Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise Detailed; Owner Mode and Requested Features Return

Posted May 20th, 2013 at 2:30 pm


The transition from a standard Franchise mode to Connected Careers with Madden NFL 13 was widely enjoyed but also loudly opposed. Omitting features that segments of consumers were passionate about – many were patched in later but the damage had been done – and not being able to easily communicate the evolution of Franchise concepts made it a contentious situation for EA Sports to handle. Now with Madden NFL 25 the mode has been renamed Connected Franchise and a number of additions and improvements made with the hopes of satisfying those who took issue with the mode last year.

That Owner Mode was a major feature for Madden NFL 25 has been known for a month but now there’s confirmation of importing draft classes returning to work with NCAA Football 14. Offline control of all 32 teams is also back and a transaction log – perhaps the biggest mistake of all that was left out last year – has been added. Adjusted XP levels should help make progression rate more realistic and new legends have been added to play through careers controlling. No mention of presentation upgrades however and the lack of in-game ties to league standings and developments were a major deficiency that needed addressing.

  • Black Power … Ranger

    So, with the ability to edit draft classes, are they scrapping the stories they had for the “generic” draftees?

    • Imported draft classes won’t have storylines. Otherwise those are still a big part of the mode.

      • thealphaturtle

        I always thought it would have been cool if they had a website similar to team builder where people can build their own draft classes and add stories if they choose.

        • GoMadden

          That’s a pretty interesting idea. I’d definitely like to see more community-developed Madden stuff that can be shared.

          • thealphaturtle

            community and EA usually don’t go together without the word “hate” in between

          • JJ

            Yeah thats not going to happen, it makes too much sense.

  • Rusty

    I’ve always wanted more in depth scouting… I would LOVE to actually be in the stands at the scouting combine watching the players run the 40, bench press, etc… THAT would be a really cool feature.

  • GoMadden

    I’ve heard from Shopmaster that Custom Playbooks will also be working in Connected Franchise. No word yet on Gameplans.

  • Joshua Hoch

    This is great. Maybe there is hope for Madden NFL after all!

  • GKage

    It’s nice that they’re finally including things that were in 04, but overall that doesn’t really excite me. I’m eager to see what their next-gen offering will be; Will they take 3 steps back and 1 step forward again like 06 to 07, and 07 to 08? Time will tell.

  • Los Guttierrez

    Praise God!

  • Curtis Leon Douglas

    32 teams and owners is back thank you god

  • BillyWicked

    hey pasta is mini games going to make a return?

  • Akhilleus

    Pasta, any word on offline fantasy drafts?

  • Jack

    So their big announcement is that they’re adding in stuff that should’ve never been taken away in the first place?

    • Chris

      Taken away not accurate… With the putting the modes together bit they didn’t have time to integrate these things. It was either this or other things that they thought would make the mode less playable. Or so was their excuse last year… Just sayin…

  • The gaming Messiah

    I will not be surprised if NCAA allows the ability to do some of the same features with regards to dynasty mode just as they did on the last generation console. In eight days it shall be revealed.

    -Listen, and my words will save you.

  • no updated presentation….they are years behind on that element….thats pathetic.

    • Details

      Agreed! If they don’t update the presentation that’s gonna be so lame smh. Madden’s presentation is severely lacking. Will we have in game highlights from games going on around the league? Halftime & postgame shows? Updated commentary? Please don’t tell me they didn’t touch these things. Come on EA!

      • Andrew

        game updates would be nice, but highlights from non-played games? that would be pretty challenging

  • mikemck09

    Crazy, everyone is praising Madden for simply bringing back features that were in the game since 08. I guess people are as stupid as EA thought they were, everyone seems to be drooling at the mouth over recycled features. Its a real shame! This is not an effort whatsoever from EA, I don’t care what anyone says.

    • wolf onatshirt

      It’s like dog owner psychology. Take away a dog’s treat for a few months. Bring it back and they will go crazy over it.

      EA got the customer psych on lock! #brainwashed

      • Keith.

        I wouldn’t have even known that hot dog price mode had been removed if EA and the Game Changers weren’t out there promoting it as a new feature this year. Thought that stuff was lame in 2004, so I’m not doing cartwheels reading about its return tonight.

