Recapping the Sony E3 Press Conference; First Look at NBA 2K14 Next-Gen

Posted June 10th, 2013 at 7:45 pm


Sony opened their press conference with discussion on upcoming releases for the PlayStation Vita and PS3. Attention then turned to the PS4 which is definitely being pushed as a gaming platform as opposed to Microsoft who made gaming seem secondary until their presser today.

The actual console was finally put on display and after getting sidetracked on movies some exclusive games were announced like The Order: 1886, updates on the games shown at the event back in February were made, and a number of exclusive independent games had stage time. They also announced a new partnership with Bethesda for an Elder Scrolls MMO. The “Cloud Service” will launch in 2014 and provide access to PS3 games through Gaikai streaming.

The big news hit at the end with Sony announcing they would be placing no restrictions on used games and won’t be requiring online check-in. Gamers can now look to the PS4 as the most inviting console and home for where they buy third party games. Sony will also have a pay-for online service that will be less than $5 a month and include cloud saves, online multiplayer, discounts on games, and access to early betas. Just a massive move made by Sony today.

The PS4 will release this holiday season for $400. It is now up for pre-order at Amazon. Go get it and lets make the PS4 the dominant sports gaming console!

2K Sports appeared late in the show to debut the first look at the next-gen version of NBA 2K14. Sony needed the game to counteract the perception Microsoft has attempted to build that the Xbox One will be sports-central (despite Microsoft’s apparent lack of an MLB game). Brief footage included some on-court action and LeBron James talking to his digital representation. It wasn’t much and it was quite awkward looking but was drawn from the game and not CGI. Continue on to check out the video and leave all your thoughts in the comments! 

  • tap2001

    having lebron instead of kyrie is always a plus and footage looks better than the infinte engine that ea is pushing

    • Black Power … Ranger

      A) It’s the “Ignite” engine for next-gen, but I wonder if it’s something different or just a rebranding/extension of the infinity engine.

      B) Am I the only one that thinks it’s more of a coincidence that LBJ and Kyrie Irving are cover athletes? More than likely that’s just what it is, but still LOL.

    • Brady

      disagree about the footage looking better on 2k. however, the bigger issue is if the footage from Live was in-engine. I do not believe it is. That changes everything. Gameplay-wise 2ks gonna ball all over.

      • sdot




        MADDEN SAY iT
        2K SAY iT

      • CSaint1994

        At the conference for EA they clearly stated, that the games where being shown frim in game footage. I heard the dude say it. Now whether that was for one game and not the other idk.

        • Greg

          That was not in game footage from Live, that was CLEARLY CGI. Live is gonna suck again. They’re obviously hiding something that they didn’t want us to see. You tell me that they don’t have ANY in-game footage ready to show? The game comes out in October, which is really not that far off. 2K had it, why didn’t Live? They have it, they just didn’t want us to see it yet because it probably blows.

          • CSaint1994

            What they shown was off of their engine I know that much, and NBA Live isnt releasing for this gen, its only getting released for next. Bottom line is 2k looked just like what Live showed.

      • Skopin

        If I don’t judge by EA’s track record, and go only off the footage, I would guess that from 0:10 – 0:15 and 0:33 – 0:35 were from the in-game engine. You can see at 0:15 that the colors and skin texture change, and it looks like that’s the switch to the CGI.

        Again, this is just a guess, based off of nothing but the footage itself.

  • The Great Leon

    Sony can shut up and take my money.
    used games allowed
    don’t have to be online
    some of the games looked great.
    $400! is all

    • Mason Drews

      Not to mention superior hardware too (much more powerful system)… Microsoft could be in some (not much) but some financial trouble. With Windows 8 struggling, and this now happening – they’re definitely gonna lose some grasp on the console market.

