Press Row Hangout: E3 Day One Edition

Posted June 12th, 2013 at 10:00 am


A special edition of the Press Row Hangout went live late last night featuring myself and Rich Grisham from GamesRadar. Discussion of course centered on everything we saw on the show floor on the first day of E3 plus thoughts on the console reveals and anything else that happened to come to mind. Thanks to everyone who has let us know about the appreciation for the hangouts and podcasts and we’re glad you’ve been enjoying them!

  • Keith.

    It’s been interesting to watch the stock market’s response to the news this week.

    Sony went up .55 on Monday and .19 on Tuesday, before dropping .02 today.

    Microsoft dropped .19 on Monday and .62 on Tuesday before going up .16 today (although it’s currently down .07 after-hours).

    EA dropped .73 on Monday and .28 on Tuesday, before going down another $1.06 today. Whatever the reason, EA’s been the big market loser this week (so far).

    • Skihawks

      Keith, although I don’t share your disdain for EA I am stunned at the stock price. I thought they had a solid show with some great titles in its portfolio.

      I respect your opinion. I just remember EA in a better light. Dr J vs Larry Bird, Jordan vs Bird (Commodore 64 days), and of course the Sega and early PS2 days.

      I am not one to get too invested in games to the point where I nitpick. I enjoy the games for what they are. Don’t get me wrong, EA has disappointed with Madden (I liked 12 and 13). But it gets beat up even when it has a solid core of other games.

      I like 2K’s innovation. Hoping they bring back College Hoops.

  • Ricky

    For someone who has social anxiety (or what ever problems you have in group environments), I’m surprised you didn’t just wait until Day 3 (Thursday) do spend your time at E3. It feels like that after mid-day Wednesday, most people (press and otherwise) have been burned out from the first day and a half and simply do other things. I bet all the stations at the EA booth were less busy today; you could have definitely played more NCAA and tried NHL and even current FIFA.

    Also, I know you like to say that EA has it out for you, but if you talked to someone there (you must know someone), they’d be more than willing to help accommodate you in some regard.

    I feel that for someone who is considered a go-to source for sports coverage and opinion, to literally leave the city and the LACC and go to Vegas (which is twice as chaotic) is pretty asinine.

    I, and I would assume many others, were hoping for pretty detailed coverage this week. Would have loved to have heard your thoughts on PES 2014, that Xbox One Golf game and apparently, there were even some Android/iOS sports titles (Football Heroes) available.

    Lastly, I don’t think people who call you out on ‘swag’ if you simply turned around and gave it away. I know a lot of your readers would jump at the shot at a NFS t-shirt or Madden key-chain or any other treat.

    • I never had plans to stay at E3 beyond possibly a few hours on day two. The value of the event has dropped drastically over the year, and I don’t have much interest in telling people what I *think* about games and would rather people see for themselves with my place providing context. I’m not sure if I’ll be going to E3 next year for a number of reasons.

      There’s plenty of outlets that have direct access to developers for interviews and such if that’s what you’re looking for. They’ll all get the same info everyone from those people (who are trained on what to say). The only group that actually reached out to me in any way for discussion was the NBA Live team. It’s pretty clear no one else cared for me to share my perspective. And that’s absolutely fine. I’m not going to beg for access nor would I want any sort of special treatment. That would only cloud the way I want to cover the games.

      I want to approach games like everyone else does. I buy them (don’t get them for free). I play them at home. Trying to analyze and collect info in an environment that I’m uncomfortable in doesn’t do anyone any good.

      As far as swag goes I don’t even know where people get it from. I always see people walking around with it but I don’t seek it out. I put my own money into doing giveaways of games and other items – so running around to grab a tshirt somehow there really doesn’t appeal to me.

      I appreciate you sharing your opinions on this regardless…I’m always open to discussing anything as it relates to coverage and such.

      • Ricky

        I’d understand yours and Owen Good’s sentiment to skip E3 if this was just a regular year, but with a new console cycle about to begin, this should have been a prime opportunity to do more indepth coverage. There is a new gaming engine, first time shown and you’re coverage was weak.

        To be honest, Sports games coverage for E3 was bad except for GameInformer. All your “buddies” on the Press Row Podcast have done a pretty poor job.

        Hopefully, you decide the next time EA holds one of the Press Events you go. They are usually more low-key and you can actually get some interesting information. But, if you just want Perez Hilton and complain about NBA Live’s screenshot, then good luck with that.

        • Odd that you choose to blame the people who work to provide information when at every stop usually it is the publisher that attempts to prevent us from doing so. I think you’re got some unrealistic expectations. I feel good about what I got accomplished at E3 as it gives me a frame of reference things that are going to develop in the next six months and that was the primary goal of even going.

          • Keith.

            I cringed when I saw Hamburgler and the rest of the Tiburon bunch were joining you guys for the last podcast (which I haven’t listened to).

            Until they make games that are of the same quality as NBA2k and The Show, we need fewer sports game media cozying up to Tiburon, not more IMO. They’ve already gotten way too many free passes with reviews over the years from IGN, OS and other attendees of EA Community Days.

  • Skihawks

    Great info. I am getting both consoles. I know I am in the minority by miles but I am interested in MS strategy. Yes, the whole DRM issue is not good for gamers but it is coming whether Sony will admit it or not. Developers and publishers are in business to make money. To cut costs it seems to me packaging and the discs and the labor used to pack (although there is automation involved) seems logical.

    I am also interested to see how they utilize Cloud to change the experience of the games.

    Not a hardcore fan of either but it is interesting the different approaches these companies are taking.

    Sony blew the launch of the PS3. $600 and no HD cables packed in. It seems they learned from that debacle.

    The $500 price point for X1 is a little overstated in that the Kinect is packed in. Whether you want it or not it still adds value to the package.

    Overall, I am excited for the next gen. It seems developers have a good grasp of the tech so I see more mature games (meaning the graphics and gameplay evolution will be shorter

  • Skihawks

    Pasta, what communities are out there for Madden and NHL? I suck at both but your co-host (excuse my lack of knowledge, I was multi-tasking while listening) mentioned communities he is involved in that sound right up my ally. I am competitive but not to the point of ripping the fun out of a game by quitting or cheering.

    JackDog33 on PSN and Skihawks on Live. Thanks.