What Questions Do You Hope to Have Answered at E3?

Posted June 5th, 2013 at 4:45 pm


The biggest E3 in years takes place next week and with it an opportunity to get hands-on time with some of the games and get answers to some of the questions that have lingered in the lead-up to their respective releases.

Expect the next-gen related news and displays to be primarily limited (if not completely so) to the Microsoft, Sony, and EA press conferences that take place on Monday while current-gen will get the focus on the show floor.

Madden NFL 25, NCAA Football 14, NHL 14, and FIFA 14 will be the most accessible sports games at the event. 2K a while back confirmed they would not be attending E3 at all though NBA 2K14 could show up at a console press conference, PES 2014 has a behind-closed-doors presentation, and it’s still unclear whether there will be any backstage presentations from EA regarding their Xbox One and PS4 versions of games including NBA Live 14 and EA Sports UFC. Keep in mind those limited demonstrations often include embargoes as well.

Make note in the comments of anything you’d like to see or hear about from E3 next week and I’ll keep it all in mind while there. Obviously not every request will be met but between myself and all the others there covering the games there should be a great deal of information collected to go along with the individual insight on various aspects of each game in attendance.

  • Jesus

    The only thing I truly care about is Metal Gear Sold 5. Bring Hayter back.

  • Jesus

    Oh duh and 2k.

  • Buff

    Madden 25: will you have CPU vs CPU in offline franchise? If not will you patch it in? NCAA football: will you patch in a playoffs option? Will there be a NCAA 15 with the likeness case pending? Nba 2k14? Will Charles Barkley be involved in some form or fashion? Will you bring back college basketball? Football? Please!!!!

  • Rude Boy

    Madden & NCAA : Has coverage been improved? Has pass rush been ramped up?? Way too ez to pass.

  • HV

    I’d like to know if there are differences between current and next-gen versions, besides the engines. This goes for what is added for PS4/One, but also if something will be dropped due to lack of time in development or whatever.


    Does Microsoft respect MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL or not?

  • Samson

    I think the real question should be how EA plans to deal with the future of consoles? Are we finally going to start getting F2P sports titles?

  • Keith.

    Probably too early for much info on The Show for PS4, but that and NBA2K are the system seller for me.

  • real talk

    i have one question and its kind of lame but …will madden 25 finally have a nfl 2k5 type presentation with a halftime,post game and weekly recap show??? it makes your achievements in the game more sweeter and makes playing the game more compelling.. ya feel me!!!

  • hoodiii

    Will all features that are in Madden 25 for the current gen consoles be in the next Madden for the new consoles next year?


    I have a question for the community………..which console do yall think caters to the hardcoregammer!!!!!!

  • Iown You

    Okay, who are we kidding? This E3 is ALL about Madden 25 for XBOX One.

  • Chiryder

    I want to see if they really improved the stadium rebuilding…renovation. Or if it’s the same as it’s always been…back before Madden 13.

  • dreneel

    Will the third party games be ported over? If so what system will the games start for?

  • dreneel

    Will the third party game be ported over? Which system?

  • Kid Fleetfoot

    XBox always online? Are they serious? Will it change?

    PS4. Will PS3’s HOME virtual world be ported over? Small and not mentioned that often it does have a following and there are games in the HOME world.

  • MrE3

    We must at least see the new consoles play the sport titles, if not, I will feel like they don’t have anything interesting to show. That’s no way to create a buzz. Sony could really steal the show with playables

  • Logan Morrison

    In a previous article with achievements in NCAA 14, you as well as the acheivements showed there were drills/mini-games. I would like to know if the drills are in Dynasty or RTG. I would also like to know what kind of drills there will be.

  • Andrew Burns

    Bring back college basketball!!

  • I’m interested in what’s next for MLB. EA taking it back? Wii U ever going to get another sports game?