NBA Live 14 Q&A Session Provides Some Significant New Info

Posted June 27th, 2013 at 3:45 pm


EA Sports held a Q&A session regarding NBA Live 14 on Twitter earlier today led by gameplay designer Scott O’Gallagher. Without the ability to speak freely on any unannounced features and modes it seemed unlikely to offer much of substance but in actuality there were several interesting nuggets of news to come out of it.

Most notable may be that legends will be included meaning 2K Sports could be losing some big names for NBA 2K14 (many did initially sign three year deals beginning with 2K11) or both games will have them. Their place in Live – whether its just isolated players, full historic teams, or features a dedicated mode – and who will be involved obviously remains unclear. The game will be updating accessories for players daily in addition to rosters and ratings which are done within an hour after each game ends. 5-on-5 gameplay footage is expected later this summer.

Along with the letter from Sean O’Brien last week at the very least EA is demonstrating a genuine interest in reaching out to fans and explaining their position in trying to rebuild the series. The open dialogue seen here is undoubtedly another positive development. Continue on to check out the most pertinent tweets and leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • TIMtationX

    EA’s problem isn’t making sure they make a great game. Their problem will be CONVINCING people they made a great game. They’ve got their work cut out for them in that department.

    • daley7199

      No company convinces people that a game is good. The game will speak for itself. If the game is good then word of mouth from the fans will make this game a success.

      • TIMtationX

        The only thing people think about now when it comes to NBA Live is the embarrassment of NBA Elite 11, and Live 13. We’ve all heard this story before. EA is going to have to do more than show a trailer with a single player dribbling the ball. That’s not going to convince someone who’s been playing 2K for years to purchase Live 14. Word of mouth doesn’t work if people don’t buy the game in the first place.

      • Greg

        But with EA screwing up basketball like it has the last 3 years, they ARE gonna have to do some convincing even before the game comes out. Right now, can you really trust EA at this point when it comes to a B-ball game?

      • Khadeem

        nba 2k has…they have lived off the previous years success and put out this years garbage…ppl are brain washed so they believe this product is good

  • cearsy

    things sound much better then in the past and i like the way these guys are compared to the old leadership. that said im not going to believe it until they actually show its real

    • sdot


      • Greg

        I agree totally. Talk is cheap. We heard all the same talk with NBA Elite and look what happened. It didn’t even come out.

  • Super Saiyan GOTENKS

    Well summer ends generally around the beginning of August (Wikipedia says on or around Aug. 6th…) so I guess that means they have a month to convince me (and others) that they’re putting out a quality product.

    2k’s direction the last couple of years has turned me off in multiple ways (good games, but since 2k11 they’ve gotten progressively worse each year IMO), and it looks like some of what Live says it will feature will alleviate some of those issues FOR ME. BUT, they still need to show 5-on-5 gameplay; it’s still 2k or nothing right now.

  • Kevin

    Legends is all I want. If NBA Live does it like Madden and NCAA (where you can only use them for Ultimate Team) then it’s a non feature to me. I like it the way 2k does it; you can move guys to the regular roster and use them in career modes.

  • Tom

    I am all for NBA Live’s success because it will only bring good things towards the gaming industry. I just hope that they never get to the point where they may buy the exclusive license.

  • gamerslife

    for all you hater’s out there that keep saying how 2k basketball is this and that in a negative way since 2k11 you should go buy nba live 14 and don’t look back…no matter what anyone say’s 2k11,2k12 and 2k13 basketball are the best basketball sim’s ever made despite some flaws hell what game doesn’t have flaws….without having to buy an exclusive license to beat the competition(**cough** madden) 2k basketball is so good it forced EA to shelf the NBA live series over the last 3yrs so CAN it all you hater’s out their.After all this time not putting a game on the shelf NBA LIVE better not be just good it better be damn good or don’t bother showing up at all……PEACE……

    • Henry

      Can’t fault EA for the license. The NFL approached both companies. 2k should have opened their wallet a little more

  • MoneyMayweather

    I’ve been disappointed in the past. Once There are copies at the store I will believe again I’ve always believed in Live it’s just other forces who have got them down.

  • Kyle

    The surprise seems interesting. Will they have more than 1 broadcasting team? Like the ESPN 1 and 2?

  • samutuck

    Live going in for the kill!!!

  • Mesc

    You can see how things are really different now between EA and 2K. The Live guys are trying to tell us stuff that matters while the 2K guys are silent except for their cover guy announce. Im ready for something new as long as Live is showing signs of building up to a contender.

  • daley7199

    Anybody who is a true live fan and liked the direction Live was heading in with Live 10 should feel good about Live 14. Sean O’Brien was involved in Live 10 and now he is back. I have every confidence that Sean and his team will faithfully produce a “LIVE” basketball game that “LIVE” fans will covet and enjoy. Will it be better than 2k? That is subjective. Live has to win back Live fans first and worry about 2k fans later. The problem with this whole situation is that either one of these games will not judged upon their own merits but will be solely judged in comparison to each other. For Live to truly get a fair assessment EA should release their game a full week prior to 2k. The fans need an uninfluenced look at Live before eventually comparing it 2k. I think releasing the games simultaneously will just result in the same old 2kfandom making negative comments and bashing just for the sport of it. I approach this game like I did when I played the first MLB: The show. If the game has a solid foundation from which to build from then I will be satisfied, just as I was with The Show. Look who’s on top now and who is in the toilet. MLB2k is dead and The Show is the King. If Live gets this new technology to work well then 2k will be significantly behind and will suffer the same fate as MLB2k.

    • Supra98

      NBA won’t allow them to release it a week earlier.

    • word_is_bond

      Good point daley, but I don’t think it really matters when EA releases their game. If 2k is still heavy on play animation, gamers are gonna wan’t to try something new. As it stand, 2k hasn’t offered any info for the next gen console. I think even 2kers are looking to see what live has to offer.

  • clintbeastwoods

    EA is just bad at making video games period! Nobody likes EA games except for the EA employees who post on this site and operationsports!

    • JZ

      I liked NBA Live 10. Was the first time this gen I purchased NBA Live. I buy NBA 2k every year. But there rosters and 2k insider is garbage.

      Operationsports gets paid by EA. When EA releases games they start banning everyone that’s says anything negative about a EA game. You can bash NBA 2k but you do that to a EA game and OS bans you.

  • Glenn

    I really hope EA does get it right this time. We need COMPETITION in video games! We need these companies to push each other. One reason why Madden has become so stale imo is because they have no direct competitor to push them. I hope NBA LIve 14 turns about to be a great basketball sim! That’s just gonna make 2K work that much harder to stay ahead of them, and we, the gamers, win!

  • afridgetofar

    Their response to the whole collisions question with the word “authenticity” sounds to me like they are still going to have some canned BS. Any engineer with a legitimate system would have a billion things to say about it that aren’t filled with aged buzzwords like “authenticity”. Mark my words, whoever delivers a completely dynamic and controllable collision system under the basket first is going to rule the hoops game for years to come.

  • angkulitnio .

    good stuff, im rooting for live to deliver another solid bball game

    it’s always great to have two quality bball games to choose from, and competition is good to drive the devs from both sides