        Any word yet as to in-game saves? Realistic penalties, special teams play and/or ball physics? How about the 2 minute warning CPU AI? Still running the ball from their own 20 when down by 8 with under a minute to go? Or replays — are they using actual TV broadcast camera angles for these, like MLB The Show and NBA2k, or do we still get Tiburon’s “beyond broadcast” crap for yet another year? Anybody in Orlando figure out the cause of the game freezes, or is that something that will have another 30+ page thread over at OS by December again? Too bad there’s never a blog for any of these questions (or ANY development time spent fixing them).

        • kbomb1upc

          I bet even if the next Madden had in-game saves, realistic penalties, better special teams and better play calling you will still have a new list of things to complain. Can’t please everyone.

          • Keith.

            MLB The Show, NBA2K, NFL2K5, BB and even NHL have all met or exceeded my expectations. You can keep making excuses for Tiburon, though. Some people have been doing it for 9 years.

      • mikemck09

        You nailed that one on the head dude!

    • Details

      Exactly lol. EA is brilliant at this! Their marketing strategy is genius I must say. Most of these casual madden players probably don’t even realize that we most of these rehashed “new features” were in the game last gen smh. Will we ever get custom gameplay cameras back like we had over 10 years ago!? SMH

      • AndyMP

        It wouldn’t shock me if there was a huge announcement about a new feature called the “Tony Bruno Radio Show” in the next few weeks.

    • Curtis Leon Douglas

      Mike I feel yu too but im just happy that they finally listen to what we yu dont know. How hard it was not to have real nfl football

  • Mike Straw Jr.

    Will we still be able to play the individual games in owner mode or will it be like NFL head coach?

    • You can still play the games even when in Owner mode if you want to.

      • gotitans142521

        So owner mode will basically be a normal franchise, wherein you still do all of the playing, signing, scouting, drafting, etc, but with all of the old retread features added in, correct?

    • Curtis Leon Douglas


  • renojedi

    Still no create a team?

    • Dippy

      What happened to exporting teams and using them in unranked games? This is a very important feature for our offline league.

      Of course it will be 2017 before they bring back a feature we already had that was scrapped.

      • 49ersfan1

        it’ll be called a new feature.

  • That’s great that they are bringing full 32 control back, but what about full editing that was in Madden 12, is that coming back?

  • Tom

    Granted, I’ve been a huge madden hater in the past, but to the people saying this should have been implemented years ago… C’mon man! We know but better late than never. And we now have a bright future to look forward towards.

  • SMH thanks for putting everything back.. still waiting on the new info

  • Mike Jones

    I’m taking my team to London mos def….London Jags FTW lol

    • 49ersfan1

      my teams going to Mexico!

  • SJ13_BILLS

    These features don’t mean a thing if the in-game play and presentation is still boring as all. Let’s hope the key players on each team at the least got new scans.

  • Robert Turner

    Will Importing NCAA draft classes work for online multiplayer Franchises as well as single player? or just single player?

  • Mason Drews

    The Cowboys are NOT an “Attacking 3-4” anymore. They hired Monte Kiffin in arguably their biggest move of the offseason. -_-

  • It is interesting, but I wouldn’t be surprised 5-10 years into the mode its gets crazy. Bad contracts, too many relocation, bad player development, etc.

    • 49ersfan1

      hopefully CPUs cant relocate. unless its like one team every 5 or so years then thats fine.

      • The Great Leon

        That wouldn’t be too bad. It needs restrictions, the last game that had to relocation was bad. I know Mexico City always took a team. They didn’t have much creativity for the stadium or stadium. Commentators should acknowledge the move too.

        • Bryce

          This year they will acknowledge the move, that’s why they used all the ready made teams that you could choose to change to, this way they don’t just speak of how good your “home team” just won the super bowl

  • fantasyboi

    yup. this is probably a hint the NCAA will b awesome…

  • Rocco Fernandez

    Are custom playbooks back in? Can we change players positions?

  • Darius

    I wonder if I can actually switch my olb to mlb’s or g’s to c’s if I wanted to

    • Black Power … Ranger

      I read that you can, but only in the offseason. The reason being that the game would have to generate the season goals for the player.

