Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition Exclusive to Amazon

Posted May 17th, 2013 at 11:30 am


Amazon today posted listings for the Anniversary Edition of Madden NFL 25 which will be exclusive to the online retailer. The special edition will include 17 packs for Ultimate Team distributed over 17 weeks (each features 2 rare players, 4 silver, and 4 bronze) and exclusive offers that will benefit very few for NFL Sunday Ticket. The price will be $100. 

♦For fans who are not currently DirecTV subscribers but are able to receive DirecTV service, they will receive a promo code entitling them to $10 off per month for their first year of service and one year of NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional charge.

♦For fans who are already DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers, you can access NFL Sunday Ticket on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices using your current DirecTV username and password.

♦For fans unable to receive DirecTV service, each Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition will include a unique code to access the 2013 regular season (17 weeks) trial of NFL Sunday Ticket on computers, tablets, and mobile devices- including access to the award-winning Red Zone Channel.

Keep in the mind that the third group – “fans unable to receive DirecTV service” – would be very limited in scope and not those who simply have cable instead of DirecTV. That is for the people who can’t get DirecTV where they live. So the Anniversary Edition of Madden NFL 25 will really only appeal to hardcore Ultimate Team players and those starting new service with DirecTV or that fall into that specific group that can’t get DTV even if they wanted to.

For $40 the savings might make sense for them. For everyone else there would be no reason to buy the special edition over the standard one. It’s especially perplexing that the Anniversary Edition of Madden wouldn’t include anything related to the franchise’s history.

If you do decide to purchase any version of Madden NFL 25 through Amazon doing so through this link helps to support the site and future giveaways!

[UPDATE] Under the current terms posted DTV has the right to reject access to the mobile service for anyone that has the ability to buy their full service but don’t have it and for those who are already subscribers but not to Sunday Ticket. Regardless of whether EA says that will or will not happen (they say it won’t) DTV is the one who will end up making the call come September. Unless the terms on the product page are changed there is risk in purchasing with the expectation of taking advantage of the Sunday Ticket deal. Considering DTV’s history of business practices, and the intentional language throughout the terms to give them these very clear outs, the Anniversary Edition can not be recommended at this time.

[UPDATE #2] I’ve now called in and spoken to DirecTV representatives, as have others, and been told unless verification is made determining you are unable to get DTV service where you live (based on satellite positioning or living in an apartment building) you will not be granted access to the anything this deal offers. Again…buyer beware unless the language of the terms is altered.

[UPDATE #3] In the weeks since the announcement of the Anniversary Edition, Amazon has added a FAQ to the listings that should be sufficient in easing the minds of those concerned with the fine print of the deal. If DTV backed out and didn’t allow people to use the code then it should be enough to go back to Amazon with for a refund.

  • I almost bought this edition thinking I would receive a year free of Sunday Ticket thanks Pasta for looking out

    • I get all of this for free online already. It’s sweet being able to see every game in every sport all across the globe for free. I actually became a big fan of Rugby because of it.

      Madden I wouldn’t even take for free, they’d have to PAY me to take a free copy of THAT mess.

    • DaStrongSKRAWN

      A free year of Sunday Ticket? Haha, you wish. Shoots, I WISH!

    • adudeok

      you’re going to be mad when you missed out on this deal because pasta told you the wrong information. Anyone will be able to access with the code, EA marketing has stated as such already and said Pasta was wrong.

      • I’m absolutely not wrong as the language in the terms are clear. If people want to take a risk on it then that is their decision, but I certainly would not be comfortable telling people to buy it. What EA says really doesn’t matter. It’s DTV that has the ability to prevent people from receiving the service based on the terms. So unless those are altered on the product page my assessment on the Anniversary Edition will not change.

  • Keith.

    “They could give [NFL2K] away for free, scotch taped to a ham sandwich and we’re still going to beat them.” Jeff Brown, Vice President of Corporate Communications, EA, Sept. 14, 2004.

    Here we are, almost a decade later, and now EA’s the one giving away M25 for free, scotch taped to a half-a$$ed NFL Season Ticket package, thanks to the NFL’s other partner in crime, Directv. Funny what year after year of declining sales will make a company do.

    • Black Power … Ranger

      I’m surprised 2k hasn’t flown you out for a personal interview by now. Surely you have other useful things to do besides spreading negativity on anything remotely positive associated with EA…

      (Because we know when 2k’s titles have issues being discussed, you’re nowhere to be found).

      • Keith.

        Ain’t just me, brother — took an awful lot of negativity from an awful lot of other people for EA to win WCIA two years running. Directv isn’t exactly anybody’s favorite monopoly either.

  • MistaPerfectJT

    So just to be clear on the last part…I AM eligible for DirectTV as far as location goes, so the code would NOT be able to be used on my PS3/Mobile/PC?

    Just making sure I read these things right….cable and satellite companies are shady enough as it is, haha.

