More on Madden NFL 25 Run Free and Improvements to Physics and Defense

Posted April 25th, 2013 at 10:15 am


Following up on the trailer released last night EA Sports has posted two blogs detailing the improvements to the running game and the influence that comes with the advancing physics for Madden NFL 25. “Run Free” is getting pushed hard as something buzz-worthy by the company but widespread response to the trailer and first info has been anything but kind. Check out the first blog on running here and the other on the physics and defense here.

Run Free includes a “precision modifier” utilizing the LT/L2 button which allows for 30 new moves to be at the disposal of the ball carrier. Run blocking is said to be improved (will have to see it to believe it) to go along with the enhanced player control. Combos are now possible utilizing the arsenal of moves. EA says you can now “string together devastating combos” which might be the most disconcerting thing I’ve ever read from a release of theirs. (Update) This actual quote from the company in an interview with ESPN is even worse: “We’ve also added in combo moves with the right analog stick, almost like you’re playing ‘Street Fighter’.”

The Infinity Engine physics system of course gets significant refinement for its second year. Defense also gets a mention with new pursuit angles, quicker recovery, “heat-seeker tackling”, and more accurate dive tackles.

  • baumy300

    Hopefully they improved the pass rushing/pass blocking, or at least tried to.

    Or at least thought about it.

    Or at least acknowledged it exists.

    Or at least… Screw it. We all know they’ve been stepping all over their dick for years now and Madden 25 will be the equivalent to Peter Moore raping you in a prison shower all while shouting “Take it you filthy little creatures! Take it all! Here comes the DLC and you’re gonna take it too!”

    Although I’ll probably end up grabbing my ankles eventually, it doesn’t mean I’m going to start stretching now.

  • They spent time making sure the players dont fall over eachother between plays, YAY

    Game will be the same piece of crap it is every year. Cant have any defense in games because the 12 year old that had his mom buy him the game wants points and cries if he cant get it, so thats who EA caters to.

    Pretty much the country’s favorite sport, yet it has the worst sports game out out of the big 5 sports.

    • bobbo

      falling all over themselves was the best part of last year’s game. I loved watching them hanging all over each other like a prison shower scene.

  • Keith.

    Rex Dickson, who is the creative director of the EA Sports football group that includes both Madden and NCAA Football, told one of EA’s favorite media outlets, Jon Robinson, that:

    “We’ve also added in combo moves with the right analog stick, almost like you’re playing ‘Street Fighter.’”

    Yep, these are the clowns who I want to see making football games. Sheesh.

    • Greg

      You do realize they mean that one move can continue into another move in fluid animations right? Nba 2k had the same thing with there right analog stick and having L2 being a modifier in 2k12 and you cans still string together dribble moves in 2k13

  • Keith.

    And after 20+ years of seeing defensive players chase the ball carrier single-file style all the way down the field, I’ll believe they improved defensive pursuit angles when I see it.

  • Greg

    According to Operation Sports there has been pretty good feedback on the running and blocking from early hands on impressions. And they gave links to articles. Hopefully the running system will be good.

    • Keith.

      Every one of those “hands-on impressions” articles was written by an EA Game Changer, and came from a website (Under the Code) that has nobody but Game Changers on its staff.

      Even worse, EA had an embargo on the previews from all other EA Day Media attendees until 9 a.m. this morning. In other words, EA allowed the Game Changers at UTC to have the exclusive first previews out last night.

      Yeah, that’s the kind’ve unbiased coverage that will have me forget what my eyes were shown by the trailer. LOL What a joke.

      • baumy300

        Asking an EA “Game Changer” if they think the game is improved is like asking a North Korean what the best country in the world is.

        Both are brainwashed by a large, evil power and will tell you that “It’s really not so bad” or feel the repercussions.

  • Hopefully they won’t revert the connected careers back to the former one before the patch.

    I’d rather have my own custom rosters from the get go and play franchise.

    • Get rid of connected careers and bring back Franchise mode!

  • CMDeep

    Great, just what I always wanted- a fighting game in my football sim.
    Thank you Madden team.

  • skeptic

    the sky is fallling!!
    talk to me in August, EA has no credibility

  • Hungryandrew

    Heat seeker tackling, devastating combos just like street fighter? Dam time for this exclusive bullshit to end, this is a joke!!

  • Tony Adams

    I wonder why they only showed xbox

  • ke3t

    LMAO Street Fighter. I’m out.

  • juwannaman

    I remember playing nfl blitz when they had the cheerleaders on the screen, my mom didnt complain. also how does the nba get away with nba jam the whole shoving to the ground, but goodell flips out about the late hits or hard hits?

  • GKage

    Ok wait..I played Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition for a good while(free on PS Plus)…and I do not remember a time where any combo required me to use the right stick.

    I swear there better not be a Dragon Punch/Shoruyken combo in there…

    • Hungryandrew

      Theres gonna be a lot of sonic booms passing through the football field

  • Hungryandrew

    So if I’m running towards the endzone, will I get taken down by a blindside pyscho crusher?

    • GKage

      M. Bison gon float there and be like “No touchdown for you..*dramatic camera angle* “

  • gunner

    And Peter Moore wonders why EA is two time Worst Company? Also Pasta, EA is laying off 10% of staff, equaling 900+ people. I’m sure Madden will take a hit in this.

  • Michael P

    Can we at at least edit player positions this year? Believe it or not, that was actually a major factor why I didnt buy madden last year. Among other things…

    • Chiryder

      umm. They fixed that.

      • smsixx

        Yeah they did…and here was the result…
        You could not make a CB a S or vice versa.
        You could not make a DL a LB (this was key for franchise users who changed schemes).
        You could not swap a T to G or vice versa.
        The only major change you could do was change an inside or outside linebackers position.
        Oh yeah…and i forgot to mention that if you even attempted to edit the players number or position his arms shrunk to the size of a 160 pound man (it was hilarious seeing Ndamukong Suh with Jason Hanson sized arms.)
        So yeah…I guess “they fixed it”.

        • Chiryder

          See, you didn’t say all that. You said you just wanted to be able to edit player positions.

  • Hungryandrew

    Next Gen’s Madden’s big feature, will be FATALITIES!!!

  • Chiryder

    So unless there are combo moves on defense. Danny Woodhead is going to MURDER defenders.

  • Steven

    I feel like everyone is overreacting to the street fighter comment. What it sounds like is they are trying to emulate what Fifa does for their dribbling moves, which isn’t too bad of an idea. I mean having a juke right, juke left and spin move as the only moves you can do on a next gen game is kind of ridiculous, isnt it?

  • i wish 2k was coming back

  • mikemck09

    Oh my gosh… I wish I could go back in time and unread that…

  • Hungryandrew

    Yoga FLAME!!!!

  • Why isn’t E.Honda on the cover?

    ^^^ Just look at that 3-point stance, dude. Tell me he’s not ready.

  • Greg



  • Greg

    Does this mean that Chun Li is in Madden now?

  • J2times

    New gimmicks, New Promises, No realistically playable broadcast view, same ol madden.
    the dark ages of videogame football continues. thanks EA.