Sales for MLB: The Show Continue to Slip

Posted April 18th, 2013 at 7:00 pm


After peaking in sales with MLB 10 SCEA’s The Show series has declined modestly every year since. Though it faces essentially no competition on the PS3 and the quality of the franchise in terms of reputation remains stellar, grumblings of a lack of advancement and questionable decisions like not offering demos have been heard and ultimately may have hurt. Perception could be altered with the PS4 offering next spring but the brand has taken a slight hit in the meantime even with MLB 13 being the pinnacle of the series to date. 

MLB 13: The Show finished in 7th place for March – that is down from 3rd for MLB 12. Though the positioning is relative based on the varied health of the competition each year the number of copies moved has fallen again. MLB 13 sold approximately 300K compared to 335K last year.

Meanwhile both MLB 2K13 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 failed to chart in the top ten. That is not unexpected, as the 2K series has plummeted ever since coming in 10th with the disastrous MLB 2K9, and Tiger releases late in the month so the NPD cycle only accounts for a few days to a week of data. Indications received are that MLB 2K13 sales are lower than last year – not all that surprising considering the lack of marketing and negativity surrounding the series. Last year Tiger didn’t chart in March but then ended up 4th for April.

Considering how small the market is for baseball, even when combining The Show with 2K, it’s easy to see why EA Sports has hesitated to jump back in with the expiration of the third party license that 2K eventually renewed with MLB just for this year at much lower costs considering the league had no other option. The investment in development could be tough to justify particularly when The Show would still be around to compete against.

  • Keith.

    So much nonsense and misinformation in one article, I don’t know where to begin.

    I bought 2 copies of The Show this year — one for PS3 and one for Vita. Unlike last year, I bought both digitally — so neither sale counted in NPD this year. And I’m not alone — The Show was the top PSN game for the month. So The Show’s doing just fine, no matter how much that bugs Pasta.

    TW14, on the other hand, is tanking — as evidenced by the $40 price tag 2 weeks after release. And nice spin job, Pasta — the cutoff for NPD this year was April 13th, or more than 2 weeks after TW14 was released (and right after the Masters). Face it Pasta — TW14 is bombing just like DS3, Crysis 3, Army of Two, etc. Losing their CEO, being named WCIA (again), not having a single game in the sales top 10 — sure has been a banner month for EA, lol.

    • Keith.

      And why no mention of NBA2k13 and how, 6 months after release, it’s still showing strong in the Top 10? Think this will be the year NBA2k passes Madden in sales, which would’ve been unthinkable a few years ago?

      • Keith.

        Finally, the new vgchartz weekly sales data is out today and The Show continues to roll along in 13th place. Interestingly, NBA2k13 is still in 10th place and is now within striking distance of Madden — NBA2k13 on 360 is at 1.913 million sold on the 360 after 28 weeks, while Madden on 360 is at 2.041 million after 33 weeks.

        TW14, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found in the Top 75 in just its 3rd week of release. Guess those rock bottom bargain bin sales prices at Target and Amazon last week did nothing to improve TW14’s sales numbers. LoL

    • orvis

      oh look keith back again to try and make every non ea game sound rosy and every ea game (hes going to sue them too lol) just utter crap. getting old dude

    • ericcV

      This NPD ran till April 6th so sorry to disappoint you. It ended before The Masters which was a big part of when sales jumped the last two years.

    • Amen_Ra

      Damn Keith! I think you are tripping on one this one playboy

    • Bon

      Thats our keith

    • nov

      Keith logic-
      EA game price drops on Amazon = selling bad, huge disaster
      The Show price drops on Amazon = nothing to see here, folks

      • Keith.

        The Show came out during the first week of March, and just recently was 1dropped to $49 on Amazon. It was one of the top 10 selling games for the month of March, and is still in the top 13 six weeks after release (not even counting digital sales, which NPD and vgchartz don’t track).