      • Amen_Ra

        I don’t think their system is much more powerful

        • afridgetofar

          30% more powerful is the number typically thrown around. In today’s third party dominated market the differences are negligible but still a valid comparision point

          • Amen_Ra

            I didn’t hear the Sony machine was 30% more powerful

  • Black Power … Ranger

    Not gonna lie: 2k14 looked really good. I like that 2K basically responded to Live’s CGI with actual in-game footage. It shows me that they’re treating Live’s comeback seriously, whether fans do so or not, so I have faith that 2k won’t hold back for Next-Gen. Especially given that Live will be exclusive to it.

    I do want to ask, will gameplay be available for both 2k14 and Live tomorrow? Will we get gameplay videos? I remember it being mentioned that Live may be there but I don’t remember, and I’m not sure about 2k.

  • Keith.

    Just placed a pre-order for the PS4 on Amazon. NBA2k14 and The Show (next March) can’t get here fast enough for me.

    • smsixx

      Plays used games, no restrictions, has a killer exclusive lineup, and is $100 cheaper?
      Make that two amazon pre-orders.

      • Jordan

        Make It 3 , I’ve been an xbox fan forever but Sony has made it impossible for me to not want to choose them over Microsoft.

  • Vlpmonty

    Yea, the talking animation was awkward, but the gameplay was spectacular!

  • Stinkbait

    I’m Speechless… Rock on Sony!!!

  • Dylan Connolly

    I would love to pre order the PS4 but I always worry of ordering it on launch because of the problems technology usually has. I usually like to wait a couple months to sort the bugs or problems out, what do you think pasta? do you think these will be good launch consoles?

    • The Great Leon

      Amazon pre order said they wont ship til dec 31. The system is probably coming out in Nov with COD. PS3 came out early Nov.

    • clubsteve

      i agree with this guy….

  • real talk

    ps4 has my vote and money hands down

  • Weekend Roady

    Sony has me excited about the future of console gaming again. Preordered…

  • GKage

    Man….it’s been a long time since Sony has just flat out wowed me. 399?!?! No DRM at all?! They did put online multiplayer behind Plus, but plus offers plenty of value anyway with the amount of free games and discounts you get. I like that they did NOT force media apps behind Plus.

    Yea…Im getting a PS4

  • KMillsZ19o

    the jerseys are the same but the model looks good

  • Jarvis

    The player faces look amazing in 2k. They actually seem to show emotion. Kobe’s face when Lebron stole the ball surprised me.

  • warrior808

    this is great news for sports gamers. now that ea got rid of their online pass, we can buy used games and play online without having to buy an online pass. ps4 is awesome!

  • Dan H.

    Game. Set. Match.
    XBone is history already.

  • Trey Brooks

    just preordered my X ONE kids. Xbox 4 life !

    • Dylan Favorite

      enjoy your DOA discs! The NSA thanks you for your cooperation.

  • Stacks Getit

    Im a Live fan,was hoping for a comeback ……………….. looks like im copping 2k again this year. My condolences go out to my old friend NBA LIVE, we shared some great memories but its over.

    • Bamanutt

      Honestly, I was underwhelmed by Sony today

      I saw lots of lag & bugs today.
      The console does not look good
      The controller with screen built in? I’m not sold yet, how heavy? Battery drain? How will I use it, will I care? IMO the utilization of the second screen is better via Xbox one if I want it.
      I have hope for Sony but tomorrow will tell us alot more than today.

      • warrior808

        1. agree with you here, it was quite disturbing to the demo lag that much but im sure theyll get things straighten out by launch.
        2. what should it look like then? the console looks fine to me. i like the shape but most of all i like that its a whole lot smaller and looks lighter than the xbox one.
        3. not sure what youre talking about here. i think youre referring to the tablet they used in one of their demos. its probably gonna be an app like smartglass. thats not the ps4 controller.
        4. yesterday told us everything we needed to hear. ps4 will be cheaper than the one, ps4 will be able to play games without a need for an internet connection unlike the one. ps4 can play used games without the DRM policies unlike the one.

        yea it sucks now online play will require a psn plus subscription but honestly i think most ppl were expecting to hear that given the features that are included. psn will finally have cross game chat, game sharing, live streaming, etc. like xbox live so its not like we’re paying for the limited online services we had for ps3.