  • Dan

    Pasta.. You need to take EA to the cleaners, man. You’re in a rare position where you actually have a platform that might be of interest to a company like EA. I understand that Madden fuels this website, but I doubt calling them out on their shortcomings would jeopardize your sites success. We can’t sit here and continue to allow EA to push out mediocre bullshit year in and year out. Do the developers of this game even watch football on Sundays? I would venture to believe the answer is NO. There is nothing realistic about playing this game. For example; On average, defensive pass interference is called 4.6 times per game. I’ve NEVER seen defensive pass interference called in my 9 years of playing Madden. I’ve also NEVER seen delay of game called on the computer. It’s small nuisances like these that tarnish the game. You simply can not replicate/simulate an actual NFL game when the very basics (penalties, intelligent substituting based on match-ups etc.) are left unaddressed. Every year I have to sit on the settings screen and spend HOURS manually adjusting the sliders in hopes that I; (THE FREAKIN’ CONSUMER), can manufacture a decent product. It’s sort of like buying a brand new car and the dealer telling you that you have to install the engine and tires yourself. It appears that EA is trending towards the arcade audience, so where does that leave actual NFL fans who are seeking an actual football simulation? Quite frankly; everything about Madden is pathetic and it’s time we do something about It. Lead the way pasta!

    • What do you want me to to? Every year I try to hold them accountable, and express ways to improve the series.

      • No Pasta, NO.

        Bullshit. Every year, you write a rave review on Amazon and direct your readers to go there to and purchase the game so you can get paid. You’re just as bad for sports gaming as EA Sports is. You’re one and the same, a blood sucking disease against sports gamers everywhere.

        • Hilarious. You have an odd definition of “rave review” if you think that’s what I’ve produced after evaluating the game every year and laying out its strengths and weaknesses. And I encourage no one to buy a game. If they choose to do so, doing it through the links helps to support the site. Just like I mention with EVERY game whether that is 2K or SCEA.

          It still confounds me that I can represent about the only outlet that really takes a consumer-centric stance and refuse to bow to these companies, yet still get comments like yours. Just comes with the territory I suppose.

          • pasta i think you have done a great job even when we had issues you have stayed the course . but what some these guys dont understand is this the last madden that will have all of this in it. next-gen his here . ea does this every new system that comes out the fully blow out every thing the could do. that could fit the engine. that’s why you see the money focus on future gen system and games.

        • GoMadden

          Pasta is about as objective as you’ll find on Madden, or EA games in general for that matter. Do you not follow their Twitter? Have you not read any of their articles? Or do you just open up a story and CTRL+F for the words “ESPN 2k5” and leave a nasty comment when you don’t find anything?

          I agree with Curtis. Pasta does a great job of highlighting things they like, and bringing attention to things they don’t.

      • Dan

        Do you think they would be willing to do a live podcast where you can ask them user submitted questions? I know they do this type of stuff via twitter and other social media outlets but nobody is every there to hold them accountable. They hand-select certain questions that require simple, brief answers, and most of the questions they select tend to come from the casual fans, not the true die-hards seeking an accurate portrayal of NFL football. Some of the things that need to be addressed are so simple in theory, that I can’t help but think we’re being taken advantage of. I’m not sure about the licensing and how that all works, but is there a chance another company will have a crack at developing a football game? We are in desperate need of a savior. Thanks, Pasta.

  • mikemck09

    Will they bring back Pass Interference in M25? They should add that as a New Feature as well…

  • JJ

    Heres hoping it doesn’t take 4 hours to sim through one season.

  • people can hate all they want i was the biggest madden basher. because pasta will tell i jumped on him alot but he allways made a good arguement. not to give up madden

  • Boyce1381

    Here’s my question…Do stadium upgrades actually show up in the game?

  • Wale Olaogun

    Shouldn’t harp on this, but why is it that the Jaguars owner in the screenshot is the one relocating? It’s a tired and annoying misfact about my team.

    • Bryce

      It’s because the stadium rating and the fan unhappiness ratings in the game make them one of a few prime canidates to be allowed to relocate in year 1 of CF. The Raiders have also been confirmed as able to relocate in the first season based on that same merit. If the team plays better and upgrades their stadium, they can save themselves but should you want to pull the cord on the project in Week 3 of the regular season you can begin the relocation process

  • I wonder if the features for the XBOX ONE version going to be identical to the XBOX 360 one, or will it be bare bones like Madden 06 was..

  • Caotico09


    1) Can you change player positions? CB-> S, OT-> G, OLB-> DE
    2) Do players progress some without playing stats? (IE: rookies should have increase even if they didnt start the first season).
    3) Hopefully the stat upgrade mechanics works better. For example if you have a crappy O-line but a really good LT, the LT will never grow because points are based on how the O-line did as a whole.
    4) More info on new scouting system?
    5) Has there been any tweaking of injuries? Penalties?

  • TobyLW

    Can I use multiple teams in like in the old Maddens in The Owner Modes?