Collection of Videos from Around E3 2013

Posted June 14th, 2013 at 1:30 pm


Though EA waffled on allowing video at their booth throughout E3 a number of looks at the various current-gen games made their way out. Here are the off-screen gameplay videos for Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, NCAA Football 14, and also a couple that trickled out for PES 2014 along with a few glimpses at next-gen Madden and FIFA.

Madden NFL 25

*If you missed the three I posted earlier they can be found on the Pastapadre Youtube page.

NCAA Football 14


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

  • allgames

    In the IGN interview (jesus can’t they find someone who plays the fucking game to interview the lead guy on one of the biggest games launching with next-gen??) The angles that Adrian Peterson takes are just off. He sometimes has a HUGE HOLE in front, but the path angles taken seem to be unnaturally off.

  • James

    Great stuff, Pasta! Cheers!

  • Tiddy28

    Good set of videos. My main interest lies in FIFA this year so was curious to see those gameplay videos and I was impressed. Also, why do some of the worst gamers get to be the ones that demonstrate or get to try these games first? Some complete boneheaded plays/passes in these videos.

  • Rude Boy

    Really cool thanx for putting all these vids in one place

  • Logan Morrison

    NCAA looking pretty good. Also I like that they got those Irish sleeves, hopefully they got the 6 bar facemasks that are pretty popular around the league now

    • $pyda

      no revo speed 2 bar facemask or big grill facemask. major bummer!

      • Logan Morrison

        Just seen that, I am pretty dissapointed that they are not in there. Hopefully they will patch it in, but I don’t plan on holding my breath since I don’t have a death wish.

  • Black Power … Ranger

    Good job finding these Pasta.

    I have a question: EA seems to FINALLY be moving in a “sim” direction, especially with the “Ignite Engine” and how they rebuilt the O-Line and D-Line (which is what the sim community has been requesting forever it seems).

    What do you think is the reason it took so long?

    • Iown You

      They’ve been “moving in a sim direction” since Madden 10 at the latest. The problem is that they’ve been unable to meet the expected benchmarks every season. What’s sad about it, is that people have actually been using the line “moving in the right direction” for YEARS now, not realizing how stupid it sounds as a result of using it FOR YEARS. At what point does Madden stop “moving in the right direction” and finally find its destination like the other sports games have a long time ago?

      And for all the talk of “rebuilt O-Line and D-Line play”, I won’t believe it until the final game is running and an actual breakdown can be done. Tiburon has spoken of rebuilding lots of things over the years, but in reality most of it remained just as broken as before.

      Nothing about Madden Next-Gen is terribly impressive. The supposed graphics leap is very underwhelming and it only looks Next-Gen when close-up, and many of the exact same poor animations are still in the game. Am I saying it’s awful? No. But it’s beyond belief that it took them 10 years and 2 generations + the implementation of several companion engines JUST to do what 2K did almost 10 years ago with cutting/foot-planting/locomotion on PS2 and XBOX (remember the 2K5 LaDanian Tomlinson running demo?).

      Tiburon is always a day late and a dollar short… because they spend all of their time and money on marketing to convince you that they aren’t.

  • rinodino

    No halftime in madden it seems 🙁

    • Henry

      I saw highlights of impact plays and a sideline report. Seriously, who’s gonna sit through that every single game

  • Dreneel


    I going with the ps4! But do you think EA would make a poorer game for Sony? With them and Microsoft doing exclusive stuff…

    • The games will be identical outside of the exclusive content which won’t have widespread appeal anyway. And if the PS4 gets the majority of consumers if anything they’ll focus their attention there instead in time.

  • Marvin Silkizwat-Deycallme Rho

    in the Ravens and Packers vids the guy wit the Ravens dropped all 11 in coverage. Which is the new trend in M13 and will come back in 25. How unfortunate smh…good thing for me is with the new running animations this year the draw play will kill that BS

  • TIMtationX

    HA! And after all these years we STILL don’t have a proper halftime show in Madden…..

  • Been there-done that

    After playing the next gen demos, (FIFA was full game playable), it was obvious that Madden has decided to emulate 2k footballs gameplay. Whether its 2k5 or APF2k8, the gameplay felt strangely similar to 2k. The Madden passing was limited to 3 plays designed to show blocking ai, so it may not be as telling as the run game, but overall the game looked and felt like what 2k8 might of become in a few more years had it not been cancelled. It even resembles 2k graphically.
    That being said, it does represent a positive change, just one that looks like it could of been achieved on current gen hardwear.

  • Joey

    I did find FIFA nicely improved, on xboxone, is was harder to play, I love that, a difficult learning curve is a good sign.