        TW14 came out at the end of March and was dropped to $40 only 2 weeks later. It was in 51st place in its second week of release, and completely off the Top 75 sales chart by its third week.

        If you can’t follow that logic, then I’ve got nothing for you.

  • Travis

    I think this goes to show that just because a game is good doesnt mean it cant go stale. Makes sense why EA wouldnt want to get in if only like 400 or 500 thousand copies move in a first month.

  • Tony.

    If sales are down why is this game still hard to fine in most stores? The Wal-Mart I went to didn’t have it, Target didn’t have it, and I got the last copy Best Buy had and this was TWO days ago. This game has been out since March 5th. And don’t even think about getting a USED copy of this game from Disc Replay or places like that because nobody is bringing this game back! I think this is a bunch of BS.

    • ben

      Stores may have reduced the supply they ordered if preorder numbers were down. Its not hard for you to find cause its selling like crazy and stores cant keep any stock on hand its cause they arent ordering many copies to begin with.

    • TheDTSB

      This game actually isn’t that big of a deal anymore. I just traded it in for $20 at Gamestop. Hardly the price of a game that NOBODY is trading in.

      • B-Dog

        Of course you got $20 bucks, now they’ll turn around and sell it for $45 or $50 bucks!That’s what Gamestop does idiot. You think they were gonna give you $50 bucks for a USED game? It’s called MAKING A PROFIT!

  • TheDTSB

    This game is just boring and the same thing every year. It has AMAZING graphics, but it has become the new Madden in the sense of being nothing more than a roster update year in and year out.

    • Amen_Ra

      Somewhat agree, but they did make some advancements this year

    • B-Dog

      Why mess with success? The game is great so why should they make any drastic changes to it? A few improvements is really all it needs. And please don’t ever use Madden in the same sentence with MLB The Show. Madden is GARBAGE.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Why should we support sports games if they won’t release an NCAA basketball game or arcade titles like. NCAA and Madden will sell like hot cakes though ea. Face it sports gaming is dead. the games just aren’t fun anymore it’s the name on the game not the gameplay Give me a full complment of Sports games.

  • fantasyboi

    I feel like college baseball is the route to go for sum1 else. That came out for what 1 year? and was gone….i think the crowd now a days would appreciate that

    • ericcV

      time to realize that college sports are dead for video games. we are lucky we still got football.

  • rinodino

    It’s baseball so this is not a suprise. Young people really ain’t into it…. Heck I’m really not into baseball like that ….but I wanted the best sports game on the market from what people told me last year so i picked up 12…Now I’m a fan of baseball, at least mlb show baseball lol

  • ericcV

    i don’t see the word failure used or even implied. instead it shows the series isnt growing and at 300k or so thats not good for baseball in the future

  • Dalibor

    March was such a crowded month for games, so not making the top 10 shouldn’t be viewed as a failure. March like September and October should probably include 15 games considering the actual high number of titles that are released. I’ll wait until SCEA and EA release their individual numbers before speculating things.

  • BDowdell15

    Pasta also Sony pushed the digital download of the game this year, and Sony doesn’t release digital sales numbers.

    • Keith.

      And for the record, The Show is listed as #1 in the Top 10 PSN games when I fired up my PS3 just now (10:45 am on 4/20) to play tonight’s Cards-Phils game in the Show Live (what a GREAT new mode).

      Pasta just can’t stand that NBA2k’s and The Show’s sales keep going up each year while Tiburon’s football games and TW’s keep going down.

  • mcmax3000

    It’s really unfortunate that The Show is down this year at retail. It’s easily the best version of the series, at least since 2010 when I started playing.

    Regardless of whether it’s selling well or not, I’m really enjoying it, so that’s all that I really care about (same with Tiger Woods this year).

  • Warren Spahn

    As opposed to dribble the ball, shoot the ball or throw the ball, run the ball, kick the ball?

  • fwvb

    This report is moot (of little or no practical value or meaning; purely academic) because all annual games from this point forward will decline after this year once the PS4 becomes available.