Where The Next-Gen Consoles Now Stand

Posted June 20th, 2013 at 11:45 am


In the middle of the night I felt compelled to record some thoughts on the big news of Wednesday which had Microsoft backing off their insistence of restrictive DRM and an every 24 hour online check-in with the Xbox One. Check out the article on the subject┬áif you haven’t already.

Many have asked now what console I would now recommend – and I somewhat address that in the video – but there is no clear cut answer to give. It becomes more about preferences. The smartest move would be to pre-order both and follow the developments of the next few months then choose the best fit. There is much more that will be learned about the One and PS4 leading up to their respective releases.

  • Jacquez Green

    Wouldn’t the smartest move be to preorder neither, let M$ and Sony hash it out through launch, let the bugs get worked out and a winner emerge in the months following launch, and then choose which console to adopt?

    • Better to have a pre-order in place in case someone would choose to buy one or both or cancel them than decide that they wanted one but its too late to secure one. No penalty for cancelling on a site like Amazon…buys time to make a final decision.

      • MRnice

        thats true, but I think what Jacquez is saying is that this ‘war’ may not be won right off the bat and if you pre-order both, get a good vibe about one over the other near launch, then cancel the other one it may be a bit risky. If you want to make sure that you get the more popular choice, I would think it would be less risky to wait it out. Personally, I’d hate to have bought the wrong one. I love my 360 but theres so many PS3 exclusives that came out in the first couple years of launch that I’d wish I had bought the PS3.

        I guess it depends on how much money you want to spend, and how long you are willing to wait. Obviously the next gen games will be much better this time next year, maybe the price point will look even more attractive in December 2014.

        • rinodino

          That’s what I’ve been saying for awhile Now ….People seem to completely forget about the three rings of death, but not me…. I’m waiting it out for a little bit

    • Amen_Ra

      Pasta is a MS fan and that’s ok. Any neutral person would pick the PS4.

  • alkamist

    with the changes added to xbox one, I will be buying a xbox one but will not be buying until tax season, so hope all the bugs and a everything is gone by then…

  • Mike

    This recent news make it a lot harder to decide between the One and PS4. I still think it is ridiculous that the One won’t work without the kinect attatched. If they want to package it with the console, fine, but to make the console not function without it is just offputting and confusing. I also haven’t really forgiven MS for their recent transgressions. But, the new Xbox has the only two exclusives that im interested in at this point (Titanfall and Ryse) and im intrigued by whatever the NFL deal is. It’s a toss up at this point

    • Lamont

      Outside of Red Zone being included or the ability to stream any game, the NFL partnership will probably be overblown. I don’t see local networks allowing the NFL to stream live games.

  • GKage

    Still PS4 for me right now. It’s more powerful, costs 100 less, doesnt require an always on peripheral device, and doesn’t have video/media apps or free to play games behind the Plus paywall. I like the amount of discounts(and the frequency of those discounts) and recent “free” games one can get with Plus as well.

    As for games, I like how Titanfall is looking, but Respawn has already said pS4 is “definitely not out of the question” on another site, so I’m assuming timed exclusive there. Outside of that I don’t really care for any of the other games on X1. Warframe(dat space ninja action), Planetside 2 with their 2000 man FPS wars, Transistor(from the guys behind Bastion), Infamous Second Son with its theme around Big Brother, The Order 1886, Destiny(I know it’s multi w/ exclusive content to ps4), Blacklight Retribution and Sony’s focus on having a lot of quality indie games as well have intrigued me.

    As for messaging, while I like that Microsoft was pressured to fall back on its DRM policies, I now know what their plans are. What’s to stop them from implementing small portions of the policies as time goes on? They already have in their TOS that you can’t have a class action against them, and they reserve the right to change anything they want at any time. I know Sony could do the same if they really wanted to, but their messaging has been much clearer so far; their focus is a machine for gamers, a machine inviting to the AAA dev and the indie dev (with their non-restrictive policies for them), and a machine that’ll have the media if that’s what you want to use it for. The PS4 is looking much better to me.

  • Dreneel

    The shit has even up… Remember Microsoft is the current champion of sports Pasta, which felt better at E 3 and what which one will be the developing system for EA?

    • Seentit

      The PS4 felt great, the pad was now on par with Xboxs’
      The Xboxone felt the same, graphically no difference

  • Jason Lewon

    pre-ordered a PS4 can’t wait for Madden 25

  • Torrey Garrett

    To me this about face is suspicious to me because if it was about the consumer them they would have not announced it in the first place. The got negative feedback months ago when this stuff was rumors so strictly about money because Sony was killing them because if the PS4 got a lukewarm response would they have changed I do not believe so. With that being said you can not got wrong with either console and hopefully no more ports. This is not a life or death decision get the one that best fits your preferences and let that be the end of it. Sony made the same type of mistake with PS3 and they are making sure it’s not happening again. Microsoft was just plain arrrogant that is my only problem with

  • The Great Leon

    Still going PS4, I have never had a problem with Playstation. My White 360 had 2 red rings and last year would just cut to the dashboard during games. Playing online was a pain because I never knew if I would get to finish. I have always played sports games on PS and saved action/adventures for xbox. I play way more sports games so that makes it easy for me.

