NCAA Football 14 Demo Now Available

Posted June 18th, 2013 at 11:00 am


The demo for NCAA Football 14 is now available on the Xbox 360 and has also since arrived on the PS3. It comes in at 1.89 GB and can be queued up for download on the 360 here.

The demo includes three different match-ups: Virginia Tech vs Alabama (neutral site as the Chick-fil-A Kickoff), Ohio State @ Michigan, and Oregon @ Texas A&M. Quarters are three minutes long with adjustable settings including difficulty and camera angles. The Nike Skills Trainer is also included acting as a tutorial of sorts.

Instead of providing extra uniforms as an incentive to play and share the demo bonuses will be distributed that apply to the new Ultimate Team mode. A Heisman card is given at start-up and a card pack is earned by sending a share alert to a friend.

As always leave your thoughts and observations from NCAA Football 14’s demo in the comments. Videos and impressions will be posted as the week progresses.

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  • Logan Morrison

    not available in Canada apparently

  • Dave3979

    Yeah, for some fucking reason we can’t get it in Canada- at least not right now.
    Yet another reason to ditch M$ and go for a PS4.

    • Jeff Malecek

      Oh give it a fucking rest. Make sure you share your games with your PS friends across the country. I hear FedEx has good rates. I’ll just allow them to download them off my xbox profile.

      • pspackman

        i assume you mean that you will allow one friend to download one game once off your xbox profile?

  • benvv

    excited for this downloading now

  • Logan Morrison

    had to make an American account on my ps3 to download it

  • jimmylids

    Canadians suck

  • CJ

    The Demo is nice. I like the coordinator cam for kick returns. Allows you to see the entire field. Also the running game is good

  • Jordan Ray

    Just played two games. Really loving the gameplay so far. Feels so much smoother than last year and even Madden 13. I’ve already had a few really crazy and dynamic plays. Interceptions feel much more natural and I’ve already had a few bone crushing hits as well. Really enjoying myself.

  • darius

    must have xbox live gold to download a demo? for what reason? I’ve never needed gold before

    • Logan Morrison

      XBL Gold has ALWAYS had demos a week before silver. If you have silver you can get it next week

  • Dave3979

    I went to my Xbox Live account and changed my region to the USA. Not sure if this is going to screw up a lot of things down the road but the demo is now downloading.
    M$ is truly forcing me over to the PS4.
    There is nothing good to say about that company.

  • jbl72

    Hey Pasta do you know if roster share will still be there this year?

    • I haven’t heard anything to suggest that it wouldn’t be there.

  • mikemck09

    The games alright… Not going to amaze anyone…

  • MoneyMayweather

    Something about this game I like can’t put my finger on it yet pasta.

  • blueprint0220

    Pasta you know if they are doing the Sports Illustrated bundle with the game this year?

    • I haven’t seen anything on that yet, though usually haven’t in the past until after the game was released anyway.

  • Skihawks

    The game is miles better in every aspect. The running and blocking is excellent. The CPU runs the option better than ever and the defensive zones actually work.

    Absolutely impressed with this game. I haven’t enjoyed NCAA since 11. Also, they fixed the PS2-like visuals. The fields look much, much better. The cutting also is a great addition that just flows well. The players feel like they have some weight to them.

    People will hate but the game appears to have found its fun factor again.

  • dhall

    It is disgusting to know the fact why EA has put a great effort into NCAA 14 to also reveal that the truth is we’ve been getting fucked for 7 years and to the point that this is the LAST version of this game on PS3 and Xbox 360. They’ve could’ve done this years ago and I knew that this would happen, and as a consumer I truly didn’t want to believe it. So, for people saying, “Man, I can’t believe EA did all of this is ONE year…” No, my friends, this was the plan all along. THAT is how you maximize profit gain. Which, of course, EA has done at our expense. Well played, EA, and what a great game NCAA 14 will be and is, so far. Very happy.

    • Kenneth Garmon

      I agree with you on all you points but this wan’t be the last for the ps3 and xbox version, there almost 200m between both console and EA will be dumb not to release future version of the game.

  • Frank

    The game plays great…..very smooth.

  • blueprint0220

    Just finished my first game. Negatives first, its still impossible to stop the CPU on heismen while they are on offense. They complete every pass. While the game is smoother it still feels like past iterations of the series, doesn’t feel over the top new, however i do see subtle improvement. Defending passes is still almost impossible on heismen as well.

    The game defiantly benefits from the infinity 2 engine. It runs alot smoother then Madden 13 and its less after play collisions. Gameplay is smooth, runners hit the hole and jukes very responsive. Will test all of the new running mechanics as i play more games.

    My first game verdict is Neutral. I feel the game has improved enough to warrant a purchase on some type of deal, but i am not blown away by it. Will post later on when i have completed multiple games.

  • SJ13_BILLS

    Wasn’t too impressed. The hitting is the same as it ever was. I want a Football game where you can hear the hits and see the impact on screen… This does not have it and gets very old right after the first series of downs.

    • bigturboweenie

      you obviously don’t watch much college football. most tackles are wrap ups. you hardly see hard hits now a days, especially w/ refs calling helmet to helmets. if you want banging hit after banging hit, go play nfl blitz.

    • Mind = Blown

      Like big hits huh, then try NFL Blitz or its failed clone, NFL Extreme.

  • JC

    Mixed reviews. Game play is def improved over years past and the infinity engine makes a difference. I would very much buy the game because of the improved game play (even with the lack of equipment updates but that’s another story). The presentation worries me. Still the same lackluster cut shots of players on sidelines and the “7 nation army” and “zombie nation” song in the background of big plays and kick offs will get real old, real fast. I like the intent, just need more variety.

    I am still on the fence about this game but my gut tells me I will buy…eventually. Don’t plan on getting it on release day (first time in over 10 years) but will most likely wait until the rosters or uni pack is out….whichever comes first.

    Good stuff, EA so far!

  • bigturboweenie

    i actually think i will be buying this now. mechanics are smooth for once. the hit tackles aren’t over the top…and i love the running w/ jukes. and thank god they got rid of the bland colors. watch next gen be dumbed down again, contrary to what they’re telling us now.

  • bigturboweenie

    if only they had upgraded all of the equipment. tired of seeing these wack ass old helmets that nobody wears anymore.

  • Dave3979

    Just not feeling this game. Yes there are some improvements but it really isn’t all that different from the last few years. WHAT A WASTE OF AN ENTIRE GENERATION, Madden, and to a lesser degree NCAA, have just been such a waste.
    I just cannot see buying this game and knowing that within a week I’ll be completely played out on it.

  • Details

    Game is solid & definitely improved. I’m still seeing some wonky animations out there tho. Running feels good but off at times. It’s like players move faster side to side than they do when running forward. Love the read & shovel options. LOVE the Zoom cam! But damn EA those sidelines smh. They still look like shit! It’s such an eyesore that it distracts me from the game! At least Madden’s look decent. Why not copy theirs?

  • GoMadden

    Honestly, the game feels really sluggish.