Recapping the Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Posted June 10th, 2013 at 11:00 am


The press conference today for Microsoft delivered a number of announcements and game reveals with many of them being exclusives. Before getting to the Xbox One the company showed off a redesign for the Xbox 360 that is available beginning today – styled similar to the One and smaller/quieter than the current 360. They also revealed that Xbox Live Gold will include two free games a month (until November) such as Fable III, Assassin’s Creed II, and Halo 3 making it similar to the popular PlayStation Plus service for a limited time.

Moving on to the Xbox One trailers and demonstrations for exclusive games included Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5, Project Spark, Halo, Dead Rising 3, and Titanfall. Enhanced SmartGlass capabilities were also shown off. Xbox Live will no longer have a cap on number of friends and MS points will be no more.

In what will be of great interest to sports gamers a Game DVR feature will record footage, Upload Studio will allow for editing and sharing in the cloud, and live broadcasts will be capable through a partnership with Twitch. Both Xbox One and PS4 then essentially deliver spectator mode for all games and ability to share highlights.

The Xbox One will launch in November for $500. Amazon now has it for pre-order. They also have some EA games up for pre-order and at $60 which is an indication prices may not be going up despite the rumors.

Going in to the event anything changing the general sentiment towards the Xbox One seemed unlikely. The entire focus was on games and game-related services today however which could resonate with many. What did you think of the press conference and has it altered your plans or consideration on purchasing an Xbox One?

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  • Keith.

    $500? And no mention of a baseball game? No thanks.

  • mike

    I’m buying

  • Smsixx

    The 500 dollar price tag was the only good news. I think we can now expect the PS4 to be the same price since they will try to acquire gamers who are still on the fence.

    • warrior808

      actually ps4 might be cheaper considering it doesnt need extra hardware like the kinect for xbox which is required and included.

      • warrior808

        called it, $399 for ps4! hell yea

  • I liked it! When can we pre-order on Amazon?

  • whats good

    wayyyyyy to expensive for me i will wait till the price drop and thats only if they give me full control over my games after purchase (like lending them to who i choose when i choose) no xbox one for me at launch sorry…ps4 your call

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    Been a loyal Xbox fan since the original Xbox. Not to sure if I will be getting the Xbox1. I prefer playing sports games on the Playstation, they seem to run smoother. Only thing keeping me with Xbox is the Halo franchise. I like the competitive multiplayer of Halo, its hard to stop playing that when you’re really good. Helps me cope during football season, because I don’t buy that garbage Madden. Its looking like I might go with a PS4 tho. Plus, Destiny will be getting exclusive content for the PS4 and that looks like it will be a better franchise than Halo ever was. Go Bungie.

  • hoodiii

    The only game that caught my interest was The Witcher which looked impressive. All of the other stuff not so much. Not sure if they have done enough to earn my money. A lot depends on what Sony does at their press conference.

  • xsong


    • rinodino

      I’m shocked that you guys are shocked at the price, they always start high, that’s why I’m waiting a year or two

  • Boyce1381

    Nope, still not getting one.

  • Skihawks

    I thought MS had a solid conference. Minimal talking and lots of games. Awaiting the EA press conference to hopefully see some in game footage.
    The $499 price point was expected. A console and Kinect included.
    Games that really looked awesome was Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Ryse.

  • warrior808

    I really didnt care for any of the games they showed. I’ll wait till next year to buy a next gen console. Got gta5 and the last of us that I’m looking forward to playing still on the current gen.

  • Iown You

    XBOX Done.

  • MoneyMayweather

    waiting for the EA conference and any xbox one PS4 NBA 2k news before I think about it.

    • KMillsZ19o

      2K14 Is going to be shown on PS4 tonight tune in to their conference

  • Jamal

    “They also revealed that Xbox Live Gold will include two free games a
    month which is similar to the popular PlayStation Plus service.”They did not say that, they said 2 free games until the

    Xbox1 is released big difference.

    • Correct. I just found that part out so I’ll fix it in the article.

  • dhall

    I honestly thought it would be more expensive. I’m happy with the price. Second, I don’t loan games out to friends anyway, nor do I purchase used games. I do my research first. So, I could give a shit less about not being able to loan games or the possibility of not being able to trade or buy used games. Very interested in Dead Rising 3, that was a surprise and it looked like a lot of fun…

  • GKage

    Nope still not buying. I won’t support their policies for Xbone. Voting with my wallet on this one.

    As for the conference, I watched it live and it just didn’t do anything for me. 2 free games a month is a step towards being like Plus, more shooters, and exclusives that didn’t excite. Project Spark was an interesting concept(sort of like a cooler looking take on LittleBigPlanet 2), but that was it for me.

    PS4’s Infamous Second Son has me interested since it revolves around Big Brother, as does the multiplatform Watch Dogs, especially since the confirmation of all the spying taking place by the gov in the last few days.

    Should Sony follow suit though with restrictive policies, I’m going to have to transition to Wii U/3DS(after not owning a Nintendo console since the 64) and/or PC, or just do something else entirely with my free time. I’ve seen arguments comparing Xbone to Steam, but Steam is not forcing me to subscribe to access my internet browser, other free services, and subscription services outside of Steam. Furthermore, PC gaming is not limited to Steam, driving very competitive pricing often throughout the year among different platforms offering PC games for sale. Not to mention things like mods that enhance games to another level and extend play time significantly.

    I always thought I’d be a gamer for life, as it’s been my favorite hobby for many years, yet this is the first time I’m seriously considering giving it up altogether.

    • Iown You

      “I’m going to have to transition to Wii U/3DS”

      Ha. That would be like giving up cigarettes, then climbing up on your roof and opening your mouth over a smoking chimney, LOL!

      Nintendo is garbage right now. Microsoft is transitioning to garbage before our eyes. If Sony fucks up, I’m done and going back to retro gaming exclusively.

  • Just a guy

    For all of you complaining about $500 – It’s actually CHEAPER (if you include inflation) than the ps3 when it came out.

  • Dreneel

    That roman game is right!!!

  • The Rock

    Well if you get a PC it’s going to be run on Windows. Guess who that’s made by?

    • Glenn Jacobs

      Yes it is, but the hardware would not be M$. And it would be capable of playing used games…

  • CSaint1994

    500$ is not a lot of money for this console…..

  • Warren20

    $500 and all control of content stays with the publishers? No thanks. This thing will no doubt sell out at launch, but after that stores will have pallets and pallets of them sitting around. Fail.

  • The Great Leon

    pass. With all the features of being causal, social media, entertainment system. Now the price, I just can’t see myself buying one for maybe 3 years unless they have a kick ass collection of games. Also the must be on part and used games sucks.

  • barney10

    This is the same price point that the previous generation started at and the price will gradually fall as the hardware ages. Also, for those of you who are expecting Sony to rescue us from the evil coporatism of Microsoft, you should consider that Sony has not detailed any of their plans regarding always online or used games. We don’t even know what the console looks like yet or what it will be priced at. You have 5 months to decide which Console you will buy (if any) so why are you rushing to judgement without all of the information?