NBA 2K14 Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

Posted June 7th, 2013 at 5:45 pm


For NBA 2K14 once again 2K Sports is providing exclusive content for pre-ordering that won’t be specific to a single retailer. Last year it was the All-Star Weekend package and this time the incentive relates to cover athlete LeBron James.

The “King James” Bonus pack will be included in all pre-ordered copies whether it be at Amazon, Gamestop, or elsewhere and applies only to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. The PC is again being left out and plans for the Xbox One and PS4 will come at a later date.

The bonus pack mentions a new “Path to Greatness” mode which could be an offshoot of MyCareer or something more in line with 2K11’s Jordan Challenge. Unfortunately confirmed through this is the return of Virtual Currency which was arguably the worst part of 2K13¬†adversely infecting several modes and influencing how to play or spend to compete. Hopefully the system has been reworked based on complaints. The 10K VC included is $3 worth.

  • cahhe

    damn the vc coming back it ruined 2k13. a bunch of lebron stuff i couldnt care less about too.

  • PHZ-Sicks

    Dammit, VC is back. I’ll be okay if VC is there but they bring back salaries for MyCareer contracts. The whole VC screws up the money aspect and allows you to jump on any team and gives no incentive to stay with your team. There should be no way for my player to have three rings with the Suns but still be able to sign on to the Heat that still has Wade and LeBron with huge contracts.

  • clubsteve

    so all-star weekend is included this time?…..and no historic teams?

  • Bill

    I can’t wait for the Lebron challenge! There’s the “8 point” game, the “cough game”, the “there’s guys crying in the locker room now game”, the “elbow game”, the “no handshake game”, and u get to get swept by the spurs in the finals.

    • KentAZ


      Yeah, LeBron sucks, doesn’t he?

      You haters kill me.

      Get ready to disappear for the summer, like you did last year.

  • CSaint1994

    Could of sworn LeBron was one of the most hated players in the NBA, so why do I want things from him? Like sig skills and him on blacktop (which i dont even play….)

  • CSaint1994

    The sig skill is probably his crab dribble where he take 4 steps and no one calls a traveling foul

    • Robbie Boss

      Or just flopping. lol

  • I understand that feeling about it. Personally I think they’re minor enough to be shifted to a bonus, but I cant fault anyone who thinks they should be included regardless of pre-order. The All-Star content last year was probably a worse case than this set of stuff.

  • Greg

    Why in the hell would they bring back a feature that nearly everyone hated like VC? I just don’t get these game developers. Do they even listen to the gamers anymore?

    • The easy answer to that is it makes them money. Enough people paid for VC that they feel its worth agitating others over.

  • Mr2k

    man real shit 2k Made me sick of basketball how do you go from being the greatest from dreamcast to the new gen an become sorry with fake gameplay and graphics being ok in 2k12 then in 2k13 look like ass this is bull**** for real though an people may say I’m hatin but I’ve been a 2k fan but just cause I’m a fn doesn’t mean I give these halfassed games a pass come on man just cause there’s no competition doesn’t mean you developers can slack off.Its time gamers told the truth an stop letting them come out wit bad games I swear if 2k14 is like 2k13 I’m done with basketball.