  • Matt Z

    So if I subscribe to Directv but not sunday ticket how does this work? This is the most confusing promo I’ve ever seen.

    • If you subscribed to DTV service, you’d get a year of Sunday Ticket for free (something all new subscribers get anyway) plus $10 off each month’s bill for the first year.

      • Mike Jones

        Yeah I had that this past year and it was awesome…Not paying for it tho…

  • MistaPerfectJT

    So just to be clear, I AM eligible to receive DirectTV, so I couldn’t use this code to activate Sunday Ticket on my PS3/PC/Mobile?

    Cable/Satellite companies are shady enough as it is, so wanted to make sure I double checked. Aside from that, still not a bad deal just for the MUT stuff…but that loses it luster after having to grind for coins and the high disco rate during PvP games

    • As the terms are written, you would not be receive anything unless you signed up for DirecTV. PS3 access is not mentioned anywhere which is because this is a DTV promo meant to increase their subscriptions. Except for people who can’t subscribe to them because of their current location or restrictions (like certain apartment complexes I suppose) who can benefit from this.

      • Not true, because PS3 and computer access use the same log in. I buy the computer package every year, and each year use it on my PS3.

        • Shopmaster

          Yea, I was going to say the same as Nik. They are not going to update their terms cause they want ppl to get the DTV subscription. I know a couple of people that use their PC code last year for their PS3.

  • dave travis

    “It’s especially perplexing that the Anniversary Edition of Madden wouldn’t include anything related to the franchise’s history.”

    Not suprising to me, not suprising at all, SMDH

  • CJ Spears

    I’m building a new house and will be moving in soon. I’ll be installing DirecTV. I wasn’t even planning on getting Madden this year, but it may be worth it just to get the free Sunday Ticket. Lol! Paid a nice little chunk for it last year.

    • Jese Hall

      Does it still cost close to 300 dollars per year?

      • CJ Spears

        I can’t remember for sure, but that sounds about right. May have been $250? It’s worth it tho. My local channels put some awful games on and being in the Memphis area, EVERY Titans game.

  • Denny

    Two exclusive license holders have partnered up to try and scam people with a deal that wont be that for most people who buy it. And im supposed to be surprised?

  • from reading the amazon link it’s clear to me that, anyone, whether they have
    DTV or not, can access the full 2013 season (17 weeks) of DIRECTV NFL Sunday
    Ticket on computer, mobile and tablet devices.

    I read on another forum that it’s been confirmed

  • Shopmaster

    It doesn’t matter if you have DTV or not, you can access the full 2013 season of DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, mobile and tablet devices.

    • Based on the current terms as posted that is inaccurate. And with DirecTV’s history of deceptive practices no one should believe that until it’s actually in writing. If that is the case however, which would be great, they need to update the terms before anyone should buy expecting that access.

  • Technically if you live in an apartment building, etc. where you aren’t allowed to install your own dish, then you are unable to receive DirecTV.

    • Yes. But I wouldn’t buy it without assurances you’d qualify under that circumstance.

  • MoneyMayweather

    NFL sunday ticket online service quality is perfect best thing I ever gotten.

  • Kevin

    As someone who is in the small group who can’t receive DirecTV or Sunday Ticket, looks like I’ll be getting this for Sunday Ticket. Great news.

  • Confused

    Already have DTV
    Have received Sunday Ticket for 2 years, so what’s in for me?
    Will they now disconnect my Sunday ticket app? Make me buy something I don’t currently need to view Sunday ticket?
    Sounds fishey….

  • Confused

    Why was the big rumor, (at the DTV convention in Vegas last month) that DTV is losing to much money on Sunday Ticket, and will be ending this service soon. Mr White himself ducked the question. Apparently we will eventually get used to purchasing these broadcasts per game, one at a time.
    Why can’t a storied, 20yr old product just evolve normally, where the game itself is desirable enough to purchase it confidently?
    When was the last time anyone bought Madden confidently?
    It seems every year they package some special edition to distract you from actually thinking about the purchase.
    Shitty is, as shitty does…

  • Glad I read this, I would have been out of money when I could have saved it. Thanks Pasta!

  • That is not the terms listed on the product page. “For fans unable to receive DTV service” is NOT the same as “if you don’t have DTV”.

    • theyev updated the terms to say if you have direct tv and dont have sunday ticket, youll get sunday ticket on pc and mobile for free

      • I’m looking at the terms page right now and it does not say what you’re suggesting.

  • Victor E. Quintana

    Based on all the recent updates, I’m inclined to believe that you get all the online and mobile access if you choose to not subscribe to DTV but if you wanna watch it on your TV you must subscribe. Is that how this is working? I currently live in an apartment and I’ll be between apartments when this game is released so I definitely wouldn’t be able to subscribe even if I wanted to AND, all I want is the mobile access anyway so, IN THEORY, I should be able to benefit yes? YES??

    If I’m denied access to I at least have some sort of claim being that at the time of release I’ll be living staying with friends while I wait for my apartment to officially become available for me to move into?