make it a point to destroy them (USC) every year

  • beater29

    draft classes = buy

  • Chiryder

    Any word on Wrigley Field or Yankee Stadium?

  • Lachy

    Hey Pasta, any word on this being released in Australia or a PAL version? I doubt it will, but I can only hope. I’ve been wanting to play this game for years.

  • Ncca get madden 14 will have also thats a fact

  • Just Blaze!

    I feel like such a sucker reading this. All this is stuff they should have added already and have been in previous games(NBA 2k) before. Yet they type it up in such a marketing blitz type of way.

  • rikardio

    i want slow mo replays back in the game

  • Hopefully EA doesn’t Madden this game up… If no one knows how to fuck up a game… EA does.