  • Skihawks

    I initially pre-ordered both but dropped the reservation for One before this news hit. However, unlike most gamers, I was anticipating to see MS’ approach and what new ways they could offer up services and games under its original structure. DRM didn’t bother me as I feel developers are pushing for it.

    The main reason I dropped the reservation was that the launch titles for both are basically the same games. One of these consoles would end up collecting dust so I am going to get One early next year when the second wave of titles rolls out.

    One thing I am still miffed about is the cost of digital downloads. If we aren’t paying for a disc, the packaging and have no way to re-sell the game why is the price $60? It’s a rip off. Digital downloads will only outpace retail sales if the price drops to say $45. $15 less means convenience for the customer along with savings on fuel pending how far you live to a gaming outlet.

  • Robert Norman

    Even with Microsoft’s reversal, I’m still going PS4, and this is coming from a guy who’s had Xbox Live since 2003. MLB The Show, saving $100, having the more powerful system (even if only slightly), and the suspend feature sells the system for me.

  • Dave3979

    I don’t see what the rush is to get either console. Most of us will buy games for our current system, 360 or PS3. I’ll be getting NHL 14 (360)which won’t be available till next year for next gen consoles. I’ll also get FIFA 14.
    I’ll get COD Ghosts and I have lots of online friends who I play with. Most of them are waiting, so why would I want to play Ghosts without my friends on next gen?
    Oh and there’s GTA V. There is still so much life left in these current gen consoles there doesn’t seem to be any great need to move on to next gen, at least not yet.

    Wait it out till this time next year and a much clearer picture will form. Why rush a major purchase?

  • fantasyboi

    some1 give this guy a company!

    • Boo

      lol I actually do have my own IT Company. Thanks!

  • gamer

    I dunno…I just don’t see what some people are hating on…I have always had all the consoles…atari,nintendo, genesis, playstation, n64, dreamcast, ps2…the list goes on…i have both the 360 and the PS3…I did have an xbox red ring on me…in fact…I had 2 red ring…and I was def annoyed…but at the same time…MS took care of it…didn’t cost me a penny except my time to take it to send it off and then get the new one. I have seen a lot of issues with the PS4’s also…luckily, mine hasn’t had a problem…but friends of mine have had power supplies die…and other issues. And sony didn’t pony up to fix their issues…if they had the warranty from the store they were good…otherwise they had to pay for the repair. Anyway…with the new consoles….why is it an issue that the kinect has to be connected? Several people have complained about this…and I just don’t see the issue. It allows you to control TV and movies…netflix and streaming apps all by voice. Would you really leave it in the box and not connect it…is it that annoying to use? I had to buy the kinect that I have now…and it stays connected…I wouldn’t disconnect it. Even though its more for my kids than me…the voice commands work fine…and I don’t have to have a controller in had and on just to hit play…or turn the sleeping controller on to hit pause. I think people are just looking for excuses to make negatives out of nothing. Its a plus to have the kinect and voice commands…and who knows how much better the kinect may actually be with the better quality it is supposed to have…we just won’t know until we see what devs can do with it. Now…my biggest gripe…and I’m hoping someone can change my view on this topic…with the PS3…i have absolutely come to hate turning it on…because of the updates…at first I thought it was my network…and did everything under the sun to improve speed…but its not…I have Wireless-N and I have business grade Cable internet with 25mb down and 10mb up…and I’ve even used a wired connection…the PS3 is just super slow with updates…the Sony online network is slow…am I wrong…am I the only one having issues with updates that take 30-40 min…I literally shut the console down one day and decided not to play MLB The Show…because this brand new game I bought was taking over 20 min…before I could play it. Sorry…this in itself…has made me not like the PS3…the online issues is a whole different story. Anyway…I like what MS is offering with the Xbox One…the TV functionality is pretty nice…and I’m sure if they haven’t learned their lesson about the red ring…they’ll at least make good on any issues like they did in the past. Sorry…but I don’t see sony as the better console…its an upgraded PS3…that doesn’t do anything different in my opinion.

  • MrSorry

    I want no part of Kinect, and I use more then one console in the same room, (not that uncommon), so Xbox is just impractical. And I played the PS4, it felt great, they fixed the pad, made a better looking console.

  • joe

    I don’t need all Xbox one features.xbox one device that does all.i have a PC, a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10’1in.if I want to check scores etc I use one of my devices I already have.Ps4 I can’t wait.