Retailer Pre-Order Bonus for Madden NFL 25 Hints at Owner Mode

Posted April 23rd, 2013 at 11:15 am


Two weeks ago the first pre-order bonus was spotted for Madden NFL 25. At the time it made sense to assume it related just to Ultimate Team, with the possibility it could also impact Connected Careers (now known as Connected Franchise). It appears as though the bonuses from various retailers will apply to both modes now that Gamestop has released info on theirs.

While Walmart will feature the Raiders, Gamestop exclusively holds the 49ers. Included with the San Francisco pack is former owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. along with former coach Bill Walsh and former star Joe Montana. As the graphic notes DeBartolo Jr. is only available within Connected Franchise suggesting some form of an ownership role is being introduced as a way to play through a career in addition to the standard coach and player paths.

  • kobble

    nice, ive been hoping we would get back owner mode eventually.

    • Los Guttierrez

      Me too. I miss setting prices for the stadium and all that good jazz.

  • Mason Drews

    Now I get to be Jerruh!

  • Ugh, Caveman thinks that playing as an owner is going to be no different than playing as a coach last year and playing as a coach this year will be a stripped down version of playing as an owner without having to do contracts. But, what do I know, your technology frightens me.

  • henry williams

    Finally. And I bet people will still find something to complain about. Personally, all I care about it roster transfer

    • Black Power … Ranger

      IMO, “constructive criticism” turns into incessant whining over time. Saddest part is that guys who do that are usually never satisfied. Everything they want could be addressed, and instead of looking to enjoy it, they look for something – ANYTHING – wrong with it.

      It’s the reason why Keith started whining about the broadcast camera angle even when it was added for NCAA, and this was something he’s been demanding for a while now (along w/ in-game saves and what not). Dude probably started out making suggestions, got let down, and eventually started whining about what HE wants, not necessarily what’s best for the game. (And he might downvote/respond since I namedropped him LOL.)

      • Keith.

        They didn’t actually add a broadcast camera to NCAA. Pay attention brother.

  • Ray D

    Good news. Owner mode should be a lot of fun.

  • nutinNew


  • eaCaneatAdick

    Gimmicks gimmicks gimmicks! Real football fans want to hear how the defense and offense will be enhanced wtf.

  • Keith.

    I didn’t even realize anybody was asking for the return of setting hot dog prices — I must not be reading the right forums. In-game saves, realistic OL/DL interaction, penalties and ball physics, more gameplay cameras — I’ve seen all those requests, but tbh I didn’t even know the hot dog and ticket price mode had been removed. Guess this mode is why Josh Looman is still employed.

    • DistortedAudio

      I find the nerd part ironic when you spend a good amount of your day researching stock information for no other reason than to flaunt it in front of other dudes on the internet.

  • mikemck09

    So let me get this straight… They took out “Owner Mode” which was already in previous titles, in M13… Now, they add “Owner Mode” back into M25 and everyone is so excited about it!? Call me crazy, but its like finding happiness in recycled trash. In the end, what do I know… I’m just a depressed gamer that has been let down year after year from EA and the Madden team.

    • hurtenTH

      So people shouldnt be glad to get back Owner mode if thats something they like just because it used to be in Madden? Can complain about it being taken out when that happened or not being in over those years but doesnt change that its nice to have the mode back.

      • Chiryder

        It changes the fact that EA is screwing us over and laughing about it. No one asked them to take it out in the first place. They take it out, without telling anybody (yea they might have not mentioned it was included. But, they didn’t flat out say it wasn’t.). Then they put it back like it’s some magical feature.

        • modman

          They added it back as a pack you can buy!

  • Lake Allen

    Im interested to see how strong EA brings Madden this year. Remember the best Madden’s were at the end of the last console cycle too. Then EA also has to find a way to make the nextgen versions even better. An exciting time for sports gamers with what the last quarter of the year will offer from EA and 2K.

    • Thank you for being one of the only people to not say something stupid about Madden. I agree, exciting times indeed!

  • kit24

    Good news!

  • I wonder if we can play as the 2004 Larry Probst and piss our diapers when NFL 2K5 is announced for $19.99, then be able to switch on a feature where we buy up all the licenses to every football league but lie to the entire football gaming public for a decade about it telling them “the NFL approached us! We swear!”?

    That’s the feature I’m looking forward to. They should call it “Coward Mode”.

    • DistortedAudio

      Will MLB 2K14 have a similar mode?

    • lol I feel your pain Bro.. I thought I was the only one who felt this way

  • The truth

    More gimmicks,

    • kolen

      lol how the hell is owner mode a gimmick? thats like saying myCareer is gimmick or the show live is a gimmick. a mode that people want to spend their time in is important.

  • Chiryder

    Oh, wait. Are they going to allow us to build stadiums, create players, teams, Oooo, set stadium prices…I.E. the same ish they TOOK OUT FOR 2013.

  • Chiryder

    A lot of people called it last year when everybody was complaining and rating the game poorly on Amazon. They were going to take it out…wait a year…then put it back in like it was some magically new feature. That’s why I’m still playing Madden ’12 and never bought ’13. I figured they’d come back around someday.