No Tiger Woods Game Coming Next Year

Posted April 28th, 2013 at 2:30 pm


Despite producing one of the best golf games in a long time with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 the series won’t have a follow-up next year. Kotaku reports that EA Sports has canned the proposed next iteration of the product for all systems but will continue working towards a next-gen focused Tiger Woods 16.  

Official sales numbers for Tiger 14 are unknown. While Tiger 12 and 13 picked up steam in April it’s plenty telling that EA has not come out to tout the numbers this time around as they did then. Even if sales were steady year-over-year that the company individually licensed greats from the past to be included in the game thus increasing development costs which apparently have not delivered the expected returns. Regardless it seems EA feels it would not make fiscal sense for them to develop two different versions of Tiger with one treading water and the other offering true advancement on the new systems.

Tiger may be better off as a bi-annual release anyway given it lacks roster turnover that drives sales for league-licensed games while its reliance on expensive downloadable content that has to be re-upped with every subsequent title has become a point of contention.

Also affected in personnel cuts at the Tiburon studio is the NBA Live series which already had low expectations and changes there can’t be perceived as anything but troubling particularly considering instability comes at a critical point in development. It might be more surprising that the company hasn’t just shut down NBA for good.

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  • Jickmt

    Not that we need a new golf game every year but its scary when good games start getting shut down cause of money. We already only have one company making basketball, baseball, football. Sooner or later we may lose those too.

  • hav664

    im ok with this. make a really great nextgen game rather then port the same old thing over. we can go a year without tiger. ive been skipping every other year of it since they only really add good things every other year as it turns out.

    • GKage

      I would be ok with it too. But then I remind myself that taking more time doesn’t necessarily equal having a great game.

  • Keith.

    Told ya so, Pasta! Given how terrible TW’s sales numbers are, I can’t say anybody should be surprised. That’s what you get when you try selling a $59 game for $120 every year.

    The Kotaku article said NBA Live team also got whacked, just like I had speculated. Tough times for EA — hello NFL2k15!

    • dave travis

      From your lips to God’s ears on NFL2K, or any company doing a pro or college football game, really

    • An NFL 2k game is not going to happen within the next 5 years. Why would you think it would be any good, anyway? No one that worked on NFL2k5 would be there. MLB2k5 was decent, too. Fast forward ten years, and they are releasing a steaming pile of dog shit every year.

      • Keith.

        Complete nonsense. From what I remember, most if not all of the NFL2k team members went over to NBA2k, and we all know how that’s turned out.

        In reality, it wouldn’t take 2k more than 6 months to update the NFL2k/APF2k engine using the knowledge they’ve learned over the last 8 years developing NBA2k on the 360/PS3. Even if they just touched up the graphics (which shouldn’t be hard to do), threw in the same number of camera angles that NBA2k uses (also shouldn’t be hard to do), added in-game saves (ditto), and some updated commentary
        from Dan and Peter (not sure if these guys are still around), they’d already have a better game than what Tiburon has been offering these last 8 years. And you’re probably talking 5 million in sales, easy — the hype of 2k finally returning to NFL football after 8 long miserable years would be through the roof.

        • Name

          I think the NBA 2K series is also shit, its just better compared to what Live was

        • So you’re saying basketball is the same thing as football?

  • Tom

    If there was one game where this was economical, this was it. I wish the best for it as it’s potential success can only have a positive impact on the other licensed games around the market

  • Thats fine, I’m sure the new Xbox plays a huge role. This game is very good, and they might as well spend the money into making a next gen title. It’s a smart financial decision.

  • Golf games don’t need to be a yearly release. It’s not like there is a major influx of new golfers that need to be put in the game or anything. I think they should just keep a 2 year cycle for Tiger, and maybe put some teams on building the next-gen football games separate from the current ones, that way they can really come out with a bang next year.

  • Wow! As I read this the first thought that came to mind was how prophetic Keith has been about the current Tiger being the last! He’s been saying this for months now! Kudos to you sir! I think this is the only move EA Sports has under the circumstances. Keith has documented how poorly the sales of Tiger 14 are going, and we’ve all seen the drastic sale prices on a game that’s barely a month old. Another current-gen iteration of this game based on a now fragile game engine would probably fare worst than Tiger 14. EA needs to focus on a solid new game engine that takes full advantage of the new Gen-4 hardware. I’m all for this and it’s good to see EA make a sensible business move for a change!

    • Keith.

      Thanks, man. Not to pat myself on the back, but looking back I also correctly predicted Riccotello’s ouster (though he managed to hang on longer than I thought he would), the 2013 EA sales disappointments (DS3, Crysis3, Army of Two), the NBA Live cuts, and some of EA’s legal woes. Just hope I’m right with my big money prediction, i.e., that we’ll be seeing somebody other than Tiburon get a shot at making an NFL game sometime soon. At that point, I could finally care less what EA and its band of Tiburon misfits did or didn’t do.

  • I’m good with this. Tiger really doesn’t need to be updated yearly. They can live off DLC for the year off.

  • MoneyMayweather

    EA sucks give up the NFL license and give it to 2k.

    • dave travis

      Give up the ncaa football one as well

  • Its not bad for games like MMA, golf, tennis, etc to take a year off between games. Not much seems to change the company can throw out updates for those games during the year break.

  • The game was really great this year. Anybody hating on it is pretty sad. I hate the overpriced DLC as much as the next guy, and understand the bad feelings EA has created, but it’s not like all the struggles in the video game industry are going to lead to NFL 2K rising like a phoenix from the ashes and leading us into utopia,

  • 49ersfan1

    wait, golf is a sport?

  • gamingbus

    Good move. Tiger’s been getting tired, and frankly, they should really focus on making it so that characters you create in 16, and DLC you buy, move onto the next versions.