Readying for Day Zero of E3 2013

Posted June 10th, 2013 at 6:00 am


E3 unofficially begins today with the major pre-event press conferences. Anticipation is exceptionally high with the new generation being a heavy focus – whether it be for the exciting aspects or dreading the direction the industry appears now to be headed. 

Today is all about the press conferences so expect big news from Sony and Microsoft with game announcements and demonstrations taking center stage.

EA will be showing off their next-generation titles including Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, and EA Sports UFC. The advantage to showing more of Live and UFC over Madden and FIFA is doing so won’t damage perception of current gen versions that come out before the new consoles arrive so they may get the majority of the time and discussion on stage. We already know eight gameplay features will be discussed for UFC alone. EA Sports also stated last month they would be making new game announcements at E3.

NBA 2K14 is expected to show up at a press conference. That will probably be Sony’s but with Microsoft trying to present the Xbox One as a destination for gamers, and paying publishers to be a part of that, the 2K14 appearance being there can’t be counted out either. EA will appear at Microsoft’s press conference in addition to their own to further discuss their strategic partnership.

The show floor opens on Tuesday at 3PM ET/Noon PT where current generation versions of Madden, FIFA, NCAA Football 14, and NHL 14 will be available to play.

Look for coverage on news as it breaks here throughout the day and then directly from the show floor on Tuesday and Wednesday. Follow on Twitter and Facebook for immediate info and reaction with stories following shortly thereafter. Press Row Hangouts and/or Podcasts recapping the events of each day could arrive as well.

Microsoft Press Conference (1230PM ET/930AM PT)
♦Watch with Microsoft’s live stream, on Xbox Live or Spike TV

Electronic Arts Press Conference (4PM ET/1PM PT)
♦Watch with EA’s live stream or GameTrailers

Ubisoft Press Conference (6PM ET/3PM PT)

Sony Press Conference (9PM ET/6PM PT)
♦Watch with Sony’s live stream

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  • The gaming Messiah

    Pasta, if you have less than 5 hours of NCAA 14 football footage, E3 was a failue…

    • Usually I spend the least amount of time with NCAA because a decent amount of gameplay footage, and even the demo, have already been out by this point. But that’s not the case this year so I’ll get more for it.

      • Iown You

        All I want to see is Madden 25 for XBOX One. I think we’re all curious about it.

  • Jackson

    Pasta, do you think it is likely that Sony will implement the same thing as Microsoft when it comes to used games?

    • I don’t think they can do the exact same thing because they’ve stated you won’t need an internet connection for gaming on PS4. But something along the same lines – quite possible.

  • Worried

    It looks like no playable versions of next gen Fifa, or Madden.
    I hope I’m wrong, cause the current gen stuff is gonna be useless

    • MoneyMayweather

      that sucks.