Next-Gen FIFA Making Appearance at Microsoft Console Reveal Event Tomorrow

Posted May 20th, 2013 at 10:45 am


There have been plenty of indications that EA would have a presence at the Microsoft press conference which is set for tomorrow to debut their new console. That has now been confirmed as FIFA 14 will be shown off at the event. Whether Madden and NBA Live will appear remains unknown – it’ll either happen there or at an E3 press conference on June 10.

The rumors over some form of exclusivity to Microsoft from EA continues to be an intriguing possibility but it would be hard to believe FIFA would fall under that scenario unless it was limited to extra content. If anything Sony has been the stronger partner for FIFA which is a juggernaut worldwide. Microsoft nabbing FIFA even just for this event however is a big move and indicates a closer relationship with EA than maybe Sony would prefer.

  • tillac

    Hype rising, just dont tell me Fifa is next Xbox exclusive cause id like to be able to pick xbox or PS4 based on what they offer instead of what games are exclusive.

    • MoneyMayweather

      Isn’t that the point? MS is bringing exclusive games to the console where they can’t be played anywhere else

  • clint westwood

    You keep saying “The rumors over some form of exclusivity to Microsoft from EA”, like it carries some kind of weight. The only place I keep hearing of this rumor is your site. I don’t think that anybody who already wasn’t planning on buying the next Xbox, will be swayed by any EA exclusivity. I stopped buying any EA games a long time ago, and to this day, I still have never even owned a 360…and I’m quite positive that I won’t be buying any future EA games, even if they do come out on all platforms. If EA goes exclusive to Microsoft, I say good riddance. PS4 will be that much better without all the constant traps and schemes of a publisher like EA. I can only hope Sony is planning/developing their own sports lineup for the next gen. They would easily put EA out of business for good.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Holy crap dude FIFA only on next gen xbox could be a game changer and system seller if totally exclusive to the console I knew MS wouldn’t fail us this upcoming gen.

    • NatsSkinsWiz

      How is that not failing you? All they would be doing, if this weak rumor is true, is taking a game away from another system and their customers. This isn’t innovative or anything of the sort.

      This is EA willing to forget about customers or the relations with other companies if the price is right.