    • Black Power … Ranger

      IMO we can’t make a fair assessment of the Live series until we see gameplay, which I’m hoping will be available at E3 tomorrow.

      But the animation of Kyrie Irving dribbling the ball was most likely what it will look like graphically, and it looked pretty good.

      But we won’t be able to truly compare the two until we get gameplay video from both, and EA would be best served to make the game available tomorrow, especially if 2k won’t have it there.

  • CSaint1995

    Nba 2k14 looks just like NBA Live but i bet 2k fans wont admit it lmfao

    • MY_WORD

      Both player models look good………live needs to beef up their models a bit. I could care less how they look. How will they play? 2k is known for going animation crazy and live have too many glitches in their game. With two games on the market, neither company can afford to be lazy. Lets Go Live!!!

    • sdot



    • Keith.

      What NBA Live footage are you referring to? I’ve seen the clip of the guy standing there dribbling, which looked fine, and I’ve seen the clip of what appears to be in-game action, which I thought looked lame compared to current gen NBA2k even. Is the NBA Live footage available somewhere other than what they showed during EA’s presser? If so, I’d be interested in checking it out.

  • clubsteve

    leaning towards ps4 at this point….wasn’t expecting this.

  • kantankruz

    Ray Allen looked better than Lebron. Looks pretty nice though.

    • CSaint1994

      Well thats because 2k slimmed their players down like Live does, and Ray Allen fits the slim body type. Their you go.

  • Joey

    Man, I loved the commercial with Lebron! The NBA 2k franchise has little competition since NBA Live went extinct…I still hope they can continue to innovate and remain among the top 3 sports games with FIFA and Madden.

  • MBird

    No big brother features and a cheaper starting price? The decision between Microsoft and Sony should be easy or easier for a lot more people after this announcement, I know it is for me, definitely going PS4 now since I guess I don’t really need to play Gears or Halo. Actually, I think if Sony had followed Microsoft’s lead, I would have just been stuck with my PS3 and 360 for awhile longer. I wonder though, will Microsoft now bow to the pressure that Sony has just placed upon them, similar to the pressure that they received for Windows 8? Or is too late in the game to change up their US Government approved console?

  • Greg

    What was so awkward about the talking animation with Lebron? I thought it was pretty cool. But the gameplay was spectacular!

  • Trey Brooks

    The ps4 eye toy will be a 60.00 add on. Final price for ps4 460.00.

    • warrior808

      Here’s the breakdown of the costs to get the full experience of each console. Ps4: $400 system + $60 eye camera + $60 ps plus subscription = $520 total
      Xbox one: $500 system + $60 Xbox live subscription = $560 total

      HOWEVER, For $400 on ps4 you will still be able to play games (of course not online) and have access to all your media apps. Xbox one on the other hand requires you to pay the $560 plus be connected to the internet at all times in order to play games and have access to your media apps. Overall the ps4 has the better approach for the fact that there additional stuff isn’t required to PLAY games unlike Xbox one. Not everyone cares for the eye camera/kinect so its good on Sony that they made it optional.

      • Amen_Ra

        who gives a damn about the eye toy anyway

  • CSaint1994

    And lets be completely honest. Each game will have their strong parts.

    Live will woop 2k with their rosters
    Live will woop 2k with presentation
    2k will most likely beat Live with gameplay, but we can’t be for sure yet.
    Online will probably be better on Live as it always was.
    Graphics on both games looked good.

  • Dre2778

    This is the reason why NBA 2K13 was a mess with unfinished rosters and buggy gameplay.

  • pierce4757

    Preordered ny ps4 yesterday!!! Sony should really just take my money already!! Sony wins hands down but more importantly MLB 14 the show on NEXT GEN!!!! they should have create a stadium!!